Postgraduate Courses in New Zealand – Complete Guide

Postgraduate Courses in New Zealand - Complete Guide

Planning to pursue a master’s abroad? Here are the best recommendations for your future study plans. Studying post-graduation in New Zealand has been fruitful in recent years for many students. All theĀ postgraduate courses in New Zealand deliver interdisciplinary studies. Moreover, there are manyĀ postgraduate diploma courses in New Zealand for international students.Ā 

Why New Zealand for Postgraduate Courses?Ā 

Top universities in New Zealand are well equipped with all kinds of facilities. There are hundreds of reasons to study in New Zealand. Some of the main reasons are-Ā 

  • The faculty members have outstanding expertise in their concerned subjects.
  • The universities have an amicable environment for studies and research. The highly qualified faculty members provide young minds with new teachings and learning methods.
  • Scholarly articles and journals are available for the students.
  • The universities have a good infrastructure, hostels, and dormitories.
  • There are many types of scholarships that you can avail by applying for them.
  • For residential purposes, New Zealand is one of the best foreign countries. The quality of life is good in this peaceful nation.

Top 10 PG Courses in New Zealand

Find out some of the best PG diploma courses in New Zealand with various specializations.Ā 

Discover top 10 postgraduate courses in New Zealand with multiple career options –Ā 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Professional Studies
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Arts
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Systems
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Design
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Geography
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics
  • Master of Health Service Management
  • Master of Architecture

The list of PG programs is not limited to the above; there are other courses available in the different universities of the country which you can find basis your interest.Ā 

Top Universities/Colleges in New Zealand for PG courses

New Zealand has a progressive education system. Here’s a list of the best colleges and universities in New Zealand for PG courses-Ā 

  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Massey University
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Otago
  • Eastern Institute of Technology
  • University of Waikato
  • Lincoln University
  • Auckland Institute of Studies
  • Southern Institute of Technology
  • Queenstown Resort College
  • Unitec Institute of Technology

One Year PG Diploma Courses in New Zealand

The universities in New Zealand not only offer 2 or 3 years of master’s courses, but some courses are also of 1-year duration.Ā 

These courses are an additional feature that you can avail of in New Zealand. Some of these courses are –Ā 

  • Master of Education – The program is designed for graduates who want to pursue postgraduation to improve their skills and career prospects. The program is of 12-18 months duration.
  • Master of Commerce – In this 12-15-month course, students are introduced to subjective and objective knowledge and the practical research scope of the discipline.Ā Ā 
  • Masters of Conservation Biology – In 12 months course duration, the students are introduced to environmental studies that include biodiversity, aquatic life, etc.Ā 
  • Masters of Engineering Practice – This 12-month coursework at Victoria University has a scope of research and good placement opportunities.Ā 
  • Master of Fine Arts – This 1-year degree course will help you strengthen your creative quality. The arena of this course curriculum is diverse, including film, music, painting, etc.Ā 
  • Master of Management – The course is of 15 months duration. The degree aims to provide the students with masterclasses on coursework, practical skills, and specialization in business and other core subjects.Ā 
  • Masters of Professional Accounting – This course offers a variety of interdisciplinary studies like business issues, finance, professional accountancy, etc. The course duration is 15 months.Ā 

The above-mentioned courses are designed for those who want to complete their masters within a year.Ā 

Eligibility Criteria for PG Courses in New Zealand

Admission to a foreign country involves a certain procedure; the candidates should carefully follow the process. You may have to submit several important documents like identity proof, educational proof, and other details.Ā 

Besides, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria that your chosen institution requires.Ā 

Here are the details regarding all the documents and proofs that will be needed in the process of admission for postgraduate courses in New Zealand –Ā 

  • You must show your original documents like birth certificates, recent photographs, national identity cards, etc.
  • You may need to produce a recommendation letter from the last school/ college you’ve attended.
  • You must show your graduation certificate to the university authority to apply for PG courses.
  • In certain cases, you may also be asked to show a valid GRE score.Ā 
  • You may be asked to show an English language proficiency test certificate of TOEFL for your English speaking skills.Ā 

You should check your program requirements carefully and then apply with the necessary documents at your hand. Most importantly, apply for Visa at least 6 months before taking admission to any institute of New Zealand, as it takes 6 months to obtain a visa by the government.Ā 

Fees of Postgraduation courses in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is relatively cheaper than in many other developed countries. Annually you can expect to pay NZD 26,000 to NZD 37,000 (approximately INR 13.26 lakh to 18.87 lakh) as an international student.Ā Ā 

However, this is only a general fees structure; the amount may vary as per the university you choose. Check the official website of each university and its current fees structure for accurate information.Ā 

The good part of studying as an international student in New Zealand is that the government of New Zealand provides funding for those aspirants from developing countries. International Aid provides financing or scholarships to certain candidates from developing countries who take admission in bachelor’s or master’s courses.Ā 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a postgraduate qualification in New Zealand?

Like in most other countries, a master’s or postgraduate degree is 1-2 years. To appear in this course, one has to be eligible as per the norms of the respective university. In other words, postgraduate is the second degree of a particular subject that you pursue after the bachelor’s degree.

Is a postgraduate certificate equivalent to master’s?

Yes, postgraduate and master’s are equivalent courses in India and New Zealand. You need to be a graduate to take master’s or postgraduation admission. The value of a postgraduate certificate is similar to that of a master’s certificate.

How can you study PG in New Zealand?

To study PG in New Zealand, the student must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent course of at least 3 years. For the required grade in graduation, check the official website of the respective universities where you’re applying for master’s. Besides these, you must prepare your Visa for studying in New Zealand in advance, as it takes at least 6 months to be granted a Visa for studies abroad.

Which are the best PG Courses to study in New Zealand?

There are multiple courses to choose from at the PG level. Some of the best courses include – Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Management, Master of Architecture, Master of Commerce, Master of Computer Science, etc. You can find several other niche courses and specializations in New Zealand.

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