Irish Government Approves Skills for English language Tests for Student Visas

Irish Government Approves Skills for English language Tests for Student Visas

PSI and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) have announced that the Irish Government approved their B1 and B2 Four Facet Skills for English language tests for study visa purposes. This will make Skills for English one of the fastest-growing high-stakes English exams, paving the way for test-takers and providing reliability for institutions and opportunities to its global network of partners.  

Overseas students who want to study an approved English program at one of Ireland’s many institutions can now include Skills for English: SELT or Skills for English: Global tests as part of the application. This exam will also impart them work part-time opportunities, thus helping them enhance their portfolio during their stay in Ireland.

This announcement corresponds with PSI’s latest English language test, Skills for English: Global tests. Skills for English: Global exam is a Secure English Language Test exam that PSI and SQA deliver on behalf of the UK Government for visa applicants through PSI’s network of test centers across 120 countries. It is offered either through the same test center network or through Online Proctoring, which allows tests to be taken in the comfort of the test taker’s own home.

“Being accepted for a study visa in Ireland is a major strategic pillar for Skills for English,” said Janet Garcia, president of PSI. “It will give international students even more access to one of the world’s top destinations for English language teaching and higher education,” she remarked.

According to John McMorris, Director of Business Development at the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the Irish Government’s approval of the B1 and B2 four facet Skills for English language tests for study visas is a significant development that builds on a successful relationship between SQA and PSI. According to Mr McMorris, “This is yet another vote of confidence in the English language test Skills for English. 

The Irish government joins the UK government in recognizing the quality of the assessment on offer, giving higher and further education institutions confidence that their applicants have the English language skills and knowledge they require to succeed in the next stage of their education.”

In Ireland, the number of international students has increased by 26% in the past three years, making this an excellent time for the Irish Immigration Service to broaden the options available to international students by accepting Skills for English examinations as part of their application.

In December, it also followed the announcement that Duolingo’s English Test would be given a permanent offering as a minimum English language level for Irish student visas.

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