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Data Analytics Courses in Canada

Data Analytics Courses in Canada offer a prospective career opportunity. Data Analytics courses offer a bright career opportunity. In recent years, Data analytics has gained momentum. The course offers a great chance to earn a handsome amount through varied job opportunities. Nowadays, data analytics presents a good future for students. 

Research shows that there are over vacancies for around 20,000 data science jobs until 2026. Thus, it is important to make this field more desirable to pursue data science and analytics courses for higher studies. The data science universities in Canada are popular throughout the world and ranked higher in comparison to the universities of other countries.

Why study Data Analytics Courses in Canada?

Canada has become a one-stop destination for International Students to study Data Analytics courses.

Reasons for Data Analytics Courses in Canada

  • In Canada, data analytics stands out more than other fields due to huge demand and great scope.
  • Canada as a country alone is set to produce around 300,000 data scientists by the year 2023.
  • It is observed in Canada that there has been a chance of a vacancy of around 20,000 data science and analytics jobs till 2026.
  • In Canada, there has been a huge demand for data science and analytics-related positions. Thus creating huge possibilities in the field of data science.

Some of the criteria for applying to the top Universities in Canada:

Some of the criteria for applying to the top Universities are-

  • Bachelor's degree (if required)
  • English proficiency test scores 
  • GMAT or GRE Scores

Data Analytics Courses in Canada offer varied options and there is a huge demand for the course in Canada. Data analytics come under the umbrella of Data science. Data Science, data analytics, and machine learning are growing at a huge rate, and companies are always looking for professionals in data science and data analytics.

The universities in Canada offer varied undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Data science and analytics for students. Some of the reasons for applying for the Data Analytics Courses in Canada-

  • Enough job opportunities- The universities and the best colleges provide the best education and increase the scope for both domestic and international students after completion of the course. The annual base salary for the data scientist or the data analyst would be around 79,000 CAD.
  • Good Education System- In Canada, there is a good education system and the best infrastructure, and thus the data science colleges have stood out in their outstanding role in comparison to other countries. Canada provides many facilities for international students with education as well as industrial experience.
  • A Bright Future Awaits- Canada offers a bright future for students after completion of the Data science and data analytics course. Canada as a country aims to produce around 300,000 data scientists by the year 2023 and even has an estimated investment of 1.26 billion dollars by the Canadian government.

Data Analytics Courses in Canada: Highlight- 

Popular Programs offeredTop University/CollegesSpecializations Offered if anyDurationAverage tuition Fee For International StudentsLevel of StudyMode of StudyExam RequiredCourse Type
Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Data Science [Collaborative Specialization]-Carleton University-2 yearsCA$53,370  (2023)Master DegreeOfflineIELTSFull-time
Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics Georgian College-1 yearCA$18,378  (2023)Graduate CertificateOfflineIELTSFull-time
Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Computer and Information Systems - Data Analytics Douglas College-4 semestersCA$37,455  (2023)Post BaccalaureateOfflineIELTSFull-time
Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business (B018) St. Clair College)-2 yearsCA$30,822  (2023)Graduate CertificateOfflineIELTSFull-time
Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business (M018) St. Clair College-2 yearsCA$30,822  (2023)Graduate Certificate in Data AnalyticsOfflineIELTSFull-time
Post-Degree Diploma in Data AnalyticsSt. Clair College-2 yearsCA$27,140  (2023)Post-Degree DiplomaOfflineIELTSFull-time
Master of Science in Computing Science - Database Systems (Thesis-based) University of Alberta-2 yearsCA$18,930  (2023)B.Sc. Master of ScienceOfflineIELTSFull-time
Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence System Infrastructure (Non-Co-op) Algonquin College)-1 yearCA$21,878  (2023)Graduate CertificateOfflineIELTSFull-time

There are other various Data Analytics courses like Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (Kingston) International Students Only, Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics, Bachelor of Management - Managing Data and Information, Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business Decision Making, and various other courses. There are varied options for students to build up a fruitful career ahead.

