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Leveraging CAIPS Notes for Visa Application Success

Updated on 03 January, 2024

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

CAIPS means the Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System for immigration application processing outside the country. Data is entered into this system from supporting documents and application forms furnished by applicants for various types of visas. CAIPS notes are available in electronic format and provide data on visa applications. These apply in cases of refusals from the Canadian Embassy. 

Why Apply for CAIPS Notes

CAIPS notes Canada can be applied in several scenarios. 

Scenario 1- You have been asked to be present for an interview. 

You can apply to get your CAIPS notes to find out the reason for the interview being scheduled and to prepare yourself accordingly. 

Scenario 2- The application is taking more than it should, or you have not heard back from the visa office for a long time 

You can request your immigration file in this scenario to check whether your application is on track or not. 

Scenario 3- You fear that you have misfiled or missed any documents or your application lacks something 

Paying the CAIPS notes fees and obtaining the files will help you put your mind at ease regarding any worries about the progress or status of your application. They help get more information on whether you have misfiled or missed any documents and also if your application lacks anything, and if it has been refused. It also tells you what to do while reapplying. 

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Who Can Apply for CAIPS Notes

If you have not received any answer from the authorities or wish to know the reason for your file declining, you may pay the CAIPS notes application fees and obtain the same. They are available for temporary or permanent residence/student visa/visitor visa and employment authorization applications. 

When Can You Apply

You can apply for CAIPS notes only after the visa processing gets to a certain stage. It depends on the kind of visa being applied for. For instance, those applying for permanent residence in the country may apply after around 2-3 months. 

How to Apply for CAIPS Notes

The first step is to request the CAIPS from the IRCC or CIC and then download the application kit from GCMS (Global Case Management System). The file check application form should be filled up and submitted with the consent form IMM5744. The form should be sent via fax or email with the payment being made for the same. Two numbers relating to your visa application should be handy with you, namely the unique client identifier number and application number. 

Processing Time for CAIPS Notes

The average processing time for CAIPS notes Canada is around 30-60 days. However, if the IRCC has too many requests to process, they will notify you regarding any extension of this timeline. You may also opt for a professional interpretation of the notes in case you face any difficulties in understanding them. 


Are CAIPS notes helpful?

Yes, CAIPS notes can be useful if you want to know about the status of your visa application and also, in case of any rejection, the reason for the same. You will understand what is lacking in your application and how to make up for the same while re-applying. 

What are the benefits of CAIPS notes?

There are several advantages of CAIPS notes. They are maintained by the IRCC and may be used for both future and present references. Based on these notes, applicants can easily obtain detailed information regarding their visa filing procedure. They can help applicants learn more about whether they have misfiled or missed out on any documentation. They also help obtain information on the application status and the reasons for rejection, if any. 

Which is better- CAIPS or GCMS?

CAIPS is better for those who are mainly interested in knowing more about the present status of their application or those who are looking for a more general update. GCMS notes may be more useful for those who have already faced rejections or delays and want in-depth information about the reasons behind the same. 

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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