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“Why do international students prefer to study in USA?” There are several answers to the question. To start with, the country hosts more than a million international students and is one of the most popular global educational hubs. Universities and colleges in the US offer numerous options in terms of courses and educational programs. The country is home to some of the world’s best and most reputed universities along with excellent faculty, research prospects, and infrastructure. It is also welcoming and culturally diverse with a higher quality of life. 

Key Reasons to Study in  USA:

Why study in the USA? There are several compelling reasons for international students. These include: 

Academic Excellence

Close to 50% of the best universities in the world are situated in the USA as per reports by U.S. News & World. These institutions offer everything from the best-rated bachelor’s and master’s programs to Ph.D. opportunities. 

Advanced Technology

The country is all about the massive tech boom that is changing the world and it is not just about Silicon Valley. America is known for its opportunities in research, experimentation, and internships with leading global firms.

Huge Variety of Courses

Another key reason to study abroad in USA is the flexibility and variety of courses on offer. Students can choose multiple combinations in numerous disciplines including a wider liberal arts framework and skill-based courses. There are several unique programs of study even in fields like oceanography & coastal science. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Industry Leaders and Skilled Faculty

Many classes at American universities are taught by industry leaders and notable faculty members with years of experience in their respective fields. 

Support for Foreign Students

Study in USA consultants suggests that the International Student Services Office and its counselors help foreign students navigate the entire academic journey. From ample assistance and support programs to guidance throughout courses, classes, orientation, tutoring, accommodation, and cultural nuances, you will find it all here. International students are supported with work on campus, obtaining internships off-campus, and also holding positions in research & training-based disciplines.

There are several international accelerator programs to benefit students. Specialized courses are often provided by several universities to help foreign students learn more about the American culture, local life, traditions, and cuisines. They also hold activities like attending sports events, field trips, or even exploring historical landmarks.

Vibrant Campuses

An important reason to study in USA for Indian students is the vibrant campus life at most universities. You will find campuses filled with students from various parts of the country and the world. You can make new friends, learn new languages, experience new traditions, and embrace various foreign cultures. 

Student Organizations

American institutions have flourishing student organizations and clubs on campus. International students love the opportunity to participate in various on-campus activities/events and hone their skills. These organizations also help them integrate into the local community. 

Inclusive Environment

The USA is known for its highly inclusive environment with a stringent policy of non-discrimination.

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Living and Tuition Costs as per Study in USA Consultants 

The study cost in USA for Indian students in undergraduate courses hovers around USD 17,930 (Rs 13 lakh) for community colleges and USD 52,500 (Rs 39 lakh) for private universities annually. Master’s programs may cost around USD 25,000 (Rs 18.5 lakh) and USD 41,000 (Rs 30 lakh) each year at public and private universities respectively. International students can cover some of these costs by working for 20 hours each week on a part-time basis. Bright students may also get a chance to become official research assistants. This will get them a decent stipend while also boosting their resumes. 

Another reason to study in USA for Indian students is the comparatively reasonable cost of living. The estimates are somewhere between USD 10,000-18,000 annually or USD 1,000-1,500 every month. This includes accommodation, travel, food, books, clothing, and recreation/entertainment expenditure. Travel expenses can be around USD 300-700 while the cost of study material/books is at USD 900-2,000 annually. You may have to spend USD 5,000-7,500 every year on accommodation.  Off-campus apartments cost around  USD 300-600 per month.

Meals will be roughly USD 2,500 annually if you restrict outdoor dining. Clothes shopping can be limited to USD 500 yearly and personal expenditure could be somewhere around USD 2,000 each year. Some additional costs may include purchases like furniture, computers, medical costs not covered by health insurance, and added costs from when the institution is closed.

Study Abroad in USA- Part-time Work Opportunities

There are abundant part-time job opportunities in the US for international students. The visa regulations allow students to work for a maximum of 20 hours each week during classes and up to 40 hours per week when classes are off. However, they are permitted to work in and around the campus only. Here are some work options that international students often explore in the USA: 

Library Monitors

Workers have to implement the rules of the library of an institution while supervising visitors. The job allows students ample time to catch up on their studies. 

Teaching Assistant

Bright students can apply for such positions. There are two profiles – teaching fellows and teaching assistants. Responsibilities include assisting students with tutorials, assignments, and more. 

