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Why study Engineering in the US? - Courses, Jobs, Salaries



Ryan Warner

Director, Center for International Programs & Activities (PDSO) - Shawnee State University


Dr. Paul Madden

Dean, Professional Studies, Shawnee State University


Adam Miller

Chairperson and Associate Professor for the Department of Engineering Technologies, Shawnee State University

Do you want to work with companies like Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, Nike, IBM & Amex? On an average, computer science professionals in the US earn up to $130,000 p.a. Amidst a digital transformation surge in the world, the US has proved to be a hotbed of technological innovation and kick started innumerable revolutionary digital propositions. Study this upcoming discipline in the epicenter of technical advancement and growth opportunities.

The world is your oyster after your Computer Science degree completion in the US. Talk to representatives from Shawnee State University and take your first step into the world of STEM in the US.  

Talking points of the Webinar: 

1. Building a career path for Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple

2. Top 5 Tech Courses in the US
3. Costs, Eligibility , Scholarships
4. Jobs, Salaries & Internship Opportunities
5. A day in the life of a US student  



- The webinar discusses technology, STEM engineering programs, and partnerships between universities.

- Participants include a university partnerships manager, a director of international programs, the dean of professional studies, and the chairperson of the engineering technologies department at Shawnee State University.

- Shawnee State University is a public institution in Ohio with around 3,000 students, including 70 international students.

- The university offers various programs in engineering and technology, including computer engineering technology.

- They offer scholarships based on GPA and standardized test scores.

- Housing on campus is apartment-style.

- There are many student organizations and support services for International Students.

- Computer engineering technology students learn a blend of hardware and software skills and engage in hands-on labs and projects.

- The program emphasizes "Learn, Design, Build."

- Class sizes are small to promote student-faculty engagement.




ğŸ‘©â€ğŸŽ“ Building Relationships:

- Build rapport with professors (small class sizes).

- Encourage comfortable interaction and question-asking.

- Professors can serve as job references due to close relationships.


📚 Curriculum Breakdown:

- Computer engineering technology program includes general education (1/3), technical courses (58), and math and elective hours.

- General education covers various disciplines for a well-rounded education.

- Upgrad partnership may fulfill some requirements before arriving at Shawnee State.


🌐 Global Perspectives:

- General education program includes subjects like ethics, history, and global perspectives.


🖥️ Technical Courses:

- Courses cover electronics, programming, algorithms, and more.

- Blend of software and hardware-focused courses.

- Senior Design Lab Capstone project offers project-based learning.


🔗 Partnership Benefits:

- Upgrad partnership may satisfy nearly half of the technical coursework.

- Collaboration opportunities in fields like fluid dynamics and controls engineering.


👨‍💼 Career Outlook:

- Computer industry is growing.

- Potential career paths include software development, controls engineering, and hardware engineering.

- Salaries vary depending on career choice and expertise.

- Graduates can work in fields like application development, operations engineering, and IT director roles.


💼 Career Opportunities:

- Graduates can pursue careers as application developers, software engineers, data engineering managers, controls engineers, and more.

- Diverse career opportunities in software and hardware fields.


ğŸŽ® Game Development:

- Courses in computer engineering technology cover programming aspects relevant to game development.

- Opportunity to minor in gaming.

- Additional graphics-related courses may be required for a more specialized focus.


🔧 Mechanical Engineering:

- Mechanical engineering opportunities include development engineering, instrumentation engineering, and automation engineering.

- Courses cover fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, machinery, heat transfer, and more.

- Graduates can work in various engineering roles across industries, with diverse engineering backgrounds valued by companies.


🌍 Global Opportunities:

- Collaboration across engineering disciplines is common in the industry.

- Graduates with unique backgrounds may work together on projects with shared objectives.🌟 Diverse Workforce:

- Seeking a diverse workforce for fresh ideas and solutions.


💡 Mechanical & Plastics Engineering:

- Programs include Plastics Engineering Technology.

- Collaborations with companies like Therma Fisher Scientific.


💼 In-Demand STEM Fields:

- STEM fields are in high demand in the United States.

- Emerging technologies offer various career paths.


🤔 Choosing a STEM Discipline:

- Explore job descriptions and appealing job duties.

- Consider your interests and strengths.

- Soft skills are embedded in the program.


📚 Popular STEM Courses:

- Algorithms, systems programming, compiler design.

- Programmable logic controllers (PLC).

- Opportunities in data analysis and artificial intelligence.


🌐 Visa Options for STEM Students:

- F1 Visa for international students.

- Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during studies.

- Optional Practical Training (OPT) for post-graduation work.

- STEM OPT extension for an additional 24 months.

- Possibility of applying for a green card while on STEM OPT.


📝 English Language Requirements:

- TOEFL (minimum 60 iBT), IELTS (minimum 6.0), or Duolingo (minimum 100) for English proficiency.


🌍 Collaborative Pathways:

- Collaborative pathways with on-campus opportunities at Shawnee State University.




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