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Fully & Partially-Funded Scholarships to Study in Ireland

Updated on 15 November, 2023

Pragya Sharma

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Pursuing higher education in Ireland can be a rewarding experience, considering the affordable cost of living and tuition. Although the average cost of living for one person is around EUR 963, which is considerably cheaper than in other countries abroad, it can be challenging for some to finance their studies. Scholarships for Ireland can support students at various academic levels. 

Overview of Scholarships to Study in Ireland

Many scholarships in Ireland are offered to international students annually. These scholarships are offered to academically bright individuals and are fully or partially funded based on the criteria, program, and university. These scholarships can be categorized as:

  • Government of Ireland Scholarships
  • University Scholarships
  • Scholarships offered by other organizations

The most popular scholarships for international students include the Ireland Government Scholarship, the Central Bank of Ireland Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students, the NUI Galway International Students Scholarship, the Centenary Scholarship program, the Walsh Fellowship, and the Fulbright Scholarship.

Criteria for Applying to Scholarships for Indian Students

The selection criteria typically depend on the specific scholarship program. However, the following are some general criteria to take note of:

Government-Funded Scholarships in Ireland

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships: 

Under this initiative, the Higher Education Authority (HEA) provides 60 Irish government scholarships to successful candidates with an offer from an eligible Irish higher education institution for one year of study at either Bachelor, Master, or PhD levels.

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme: 

It is an ongoing and established national initiative funded by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and offered to international students pursuing their postgraduate studies.

Application Process for Government Scholarships in Ireland

The application process for Ireland scholarships for international students is simple and can be completed online. 

  • Visit the Irish Research Council and create a new account.
  • Fill and complete the application form with accurate information.
  • Once submitted, wait for confirmation of your registration for the scholarship program.

Scholarships in Ireland Offered by Universities

NUI Galway International Student Scholarships: 

The University of Galway is committed to attracting high-caliber students globally and offers a range of merit-based scholarships.

Maynooth University Scholarships: 

Maynooth University offers many scholarships for international students who have enrolled in their bachelor’s and master's programs. 

 Here’s an in-depth look at all the scholarships in Ireland. 




Additional Benefits


Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships

1 year of study

EUR 10,000 stipend

A full waiver of all tuition and other registration fees

Open to students from non-EU/EEA countries and in all fields.

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme

Research Masters Degree =  1Year


Structured Research Masters Degree = 2 years


Traditional Doctoral Degree= 3 years


Structural Doctoral Degree = 4 years

EUR 19,000 stipend per year

Contribution to fees, which includes non-EU fees, up to a max of EUR 5,750, & research expenses of EUR 3,250 

Open to students from non-EU/EEA countries and in all fields, students awaiting results.

NUI Galway International Student Scholarships (Global Achievement Scholarship)

1st year of study

EUR 2,000 reduction in tuition fees


Open to students from non-EU/EEA countries, self-funded and secured a place for full-time study at the University of Galway.

NUI Galway International Student Scholarships (Business Postgraduate Merit Scholarship)


50% of tuition costs


Open to students from non-EU/EEA countries, self-funded and secured a place for full-time study at the University of Galway, candidates must also have achieved H1 in their primary degree.

NUI Galway International Student Scholarships (Excellence and Merit Scholarship by The College of Science and Engineering at University of Galway)


EUR 10,000 for excellence scholarships & EUR 4,000 for merit scholarships


Open to students from non-EU/EEA countries, self-funded and secured a place for full-time study at the University of Galway.

Maynooth University Scholarships (Entrance Scholarship)


EUR 1000 (first year)

Students may receive other benefits based on the type of scholarship

Automatically awarded to students who  have obtained 575 points or more in their Leaving Certificate.

The Walsh Fellowship

M.Sc. = 2 years

PhD programs = 4 years

EUR 24,000 per year


First or upper-class honors primary degree.

Central Bank of Ireland Undergraduate Scholarships (for International Students)


More than EUR 28,000 per year

24 days annual leave & other related assistance

Open to international students working at the Central Bank full-time, while undertaking a part-time degree at Griffith College.

Tips to Increase Chances of Getting Accepted for Ireland Scholarships

Scholarships are very competitive at Ireland’s higher education institutions. These tips will help increase your chances of being accepted for a scholarship in Ireland:

  • Research all scholarships available for international students in Ireland. There are various types of scholarships offered by universities, government organizations, and private institutions.
  • Check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship program and ensure that you meet the academic, language proficiency, and other requirements. Some scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria, such as field of study or nationality.
  • Maintaining strong grades throughout is a must, as scholarship committees often prioritize candidates with strong academic records.
  • Prepare a compelling Personal Statement to showcase experiences, goals, and achievements tailored to the specific scholarship program.
  • Obtain Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) from recommenders that can attest to academic abilities, character, and potential. These letters should be well-written and relevant to the scholarship application.
  • Demonstrate language proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL if English is not your native language.
  • Prepare a detailed Resume/CV highlighting your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, internships, and any relevant experiences.
  • Applying early can give you an advantage.
  • Seek guidance by reaching out to university advisors or scholarship counselors for guidance on the application process.
  • Prepare for Interviews (part of some scholarships’ selection process) by practicing and researching common interview questions.
  • Follow instructions and ensure all required documents and information are submitted accurately and within the specified deadlines.
  • Proofread your application to eliminate typos and errors.
  • Showcase leadership, community involvement, and volunteer experience.

Disclaimer: The scholarship amount/benefits are subject to change at any time. Aspirants are advised to check the official scholarship or university website before applying.


Scholarships in Ireland can be very competitive, especially the government of Ireland’s international education scholarships. It is vital to go through the selection criteria thoroughly before applying for any scholarships. With the help of these financial aids, you can fulfill your dream of studying in this beautiful country.

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What are scholarship opportunities available to study in Ireland?

There are several Government scholarships, university-specific scholarships, and other funding opportunities available to facilitate studying in Ireland.

Who can apply for scholarships to study in Ireland?

All students can apply for certain scholarships. However, applicants with consistently good academic scores and strong volunteering experience will be more successful.

What are the application deadlines for scholarships to study in Ireland?

The deadlines for each scholarship vary. Please refer to the official websites for each scholarship to get the latest information.

How can I apply for scholarships to study in Ireland?

Application for scholarships from the various universities will require visits to their official websites. Many universities automatically allot scholarships without even the need to apply separately. 

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

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