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Why choose the US for your Higher-Ed?



Ragh Singh

Program Manager, NAU

Did you know that 121 of the Fortune 500 companies are based in the US? Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Tesla, and many more! Expedite your career ambit with a US undergrad degree giving you a mammoth 250% ROI. Largest and the most robust, the US created 3.5 million jobs in 2021 and provides an ideal ground for laying a strong foundation for your career aspirations. Register for our webinar “Why choose the US  for your higher-ed”.

Top 5 Courses to Study in the US

  • US Job Market & Student Opportunities
  • Student Life in the US
  • CPT & OPT Regulations 
  • Tuition Fee & Living Costs in the US

Study in the world’s largest economy and pave your way to a successful career in the US with upGrad Abroad!



- 🎓 upGrad's collaboration offers a 2+2 program, allowing students to start their degree in India and then transfer to a US campus for specialization, saving significantly on tuition fees.

- 🌐 Ragh Singh from Northern Arizona University talks about the cost benefits of pursuing degrees in the US, estimating around 25-30 lakhs for a master's degree and 60 lakhs for a four-year undergraduate degree.

- 🏫 Ragh Singh emphasizes a partnership with upGrad Abroad that enables Indian students to complete the first two years of their bachelor's degree in India, reducing costs significantly.

- 💰 Return on Investment (ROI) for graduates in the US, especially in fields like computer science and data analytics, ranges from $60,000 to $95,000, considering the high demand for technical skills in the job market.

- 🎯 In-demand courses in the US include computer science, data analytics, cloud computing, information technology, cybersecurity, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

- 🤝 The discussion delves into how multidisciplinary engineering programs combine various engineering fields like electrical, mechanical, and computer science to meet evolving industry needs.

- 💵 Comparatively, upGrad Abroad offers programs at a reduced cost, approximately 16-20 lakhs for master's degrees, making US education more accessible and affordable for Indian students.

- 📈 The webinar focuses on the practicality and benefits of pursuing higher education in the US, addressing cost-effectiveness, educational pathways, and lucrative career opportunities in the tech sector.

- 💸 Entry-level salaries in computer science and data analytics range from $65,000 to $95,000 USD, varying by company and individual.

- 🎓 A bachelor's degree in computer science earns about 50 lakhs of rupees, while a master's degree in data science, AI, cybersecurity, or project management can bring in 60 lakhs of rupees or more.

- 🌍 A one-plus-three degree structure allows Indian students to earn significantly more in the US compared to studying the full duration in India.

- 🎓 Opportunities for experiential learning start early on campus, including partnerships with NASA and internship programs. International students can participate in internships after one year.

- 🌟 Experiential learning opportunities include internships, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) after one year for undergraduates, and Optional Practical Training (OPT) for up to three years for STEM majors after completing a degree.

- 💼 On-campus job opportunities include roles at the front desk, dining halls, residence halls, libraries, and even positions like graduate research/teaching assistants for graduate students.

- 🎨 Liberal arts or humanities students might consider courses like mass media and communications or other creative fields like documentary filmmaking or gender studies.

- 📊 Project management and business analytics have substantial career scopes, especially in the tech sector, offering attractive salary prospects and leadership roles.

- 🤝 Prior work experience is highly valued in academic applications and can contribute to success in academic studies, combining real-world experiences with education.

- 💼 Students in computer science gain experience at companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and Amazon in India, creating a pathway for re-entry into similar firms in the US.

- 🌐 US universities, including NAU, offer robust career services, assisting students in finding internships and jobs, focusing on employability.

- 🎓 Career services cater to both international and domestic students, providing resources for resume building, mock interviews, and networking opportunities.

- 🌟 International students often find opportunities at large tech firms like Amazon, Intel, Deloitte, and PwC, with potential sponsorship for H-1B visas.

- 🔒 Cybersecurity is a growing field with extensive opportunities due to increasing concerns over data protection and assets across various industries.

- 🤖 AI and machine learning also offer substantial career prospects, impacting industries like education, where AI-driven innovations like campus food delivery bots are becoming common.

- 🎓 US universities are increasingly accepting three-year bachelor's degrees from India, expanding opportunities for Indian students seeking higher education in the US.

- 🌍 Northern Arizona University (NAU) offers 150+ academic programs, is a research-focused institution, and provides diverse student life experiences in Flagstaff.

- 📚 NAU emphasizes research opportunities, ranking among the top 100 institutions by the National Science Foundation, even without a medical school.


Key Points:


🚀NASA Space Grant Program and Academic Research:

  - Funding extensive research and academic grants at US universities.

  - NAU is among the top 50 institutions collaborating with NASA on various projects.

  - Space Grant Project offering 25 to 30 internships on campus.


💻Student-Led Research in Diverse Fields:

  - Example: Jason Libby, a computer science student investigating surface phenomena on Pluto.

  - McKenzie working on a documentary about migration from Latin American countries.

  - Students exploring big data utilization for financial investments.


🛠️Student Initiatives and Innovations:

  - Developing software for improved microbiology research.


🏫Academic Opportunities at NAU:

  - Diverse research opportunities, grants, and assistantships for students.

  - Experiential learning available at undergraduate levels across various disciplines.


🌐Campus Resources and Services:

  - Innovation centers like Undergraduate Research Office and Maker Lab.

  - Career services, health facilities, recreational centers, and diverse dining options.

  - Abundance of student organizations for cultural and professional interests.


🏈Campus Life and Athletics:

  - Engaging Division I athletics, offering American football, basketball, and more.

  - Numerous student organizations contributing to a vibrant campus life.


🚓Campus Safety and Amenities:

  - Accredited on-campus police department ensuring student safety.

  - Multiple dining options catering to diverse dietary needs.


🌍International Student Support:

  - Student associations facilitating cultural experiences like Diwali celebrations.

  - Opportunities for domestic and international students to engage culturally.


🎓Admissions and Academic Flexibility:

  - Emphasis on flexibility in changing majors and exploring diverse fields.

  - Openness for students from various educational backgrounds to pursue varied subjects.


🌟Future of Education and Academics:

  - Discussion on potential changes in academic structures and degree flexibility.

  - Envisioning a more integrated approach to education, blending different disciplines.


🌐Opportunities in US Higher Education:

  - Highlighting the US education system's strength in flexibility and accessibility.

  - Potential future innovations in higher education, adapting to changing needs.



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