US Embassy Opens Interview Slot Booking for F, M, and J Category Student Visa

Updated on 05 May, 2023

The window for interviews for F, M, and J student visa categories has opened at the US Embassy in India. The slots are available in June and the first half of July 2022.

The Embassy has also assured that if students are unable to book slots because of high demand, more slots will be made available in later months.

“If you don’t get an appointment in this tranche, don’t panic. We will be focusing on students for the months of June, July, and August and will open slots for the rest of July and the first half of August later,” said an official announcement.

Following an early start to student visa interviews, US officials expect to grant more student visas this year than the previous year’s record of 62,000 students enrolling at US institutions in the autumn of 2021.

Additionally, the US Embassy has revised its subsequently proclaimed policy of not granting a second chance for visa interviews to student applicants who have earlier been rejected.

“If you have a prior refusal, watch for open appointments in the second half of August when you’ll have a second chance at the interview,” the announcement from the US embassy added further.

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