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University of Pennsylvania Admission 2024

Pennsylvania, USA

University of Pennsylvania
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The University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League research university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is sometimes referred to as just Penn or UPenn. Benjamin Franklin, the university's founder and first president, pushed for an educational establishment that taught leaders in academia, business, and public service, and as a result, it was one of nine colonial institutions authorised before the United States Declaration of Independence.

Acceptance Rate

With a recent admissions rate of under 4%, the University of Pennsylvania is thought to have very tough admissions.59,463 applications in total were received for admissions; 4.9% of those applications were submitted through Early Decisions.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

  • own a GPA from high school of 3.95 or higher.
  • Obtain all As in high school.
  • Get a SAT score of 1530.
  • An ACT score of 34
  • Top 10% of your high school graduating class

Documents Required

There are various documents needed for the application process. The Common App or Coalition Application, an official college transcript, a college report, an official high school transcript, reference letters, a midterm report, and an essay tailored specifically for Penn are some examples of these.

Tests Required

Through the first-year and transfer admissions cycles of 2023–2024, Penn Admissions will not require the SAT or ACT. There will be no disadvantage for applicants in the admissions process if they do not submit their SAT or ACT results. If students are able to take the SAT or ACT and would choose to proceed with that route, they can.

Popular Courses

At the University of Pennsylvania, business management, marketing, and related support services, health professions and related programmes, philosophy, and religious studies are among the most popular courses. The University of Pennsylvania has gained recognition across the globe for its emphasis on research, diversity, and intellectual rigour in generating novel insights. 13% of the first-year class at the University of Pennsylvania was made up of international students as of Fall 2022, out of over 12,000 who had applied for admission.

How the University Evaluates Applicants  

The University of Pennsylvania ranks six factors—the rigour of high school coursework, GPA, standardised test results, application essay, recommendations, and character/personal qualities—as "most important" for making admissions selections. Notably, Penn continued its provisional test-optional policy through the 2023–24 admissions period. Talent/ability, extracurricular activities, class rank, and interviews make up the next tier of "important" variables.

Application deadlines

The University of Pennsylvania will accept applications through November 1, 2023, with decisions on admissions to be announced in mid-December. Accepted candidates must matriculate at Penn since Early Decision is binding. The Regular Decision deadline is January 5, 2024, and the decision is sent to candidates by April 1.

Tips for Applying

To help you apply to the University of Pennsylvania, consider these pointers:

  • In high school, aim for near-perfect or perfect grades.
  • Do exceptionally well in science, math, social studies, English, and foreign languages.
  • Concentrate on one or two after-school activities and develop your leadership abilities.
  • Think about side jobs, school clubs, and community service.
  • Build trusting relationships with school counsellors and teachers to receive positive referrals.

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