The major in-demand courses that are common in practice in colleges and universities are discussed as follows-

  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics (Georgian College) - Big Data enables students to visualize past, present, and future patterns by linking and presenting information in meaningful ways. 
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Computer and Information Systems - Data Analytics- The course empowers the students to choose the path to become a computer programmer, web technician, software engineer, information systems analyst, data administrator, and more in this intensive, two-year program.
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business (B018) - The Data Analytics for Business program provides students the insight to visualize past, present, and future patterns by linking and presenting information in meaningful ways.
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business (M018) - The course includes detailed and defined information that enables graduate students to effectively predict trends, understand the needs of customers, as well as make more informed business decisions. 
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence System Infrastructure (Non-Co-op)- This is a one-year Business Intelligence System Infrastructure (BISI) Ontario College Graduate Certificate that provides you with specialized knowledge and skills to support the corporate use of Business Intelligence (BI), Data Visualization, Data Science, Cloud Services, and Agile Project Management.
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics- This course delivers job-ready credentials that will get you started on your path to becoming an information systems analyst or manager, database analyst, data administrator, and more.

Best Universities Master in Data Analytics Courses in Canada

There are the best Universities and colleges offering the best courses in Data Analytics in Canada. Some of the best internationally recognized Universities in Canada for pursuing Data Analytics Courses in Canada are:

  • The University of Toronto- This is the leading research University that offers 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate courses and over 150 cooperative programs, including ten dual degree courses and professional master's components.
  • The University of Waterloo- This University is known as MIT of North due to its academic excellence. The University delivers the best courses in Data Analytics and is renowned in Silicon Valley for its excellent Co-op Program.
  • Queen’s University- This is the public research University in Kingston, Canada. The University is best known for courses in academic areas including computation science and engineering, globalization studies, mental health, clinical sciences, environment and sustainable energy, and social issues.
  • HEC Montreal - HEC Montréal Business School Montréal, Québec, Canada is internationally renowned in the management education and research field.
  • The University of Calgary - The University of Calgary may trace its ancestry back to the University of Alberta's first Calgary campus. The institution bestows more than 17 million Canadian Dollars yearly in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and prizes to its student body.
  • The University of British Columbia- This is the most renowned public University. This is one of the top 20 public Universities in the whole world. The University is phenomenal and is a global center for teaching and research

Level of Study: 

The Data analytics courses in Canada evolve around the course curriculum like-

  • PG/UG (Diploma and Certificate programs)
  • Doctoral Programs
  • Certification Programs

The specializations offered are-

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data Analytics 
  • Statistical Analysis 
  • Informatics

Courses offered in B.Sc.-

  • UG (Diploma and Certificate programs)

Courses offered in M.Sc.-

  • PG (Diploma and Certificate programs)

Eligibility Criteria for Data Analytics Courses in Canada

  • Bachelor's degree (if required)
  • Or High School Degree
  • English proficiency test scores 
  • GMAT or GRE Scores

Educational Qualification required (For Bachelors and Masters both)- One of the basic and most important documents required for applying for the Data Analytics course is the educational transcripts from high school (for UG course), and a bachelor’s degree (if applying to PG courses). In addition to this Computer Science, Mathematics, and English are the three most important subjects to have proficiency in, at the high school level.

English Proficiency Test Scores- For International Students the English Proficiency Test Scores are essential. Students have to appear for the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other tests. The minimum IELTS score required needs to be 6.5 or more depending upon the University’s requirement.

GRE/GMAT Scores- In Canada, the GRE/GMAT Scores are equally important to apply for the Data Analytics course.

Admission Requirements for Data Analytics Courses in Canada

The basic requirements for admission to Data Analytics Courses in Canada can be discussed as follows-

  • Bachelor's degree (if required) from any registered institution
  • High School Degree
  • English proficiency test scores are very important
  • GMAT or GRE Scores are required to get enrolled in the course

Admission Process for Data Analytics Courses in Canada

The following steps need to follow for the admission process for Data Analytics Courses in Canada-

  • Choose your course and a university to start your Canada data science courses.
  • Submit the application form along with the application fee. 
  • Submit all the required documents including transcripts, along with additional requirements like SOP, Resume, LORs, and proof of work experience, as asked by the particular university.
  • The students can also be asked for an interview process. 
  • Apply for a scholarship or financial aid, if available at the university. 
  • In the final stage the students had to wait for the admission decision.

