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Scholarships for MBA Abroad for Indian Students

Updated on 27 October, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

There are many benefits of pursuing an MBA abroad - from gaining a world-class education to better job prospects. However, financial hurdles in pursuing this dream can be significant, considering the degree can cost between $30,000 and $120,000. A scholarship for an MBA abroad can help you realize your dreams. Here we discuss some fully-funded MBA scholarships for Indian students abroad.

Cost of Studying MBA Abroad

Types of Scholarships for MBA Abroad

Numerous MBA programs in other countries offer financial aid to overseas students. Check this out:

Merit-based scholarships: 

These scholarships are awarded to those who have achieved distinction in an area related to academics, sports, art, extra-curricular, or community activities. Certain requirements must be met in order to continue receiving funding from such scholarships if they are renewable.

Need-based scholarships:

Scholarships for international master's degree programs in business administration are available from some schools to those who can demonstrate financial necessity. Applying for need-based scholarships usually necessitates a separate application.

Diversity scholarships: 

Diversity scholarships and country-specific scholarships, which may be offered by the government or MBA schools, are available to international students from certain countries.

Program-based scholarships: 

This is a frequently chosen path for international MBA students seeking financial aid. It is common practice for MBA hopefuls to get financial aid in the form of merit-based scholarships from business schools.

Subject-specific scholarships: 

These are quite similar to grants given out for certain programs. An MBA in entrepreneurship, for instance, might get you recognition here. This form of scholarship for an MBA in a foreign country has strict requirements in terms of both your academic background and your intended field of study.

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Popular Scholarships for MBA Abroad

After reading this, you should better understand the many opportunities available to finance your Master of Business Administration studies abroad. Here are the top fully-funded MBA scholarships for Indian students abroad, excluding scholarships offered by specific foreign universities:

Sr. No.Name of ScholarshipsEligibility CriteriaBenefits
1Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship
  • Applicants must have an offer of admission to the MBA program at Harvard University or Cambridge University.
  • A valid GMAT score.
  • 75% tuition fee is covered.
  • Travel and accommodation allowances are provided.
2IUBH Online MBA Scholarships
  • Applicants should fulfill the eligibility criteria for the MBA program at the International University of Applied Sciences (IUBH), Germany.
  • The tuition fee is covered.
3Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship
  • MBA scholars at Stanford Graduate School of Business with leadership potential.
  • Tuition fee is covered.
4ALBA Graduate Business School Scholarships, Greece
  • Candidates with GMAT score of 700 and above. 
  • 40% of the total tuition fees
5Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship, UK
  • Applicants should be already studying or planning to apply for the 1+1 MBA program at Oxford University.
  • Course fee is covered.
  • Living expenses are covered.
6HEC Paris MBA Scholarship
  • Students admitted to full-time MBA programs at HEC Paris can apply for this merit-based scholarship.
  • A partial or full tuition waiver is offered.
  • Living expenses are covered.
7The Skoll Scholarship
  • Applicants should have a commendable record in social entrepreneurship.
  • They should have spent at least three years in a social venture or brought in some positive change as an entrepreneur.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the need for financial aid.
  • 100% of the course fee is covered
  • Partial living expenses are covered.


Getting admitted to MBA colleges abroad with a scholarship can be a game-changer for aspiring Indian students. The wide variety of available scholarships is evidence of the widespread respect for an international MBA degree. There exist numerous merit-based, need-based, country-specific, and specialized scholarships for aspiring MBA students who wish to cut down on their study abroad expenses.

Candidates need to be serious when applying for the scholarship, so they should dedicate adequate time to ensure that their applications portray their abilities as well as the aim of the program. As the world becomes more interconnected, scholarships for MBA abroad for Indian students are in huge demand, so choosing the right one and working hard to fetch it is crucial.

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What should I do to secure scholarship funding for an overseas MBA program?

It is advisable to have a GMAT score of 600 and higher while applying for international MBA scholarships. A score of 700 or above is recommended to get into the finest business schools that provide MBA scholarships.

Is a 100% MBA scholarship available?

Yes, many scholarship programs cover 100% tuition fees and living expenses. Even if scholarship committees do not require a certain GMAT score to guarantee a scholarship, a high GMAT score will increase your chances of being awarded one. 

What is required for an Indian student to secure a scholarship application for an MBA abroad?

Visit the college’s main page, where they offer that scholarship, and complete any other specified forms you may be required to complete. Each institution has different requirements though some of the general ones are a goos academic background and leadership potential.

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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