Eindhoven University of Technology – Ranking, Fees & More

The Eindhoven University of Technology is a well-known technical institute located in the Netherlands. This university came into existence in 1956. Notably, it uses a unique abbreviation, ‘TU/e,’ which stands for Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.   

To initiate your research on this university, it’s vital to begin with the essential location information. The address of Eindhoven University of Technology is as follows:

De Zaale, PO Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, Netherlands.

According to the well-known QS World University Firm, the Eindhoven University of Technology ranking is #125. This institute ranks #29 globally for the Statistics and Operational Research stream.   

Apart from QS, The World University Rankings position TU/e in the range of #201-250. These numbers are a testament to the high-quality education at this Netherlands institute.

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Infrastructure of Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology has several buildings and research facilities on campus. Take a look at the brief information on TU/e’s infrastructure: 

  • Sustainable Educational Building: Atlas- educational halls, workspaces, staff restaurant, university club, corporate services
  • Auditorium: Lecture halls, big central hall, eight small halls 
  • Buildings: Aurora, Ceres, Flux, Gemini, Helix, Luna, Matrix, MetaForum, Neuron 
  • Students Sports Centre: Indoor swimming pool, terraces, patios
  • Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI): Lighting laboratories, studios, Atlas Living Lab  

Apart from the hi-tech infrastructure and campus facilities, Eindhoven University of Technology has the following research institutes:

  • Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute
  • Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems
  • Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute
  • Institute for Complex Molecular Systems

The main TU/e research areas are health, energy, and smart mobility. Notably, most of the research at this educational institute takes place with industrial collaboration. Hence, you can indulge in new product and solutions development at this university.

The Eindhoven University of Technology switched to English as the working language in January 2020. So, you no longer need to fret about learning Dutch for official communication at TU/e.  

Academics at Eindhoven University of Technology

The admissions at TU/e take place for the fall and spring semesters. Generally, the application deadline for terms starting in September (Fall Semester) is 01 May. On the other hand, you can submit your online form for the second (spring) semester admissions by 01 October.  

It is essential to realize that these dates can differ for different departments. Hence, it is beneficial to recheck the academic cycle dates by visiting the specific departmental web page.  

Admission Process of Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology admission process is different from other foreign universities. So, you need to pay close attention to each step:  

  • You need to first apply to the Erasmus and ECTS coordinator of your department of interest
  • The exchange coordinator of the home institution will nominate your candidature for further admission procedure
  • Next, you will receive a login link to fill out the online application form
  • The mobility of the online registration system will have all the relevant links for documentation, services, and other instructions.
  • You need to upload documents like learning agreement, English language proficiency, ID card, passport, previous exam mark sheets, etc.
  • Finally, you and the ECTS coordinator have to sign the application form. After this step, you can upload the application online.
  • After an in-depth evaluation, the respective department will convey their decision on your admission.

Admission Requirements for Eindhoven University of Technology

It is crucial to note the Eindhoven University of Technology admission requirements. Here’s a quick look at some of the important points:

  • The admission roadmap for different courses varies as per the program requirement. So, you need to check the individual page to know the precise demands.
  • On a general level, admission in Bachelor’s courses will require a standard XII education. For most courses, you need to have a score of at least 70% in each of the five final exam subjects.
  • Depending on the type of program, you need to have either Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry as a mandatory subject in grade XII.
  • For admission to the Master’s courses, you should complete a Bachelor’s course from a NAAC, AICTE, or another recognized institute.
  • The average score, i.e., CGPA, should be equivalent to 75% for most programs. 
  • To establish your proficiency in English, TU/e accepts TOEFL and IELTS scores.
  • The minimum score for TOEFL iBT (internet-based) test is 90. On the other hand, you should have at least 6.5 overall in IELTS with a minimum 6.0 score in each section.

After understanding the admission process, it is crucial to know your chances of selection. The acceptance rate provides a rough estimate of this aspect. The Eindhoven University of Technology acceptance rate stands at 56%.

Courses Offered at Eindhoven University of Technology

At TU/e, you can pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, PDEng, and Ph.D. programs. The undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are most famous amongst international students.

Here are some prominent undergraduate courses at the Eindhoven University of Technology: 

  • Automotive Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Industrial Design

Also, you can explore Master’s level programs at TU/e like:

  • Applied Physics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Embedded Systems
  • Industrial Design
  • Systems and Control
  • Biomechanics
  • Education and Communication

Some popular programs that you can pursue at Eindhoven University of Technology are:

  • Master of Operation Management and Logistics course
  • Master of Medical Engineering program
  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering course
  • Master of Innovation Sciences course
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering program
  • Master of Innovation Management course

Grade & Credit System at Eindhoven University of Technology

The program structure at the Eindhoven University of Technology follows a well-defined pattern. There are 60 annual ECTS (credits) for a three-year Bachelor’s degree. The free electives comprise 45 ECTS in total. Also, the final project has a weightage of 10 ECTS (credits).   

Overall, the structure allows you to plan a tailormade program as per your career aspirations. Similarly, the postgraduate courses have 120 credits in total. Out of these credits, the graduation project carries 45 ECTS. 

At TU/e, you can indulge in performing research on 3D Concrete Printing, Applied Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and other trending fields.   

