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Aviation Courses in Canada

An aviation course is a program that provides training and education in the field of aviation, where students learn about the basics of flying, instrument reading, aviation safety, and related aspects. Aviation courses in Canada are experiencing high demand, driven by the growing need for skilled professionals in the aviation industry. These courses offer specialized training for individuals passionate about pursuing careers in aviation. From pilot training to aviation management and aircraft maintenance engineering, a wide range of specializations are available.

The duration of aviation courses varies depending on the chosen specialization, ranging from several months to a few years. This allows students to select programs that align with their career goals and preferences. With multiple intakes throughout the year, prospective students have the flexibility to choose a suitable start time for their studies.

When considering the cost of aviation courses in Canada, it is important to note that fees can vary based on the institution and specialization. However, pursuing aviation education is a long-term investment that can lead to rewarding career opportunities and financial returns.

Why Study Aviation Courses in Canada?

Studying a specialization in the field of aviation in Canada offers unique advantages and benefits. Here's why choosing Canada as the destination for your aviation education is a wise decision:

1. Robust Aviation Industry

  • Canada has a thriving aviation industry with a strong reputation globally. It boasts vast airspace, numerous airports, and flourishing airlines, providing an immersive learning environment.
  • The country's aviation sector offers diverse career opportunities, ensuring graduates have many employment options upon completing their studies.

2. Renowned Institutions

  • Canada is home to prestigious institutions offering top-quality aviation education. These institutions maintain high standards of teaching, combining theoretical knowledge with practical training to ensure graduates are well-prepared for the industry.
  • The faculty members in Canadian aviation schools are often experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge, providing students with valuable insights and mentorship.

3. Cutting-edge Technology and Facilities

  • Canadian aviation institutions invest in state-of-the-art technology and facilities to provide students with hands-on training using industry-standard equipment.
  • Students can access advanced flight simulators, aircraft maintenance labs, and other resources that replicate real-world aviation scenarios, enhancing their learning experience.

4. Safety and Regulatory Standards

  • Canada has a robust safety and regulatory framework for aviation. By studying in Canada, students gain exposure to these high safety standards, ensuring they develop a strong safety culture and adherence to industry regulations.
  • The Canadian aviation industry's commitment to safety is globally recognized, making Canadian-trained professionals highly sought after by employers worldwide.

Aviation Courses in Canada Highlight


Level of Study

Course Type

Mode of Study

Avg. Tuition Fee (International Students)

Top Universities & Colleges

Popular Programs

Specializations Offered

1-4 years

Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's, PhD



CAD 20,000 - CAD 50,000 per year



  • Aerospace Science and Engineering MASc, MEng, PhD
  • Commercial Aviation Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Aviation Leadership
  • Honors Bachelor of Aviation Technology (FPR)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category ‘E’ (Electronics)
  • Aerial Robotics
  • Aviation Operations
  • Aviation Electronics Engineering, Avionics Technology



Best Universities for Aviation Courses in Canada 

Below is a table providing a general overview of some of the best universities in Canada for specialization in aviation. The information includes world ranking, tuition fees (approximate), programs offered, admission deadlines, and notable features of each university:


QS World University Ranking 2023

Tuition Fees (International Students)

Programs Offered

Admission Deadlines

Notable Features

University of Toronto


CAD 35,000 - CAD 55,000 per year

Aerospace Science and Engineering MASc, MEng, PhD

Fall: January 15, Winter: October 1

- Highly ranked globally and known for its research and academic excellence. - Strong industry connections and partnerships. - State-of-the-art facilities and resources. - Opportunities for internships and co-op programs.

Western University


CAD 25,000 - CAD 45,000 per year

Commercial Aviation Management



Fall: January 15, Winter: October 1

- Renowned for its aerospace engineering programs. - Focus on research and hands-on learning. - Collaborative partnerships with the industry. - Access to advanced facilities and laboratories.

McGill University


CAD 30,000 - CAD 50,000 per year

Graduate Certificate in Aviation Leadership

Fall: January 15, Winter: October 1

- One of Canada's top-ranked universities. - Strong focus on research and innovation. - Collaboration with industry partners. - Diverse and inclusive learning environment. - Well-established connections in the aviation industry.

Seneca College


CAD 15,000 - CAD 25,000 per year

Honors Bachelor of Aviation Technology (FPR)

Fall: May 1, Winter: September 1, Summer: January 1

- Leading college in aviation education and training. - Offers hands-on, practical programs. - State-of-the-art aviation facilities and simulators. - Industry partnerships and job placement support.

