Student Enrollment on surge in Dutch Universities

Spike in student enrollment in Dutch universities

Universities in the Netherlands have witnessed a four percent surge in foreign student enrollment so far in 2021 in comparison to the previous year. According to Erudera College News, 78,361 international students enrolled in Dutch universities this year. This number makes up 23% of the total 340,700 new arrivals in the country. 

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Non-EU countries that sent in the most student visa applications were China, The USA, India, Indonesia, and Turkey. According to the Immigration Service IND, 15,110 student visa applications came from non-EU students by the end of July 2021, compared to 12,310 last year. 

This isn’t the first time the country has seen this huge influx of international students and two major reasons are being held responsible for it. They are: 

  • Delay in the enrollment last year due to COVID-19, and
  • Brexit

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During the academic year 2019-20, 12.3% of the total student population in the Netherlands comprised international students, with over 27% hailing from non-EEA (non-European Economic Area) countries. More than 72% belonged to EEA countries, according to a report by Nuffic. 

As per a survey conducted by last year in the aftermath of Brexit, the universities in the Netherlands (49%), Germany (36%), France (19%), Ireland (16%), and Sweden (14%) are being seen as the best alternative to the British universities. 

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