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Best countries to pursue Pharmacy and Pharmacology programs

Updated on 20 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Pharmacy and Pharmacology is a science stream that analyses drugs’ effects on living organisms. Clinical Pharmacology further studies the optimal clinical use of drugs and medicines.

If you wish to pursue Pharmacy and Pharmacology programs, this guide will give you all the essential details you need. Read on to know more. 

Subject Brief of Pharmacy And Pharmacology

Pharmacy and Pharmacology programs teach students the use of medicine, drug classification, the methodologies of pain management, and the administration of medicines based on evidence-based practice. 

Coursework helps identify drugs as human-made, endogenous or natural substances. It also lets students understand the preparation and dispensing of the studied drugs and, after that, production by pharmacologists.

You will also learn the link between health and chemical sciences to ensure that pharmaceutical drugs are used effectively and safely.

Levels Offered

If you aim to study Pharmacy and Pharmacology programs, you can do so through undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Some of the undergraduate degrees that come under the broad bucket of Pharmacy and Pharmacology programs are:

Top 10 Universities Offering the Subject 

How well you prevail in your career depends greatly on the school you studied at – more so for science subjects. Thus, it is always best to set your targets high and aim for the top universities in the world for your desired course. 

Here are the top 10 universities offering Pharmacy and Pharmacology programs with approximate tuition fees, subject rankings, their country, and course names (MSc, BSc, Ph.D., etc.)

University NameCourse NameQS Subject Rankings 2022Country Approximate tuition fees for course duration
University of OxfordMSc in Pharmacology1United Kingdom£28,560
Monash UniversityBachelor of Pharmacy2AustraliaAUD 42,440
Harvard UniversityBachelor’s in pharmacy3United States $67,610
University of CambridgeBachelor’s in Pharmacy4United Kingdom £60,942
University of NottinghamBSc in Pharmacology5United Kingdom£60,942
University of North Carolina, Chapel HillMS in Pharmaceutical Sciences6United States
UCLBachelor of Science in Pharmacology7United Kingdom£60,942
University of California, San FranciscoBachelor of Science in Pharmacy8United States$52,920
Johns Hopkins UniversityMaster’s in Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences 9United States$67,660
University of TorontoPh.D. in Pharmacology10United StatesCAD 36,100

Source: Official sites 

Academic Cycle: Intakes, Deadlines Across Levels

The intakes, academic cycles, and deadlines for pharmacy programs will vary per university. Moreover, the level of study that you are going for will also define when you should start applying and if or not the applications are assessed on a rolling basis.

Curriculum of Pharmacy And Pharmacology

The curriculum across all levels aims to polish students’ skills and elevate their knowledge to match the changing landscape of pharmacy. The course content will provide a modern understanding of the effects of medicines and alleviate the suffering caused by diseases.

Typical modules include pharmacokinetics, toxicology, drug metabolism, drug dependence, pharmacogenomics, and drug discovery.

Job Prospects after Pharmacy And Pharmacology

The demand for pharmacists is on the rise, and they are expected to grow further in the coming years in the USA. For now, the median salary of pharmacists in the USA is USD 128,710 – wherein the best-paid 25% made USD 147, 690 and the lowest-paid 25% made USD 112,690 in a year.

Except for the usual pharmacist role, there are many other job options for students pursuing pharmacy and pharmacology programs. Some of them are:

  • Academic researcher
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Clinical research associate
  • Clinical scientist, biochemistry
  • Clinical scientist, immunology
  • Scientific laboratory technician
  • Medicinal chemist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Research scientist (medical)


Future Application of the Subject

The current healthcare and medicinal environment are fast changing!

Life sciences are experiencing innovations, and modern technology is disrupting the health care value chain. 

Moreover, people are now focused on their well-being, aiming for better and more significant health access, convenient means and customization. Pharmacists and pharmacologists will work to ensure these goals are reached and better health prevails worldwide. 

As per studies, another future application will be the great focus on patient-oriented services in the coming time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is best for pharmacy study?

The answer to which country is best for a master’s in pharmacy lies in the interests and mindset of the student. While statistics mention that the UK, US, Canada and Australia are the best destinations for these courses, the final say depends on what suits your convenience, budget and passions.


Why study pharmacy in England?

England has several prestigious universities in the world and thus, becomes an excellent option for studying pharmacy. Studying in England would reflect highly on your resume and skill set as you learn about several medicines, functions of diseases and their right treatments. 


upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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