Academic Calendar of Eindhoven University of Technology

The scope for high-level education at the Eindhoven University of Technology is vast. Hence, it is vital to get well acquainted with the academic calendar for planning purposes. 

Here is a quick look at TU/e’s academic calendar:

  • Semester A: 06 September 2021 to 05 February 2022
  • Semester B: 07 February 2022 to 09 July 2022
  • Interim Period: August 2022
  • Interim Exams: 15 August 2022 to 20 August 2022

This information can help understand the academic phases at TU/e. So, you can plan for the desired course admission accordingly. In most cases, the dates hover around the same period every year. Still, it is good to check the updated college calendar on the official website.

Extra-curriculars and Diversity at Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology has a unique TU/e Extra program that promotes several extracurricular activities. As a student, you can explore this program in three ways:

  • Becoming an organizer in a committee
  • Managing activities as a board member
  • Innovate as a team member

This institute has several study associations like CHEOPS that organize lectures, workshops, and leisure activities. The Honors Academy is another exciting prospect for students to socialize and indulge in developing different solutions.

Furthermore, the Studium Generale TU/e allows you to explore debates, concerts, theatres, and movies. SSC Eindhoven enables you to participate in group lessons, courses, and association lessons related to various sports. The SSC Sports Café is another exciting place for relaxing at the TU/e.

You can enjoy these extracurricular activities at a safe and inclusive institute. For this purpose, the Eindhoven University of Technology pays significant attention to diversity. This Netherland institute has various measures like the Gender Equality Plan, Irene Curie Fellowship, and Winners Diversity Fund.

All these measures ensure continuous focus on sound ethics and inclusiveness. In fact, TU/e has a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Committee (D&I). This body performs the review, support, evaluation, and development activities to promote equality.  

Here are some active communities at TU/e that are related to supporting diversity:

  • Women in Science
  • Cosmos (Cultural Association)
  • Compass (LGBTQ+ Community)
  • Tint
  • EuroTech Working Group

Hence, all these measures ensure a safe and comfortable environment for local and international students. 

Career/Professional at  Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology has strong connections with local and international industries. As a result, you can advance in your career swiftly.

This university is located at Brainport, the technology hotspot for the Dutch. This region invests 3.2% of its gross regional product in research and development activities. Hence, the combined impact of professional courses and research activities helps students progress quickly in their profession.  

TU/e has fruitful collaborations with the following partners:

  • 4TU.Federatie
  • Maastricht University
  • Radboud University
  • KU Leuven
  • JKU
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • National University of Singapore
  • North-eastern University

Apart from these university collaborations, you can benefit from job agencies to work while studying. Prominent names like Blue Lynx, Projob, Abroad Experience, etc., offer jobs to cover student expenses.

However, you can work for a maximum of 16 hours per week while studying. For this purpose, you need to present the work permit to the Eindhoven University of Technology.   

The TU/e Career Academy helps students with individual coaching, workshops, and LinkedIn check. So, you can connect with local and international organizations to find a suitable job profile.

In addition, the institute shares career activities on its MyFuture platform. You can participate in a career expo, land internships, and enhance your work skills through this service. Overall, these student support activities ensure decent chances of employability.  

The alumni of this university will provide an idea of their career progress after studying at TU/e. Here are some notable alumni names with their brief profile descriptions:

  • Jessica Van Eijs: Dutch Politician
  • Thomas Plantenga: CEO, Vinted
  • Sjoerd Soeters: Architect, Amsterdam’s Java Island, Houthaven
  • Wenny Raaijmakers: Plant Manager, Organon in Oss
  • Claude Alvares: Editor, Other India Press
  • Henk Markerink: CEO, Johan Cruijff ArenA
  • Rob Routs: Chairman, AEGON
  • Eric van Damme: Professor of Economics, Tilburg University
  • Jacob Applebaum: Independent Journalist, Artist, Hacker, Computer Security researcher
  • Aukje Doornbos: Managing Director, DSM ECS

This list of ten successful alumni of the Eindhoven University of Technology is a testament to the work-oriented education at this institute.  

Financials  at Eindhoven University of Technology

Tuition fees are a significant expense that you will incur while studying abroad. Hence, prior planning of the finances is of utmost importance.

The Eindhoven University of Technology fees tend to change every year. Still, the difference lies in a specific range. For one academic year, you can expect the undergraduate tuition fees to hover around the EUR 11,600 mark.

Also, if you want to study a postgraduate program, the fees are undoubtedly higher. You need to pay around EUR 16,700  per year to meet the Master’s course tuition expenses. 

Importantly, you have to pay the complete tuition fees together in case you enroll in a pre-master’s program. TU/e provides international bank transfer details to deposit full tuition fees for overseas admissions. 

Apart from these expenses, you also need to keep a close eye on the living costs. This expenditure varies considerably based on your standard of living. Still, every university provides an estimate of living costs for international students.

The Eindhoven University of Technology recommends a budget of EUR 10,000 to EUR 12,000. This range applies for one entire year and includes rent, transportation, insurance, books, and other expenses. Also, the rent is variable between EUR 400 to EUR 700  depending on the size of the accommodation. 

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