British Columbia Institute of Technology


CAD 20,000 - CAD 40,000 per year

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category ‘E’ (Electronics)

Fall: February 28, Winter: June 30, Summer: October 31

- Recognized for its aviation programs and industry partnerships. - Emphasis on practical training and real-world experiences. - Strong connections with industry employers. - Opportunities for work placements and co-op programs.

Concordia University


CAD 25,000 - CAD 40,000 per year

Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering, Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety

Fall: January 15, Winter: October 1

- Known for its aerospace engineering and aviation safety programs. - Research-focused university with cutting-edge facilities. - Collaborations with industry partners and government agencies. - Multicultural and inclusive campus community.

These universities and colleges provide excellent academic programs, industry connections, and state-of-the-art facilities to support students in their aviation education. The universities' rankings reflect their academic reputation and research contributions to aviation. Students can choose the institution that aligns with their interests and career goals, ensuring a solid foundation for a successful career in the aviation industry.

Level of Study

Bachelors: Aviation specialization at the bachelor's level provides a foundational understanding of the field. Programs typically last three to four years and cover subjects like Aviation Management, Aerospace Engineering, Air Traffic Management, and Commercial Pilot Training. Eligibility criteria require completion of secondary education or equivalent, with minimum GPA and language proficiency requirements. Applicants must submit online applications, including transcripts, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose. International students can expect tuition fees ranging from CAD 20,000 to CAD 40,000 per year.

Masters: Masters programs in aviation offer advanced specialization in areas such as Aviation Safety, Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Management, and Air Transport Management. The duration ranges from one to two years. Eligibility criteria include a relevant bachelor's degree, minimum GPA, and language proficiency. Applicants must submit online applications with transcripts, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose. Tuition fees for international students average between CAD 25,000 and CAD 50,000 per year.

Doctorates: Doctoral programs in aviation provide in-depth research opportunities in specialized areas. Duration can vary, typically taking three to five years. Eligibility criteria require a master's degree in a related field, a research proposal, and strong academic background. Application processes involve online submissions, including academic transcripts, research proposals, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose. Tuition fees for international students range from CAD 18,000 to CAD 35,000 per year.

Scholarships for Aviation Courses in Canada 

Here are some of the best scholarships available for students pursuing a specialization in aviation in Canada:

Scholarship Name



Scholarship Amount

Canada-ASEAN Scholarships

ASEAN citizens


Up to CAD 10,200

Global Excellence Scholarship

International students


Up to CAD 15,000

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Domestic and international students


Up to CAD 15,000

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Doctoral students


CAD 50,000 per year

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

International students


Full tuition, books, and living expenses

Job Scope for Specialization in the Country

After completing a specialization in aviation in Canada, students have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. Some of the job roles they can pursue include:

  1. Aviation Manager
  2. Aerospace Engineer
  3. Air Traffic Controller
  4. Commercial Pilot
  5. Aviation Safety Inspector
  6. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  7. Aviation Consultant
  8. Airport Operations Manager

The average salaries for these job roles can vary depending on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the specific industry sector. Here is a table showcasing the average salaries for some of the job roles in the aviation industry in Canada:

Job Role

Average Salary/ year

Aviation Manager

CAD 93,203

Aerospace Engineer

CAD 79,157

Air Traffic Controller

CAD 98,045

Commercial Pilot

CAD 61,054

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

CAD 77,660 

Aviation Consultant

CAD 76,000 

...Read more
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  • Streams
  • Countries
  • Fees
  • Exams Accepted
  • Course Duration
4 results found

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Commercial Aviation Management (Honours Specialization)

Western University, Canada

Opting for Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Commercial Aviation Management (Honours Specialization) in Canada will be a ticket towards developing your future career as aenvironmental consultant, GIS technician, graduate ecologist, GIS specialist, satellite GIS and mapping specialist, climatologist, meteorologist, meteorological technician, geographic information systems technologist, ecologist, urban planner, environmental science manager, GIS software developer or data manager, a GIS systems analyst or administrator. You can expect to spend 4 years on this program and this bachelors program is known for containing several integral aspects including Social Sciences ...Read more
    4 Years
  • FEES
    INR 89.73L/yr
    SEP 2024

Diploma in Business Administration (Aviation)

University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

Opting for Diploma in Business Administration (Aviation) in Canada will be a ticket towards developing your future career as a Aerospace manufacturing manager, Air traffi control manager, Air carrier manager, Airport manager, Airport planner, Designer, Airport/air carrier security director, Aviation regulations consultant, Aviation trainer, Educator, Federal Aviation Administration safety inspector, Fixed Base Operations (FBO) manager, Logistics manager, Transportation Security Administration manager. You can expect to spend 2 years on this program and this bachelors program is known for containing several integral aspects including Transportation & Materials Moving ...Read more
    2 Years
  • FEES
    INR 19.10L/yr
    MAY 2024



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