Visa Requirements-

The Canadian Government has a separate website for immigration and visas, which is easy to follow and includes all the required information. There are simple processes for applying for the Student Visa-

  • Student needs to appear for any kind of examination-It is important to sit for the IELTS or TOEFL for the Visa application.
  • Directly apply to the Universities- The first step is that the students need to apply to the colleges and universities to avail of various offers given.
  • Get admission- It is very important to get admitted to the college or the university as students should not apply for a Visa unless they get the admit by the Canadian University.
  • Get your receipt of the payment-The student should collect the receipt of payment from the University as for the Visa application the receipt will be required.
  • Purchasing the required GIC- The students must buy the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating bank like ICICI Bank, SBI Canada Bank, or CIBC Bank in the amount of CAD 10200. This certificate will guarantee that students can survive in Canada for the first year. 
  • Apply for the Visa- You need to answer a few questions about yourself on the Canadian visa application. You can either submit an application through the CIC website or submit a paper application through the Canadian Embassy in your country.
  • Check for all the provincial guidelines-  It is very essential that students should check all the provincial guidelines. The students need to check the province in which the university (the university that they have applied for) falls.

General Documents Required: 

  • Passport 
  • Passport-size photographs 
  • Unconditional letter of acceptance 
  • Fees receipt (recommended) 
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable) 
  • Any relevant correspondence with the institution 
  • Financial documents 
  • Academic documents 
  • Test scores 
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable) 
  • Medical report (if already undertaken)

Cost of Studying Bachelor’s Courses- The average cost for Bachelor’s Courses of Nursing ranges between 20,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD/year

Cost of Studying Master’s Courses- The average cost for Master’s Courses ranges between 30,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD/year

Data Analytics Courses in Canada Fees:

The cost of studying Data Analytics Courses in Canada depends upon the study level and degree that you choose. 

  • The cost of UG courses ranges from 20,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD per annum.
  • The Post Graduate level courses range from 30,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD per year, for a Master’s Degree.
  • For PG Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses cost ranges between 10,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD per year.
  • And pursuing a Ph.D. course in Data Science and Data Analytics costs around 50,000-55,000 CAD per year.

The student should calculate the living expenses also. The living expenses will cost around 900 CAD - 1500 CAD per month in addition to program fees. All the cost is calculated based on a single person’s living and program fees. 

Scholarship for Data Analytics Courses in Canada:

There are various Scholarships available for pursuing Data Analytics Courses in Canada. Some of the popular scholarships are as follows-

Scholarship ProgramEligibilityDeadlineScholarship Amount
Lester B Pearson International Scholarships, University of TorontoInternational students starting their education at the University of Toronto in 2022


Tuition and all other expenses
President’s Graduate Scholarship, University of Waterloo  Outstanding graduate students


International Entrance Scholarships, HEC MontrealInternational Applicants showing high academic performance


International Major Entrance Scholarship, University of British ColumbiaInternational Applicants showing high academic performance


SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser UniversityInternational students demonstrating high academic performance (minimum of 90%)



International students can also look or search for scholarships like Government Scholarships,  Non-Government Scholarships, and  Canadian University Scholarships.

Data Analytics Courses in Canada Scope:

Some of the Career options can be as follows:

  • Become the IT security specialist, cyber security analyst, or information security advisor 
  • Students cans start a business/ venture of their own after completion of the course
  • Become an educator in the field of data science or data analyst
  • Higher education in Canada in various specializations like artificial intelligence, data mining, supply chain analytics, etc.
  • Pursue further studies (Ph.D. in data science or Data Analytics in Canada) 
  • Students can get employed at various corporate giants after finishing the course

Data Analytics Courses in Canada Jobs:

The best universities in Canada offer the best Data Analytics courses that offer the best future ahead and  Data Analytics Courses in Canada jobs. The salary of the Data Scientist or the Data Analyst can be very attractive around 78,000 CAD. After the UG courses the students can also pursue Masters and Ph.D. courses in Data Analytics.

Some of the Data Analytics roles that are famous and in-demand courses-

Job Role

Average Annual Salary in CAD

Senior Software Engineer


Data Analyst


Business Intelligence Analyst


Software Developer


Senior Software Engineer


Data Engineer


 For students the scope of Data Analytics courses in Canada is immense. The course is popular among people worldwide there have been different colleges and Universities in Canada developed for meeting the course demand. After completion of the course, the students can get the opportunity to work with some renowned companies like Deloitte, Shopify, National Bank of Canada, IBM Canada, etc.

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B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Science Co-Op/Computing Systems (Data Analytics)

Trent University, Canada

Opting for B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Science Co-Op/Computing Systems (Data Analytics) in Canada will be a ticket towards developing your future career as a Computer Prorammer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Marketing Analyst, Digital Analytics Developer, Program Developer. You can expect to spend 4 years on this program and this bachelors program is known for containing several integral aspects including Computer and Information Sciences ...Read more
    4 Years
  • FEES
    INR 63.54L/yr
    MAY 2024

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