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BCom Full Form: Bachelor of Commerce

Updated on 05 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

What is B.Com? The full form of B.Com is Bachelor of Commerce. A bachelor's degree in commerce is an undergraduate degree that can be obtained in Canada, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ireland, New Zealand, Ghana, South Africa, Myanmar, Egypt, and other Commonwealth nations in the fields of business, management, economics, or accounting. Therefore, most institutions design their degree programs so that, in addition to their major, students study accounting, finance, economics, business management, human resources, and marketing in order to expose them to basic business ideas. Foundational courses in information systems, business statistics, and mathematics are frequently required for programs. A formal academic major may or may not be created, depending on the university. Nevertheless, the majority of the courses for a Bachelor of Commerce degree must be taken by students in business-related fields, such as aside, among others.

History of B.Com

The University of Birmingham was the first to offer the Bachelor of Commerce degree. William Ashley, an Englishman from Oxford University and the first professor of political economy and constitutional history in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Arts, founded the school of commerce. After spending a few years at Harvard University, Ashley left Toronto in 1892 and returned to England to work at the newly established University of Birmingham, where he established the School of Commerce. Ashley started the course of study that served as a model for numerous other BCom degree programs across the British Empire.

The English economy was split into three sectors by economists in the eighteenth century: industry, commerce, and agriculture. Goods transportation, marketing, and financing were all included in commerce. Economic geography, economic history, general economics, modern languages, and accountancy were all included in the Birmingham program in commerce.

Reasons for Pursuing B.Com Honors

A higher degree is the Honors Bachelor of Commerce (HonsBCom or BComm (Hons) or HBCom or HBComm). Similar to the BBA, the degree includes a specialization component that helps students gain in-depth knowledge of the industry and/or enhance their business skills.

It necessitates the completion of extra coursework, typically with greater academic performance requirements, and could also call for the completion of a studied thesis. It frequently acts as a bridge (or prerequisite) between undergraduate and graduate programs, such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Commerce (M.Com. or M.Comm.) degrees.

It can be either a one-year program taken after a three-year Bachelor's degree, or a four-year program. The one-year program is usually focused only on one topic area.

Duration of B.Com Course

In Australia, New Zealand, India (certain Indian colleges, notably Delhi University, offer four-year courses under NEP 2020), Malta, South Africa, certain regions of Canada, and Hong Kong, the curriculum typically lasts three years. Four years of study in the Republic of Ireland, most of Canada, Egypt, Ghana, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are required by the curriculum.

While an extra year of study is not considered a postgraduate qualification in Malta, it is in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, and some Indian universities where the BCom (Hons) degree is regarded as an additional postgraduate qualification.

BCom programs in Pakistan typically last two years, but BS Commerce programs—previously known as BCom (Hons)—last four years.

After earning a BCom, students can pursue careers in banking and finance. Many students pursue careers in sales after earning their BCom, which is also a very profitable route. In the sales department, there is ample opportunity for growth and development in all industries with the right expertise. There are several options for students who are interested in trade or finance. 

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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