Tour Guides

Campus tours are popular activities since many potential applicants and parents visit educational institutions. Since most American universities have massive campuses with ample historical architecture and significance, paid or guided tours are a great way to learn more about the institution. This is a good part-time job option for international students in their second, third, and fourth years. Campus tour guides report to the Admissions Department of their institutions. 

Peer Tutors

Tutoring juniors and peers may be a good option to earn some extra money while choosing suitable working hours. If an educational resource center exists at the university, check whether any formal jobs are available in tutoring. Colleges that emphasize majorly on cultural or athletic pursuits usually hire tutors to work with these pupils.

Academic Department Assistants

This part-time clerical job needs filing paperwork and sorting documents. The head of the department provides opening-related information and students enrolled in their courses are preferred. 

Tech Support

You can also find part-time job openings with the tech and computer support center on the campus. If you are studying a technical program or have a natural technological aptitude, you may find such jobs easily. All universities in the USA provide tech support for classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and the like. It is an important work position, especially because you will have to respond urgently in case of system failures or crashes. 

Production Assistant

American universities are famous for their emphasis on cultural and co-curricular activities like concerts, plays, dance performances, music, comedy, and more. These events require extensive behind-the-scenes management and assistance. You can find part-time work as a production assistant or a crew member. 

Bookstore Assistant

All universities have their book stores within the campus retailing reference & course books, other study material, supplies, fiction, and magazines. You can apply for a part-time job as an assistant if there is an opening. This will get you work experience along with useful employee discounts on supplies, stationery, and books. 

Research Assistant

Research assistants support their professors. They also work with a team of other researchers for various purposes. These are viable and decently paying part-time jobs for international students. 


This can be an on-campus job as well! University professors, staff members, and other employees usually prefer familiar students as babysitters. You can check for openings with the student employment office. Babysitters earn handsomely at USD 10-15 hourly and you can save up quite a bit during your free time. 

Barista jobs

University campuses are all about coffee and you can take up a barista’s job at a cafe. You can learn about beverages and brewing. The employee discounts there will save costs on coffee and bites too.

Post-study Professional Opportunities in  USA 

The USA is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies including the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook. Entry-level jobs for international graduate students may pay around USD 69,000 - 90,000 annually. This is even higher for students in fields like engineering, advertising, finance, management, and information technology (IT). An MS degree will get you lucrative positions like business analyst, web developer, computer systems analyst, health information technician, and more. 

Computer Science is a preferred field and completing MS means average salaries touching USD 80,000 annually. Popular profiles include network architects, research scientists, support professionals, programmers, and system analysts. MS in Computer Science is one of the highest-earning degrees in the country as per the average annual salary benchmarks. Finance professionals have several openings in the US job market, taking up roles like auditors, accountants, cost estimators, budget analysts, financial examiners, and financial analysts. 

There is a strong demand for skilled management students with diverse job roles such as financial analyst, business development manager, HR manager, and project manager. Specializations may vary from one field to another. Data science graduates and MS degree holders can explore positions like data analyst, data scientist, data administrator, statistical analyst, financial analyst, and more. Civil engineers are also in demand throughout the country, taking up professions like geotechnical & construction engineers, structural engineers, and even transportation engineers. 

Other fields in high demand include electrical engineering, public health, mechanical engineering, engineering management, marketing, information systems, and more. Popular job roles include radio engineer, project manager, marketing manager, program manager, healthcare consultant, systems engineer, marketing director, marketing specialist, research associate, software developer, and systems administrator. Leading employers in the USA include giants like Boeing, Intel, Northrop Grumman Company, Lockheed Martin, Google, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why study in the USA?

The United States of America is home to the highest number of international students in the world. It is home to almost half of the top global universities and institutions that offer a unique and research-driven curriculum. The country also has abundant employment options, part-time work prospects, and a welcoming multicultural environment.

Q. What exams are required to study in the USA?

Examinations like SATACTIELTS, and TOEFL are required for assessing applicants for undergraduate programs. Similarly, examinations like GMATGRE, MCAT, and LSAT are needed for master’s courses.

Q. How much does it cost to study in the USA?

The costs of studying in the USA hover around USD 20,000 -45,000 annually in tuition fees for undergraduate courses.

Q. How much of a gap is accepted for study in the USA?

Most American universities accept a 1-year study gap. If the study gap exceeds a year, the aspirant should justify it with a genuine explanation. Proper proof should be furnished for gaps due to medical conditions or treatment.



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