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Why study Engineering in the US? - Courses, Jobs, Salaries

Moderator : Ajay Gidwani


  • Ryan Warner

    Director, Center for International Programs & Activities (PDSO) - Shawnee State University

  • Dr. Paul Madden

    Dean, Professional Studies, Shawnee State University

  • Adam Miller

    Chairperson and Associate Professor for the Department of Engineering Technologies, Shawnee State University


Do you want to work with companies like Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, Nike, IBM & Amex? On an average, computer science professionals in the US earn up to $130,000 p.a. Amidst a digital transformation surge in the world, the US has proved to be a hotbed of technological innovation and kick started innumerable revolutionary digital propositions. Study this upcoming discipline in the epicenter of technical advancement and growth opportunities.

The world is your oyster after your Computer Science degree completion in the US. Talk to representatives from Shawnee State University and take your first step into the world of STEM in the US.  

Talking points of the Webinar: 

1. Building a career path for Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple

2. Top 5 Tech Courses in the US
3. Costs, Eligibility , Scholarships
4. Jobs, Salaries & Internship Opportunities
5. A day in the life of a US student  


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