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What is Project management? A complete guide!



Bharat Rajvanshi

Learner - Clark University

Did you know that you can earn up to USD 150,000/year as a fresher after a Project Management degree? Top recruiters in the US include leading multinational companies like ALLDATA, Bain & Co., Amgen, CBRE, EY, LKAB, ScaleFlux, Provide Consulting, Trimark, etc. They all actively look for Project managers to effectively manage their tasks at hand.

Hear from Bharat Rajvanshi, a learner pursuing Project Management at Clark University, about how a Project Management degree pans out in the US. 


Talking Points of the webinar:


  • What is Project Management?
  • MS Project Management vs. any other Master’s degree in the US
  • Tech Tools taught in the Course
  • Eligibility, Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Salaries in the US after MS PM
  • Part-time Work & Job Opportunities in diverse fields 
  • Global Exposure to Top Companies in the US



Bharat Rajvanshi, an experienced project manager, discusses pursuing a career in IT project management, highlighting the demand in the field and the skills required.

-  Bharat Rajvanshi is a seasoned project manager with over five years of IT sector experience.

-  He holds multiple diplomas, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees from reputed universities, including a Masters in Data Science and MBA degrees.

-  Bharat Rajvanshi is involved in startups and provides technological advice to businesses worldwide.

-  He is a member of the British Computer Society and resides in the United States.

-  Project management is a dynamic field with significant growth expected, according to PMI (Project Management Institute).

-  IT project management differs from traditional project management and offers versatility.

-  Individuals from non-tech backgrounds can pursue IT project management courses.

-  Skills such as organization, time management, and problem-solving are valuable for success in IT project management.

-  Clark University, located in the US, offers a project management course and provides scholarships, on-campus job opportunities, and flexibility in course selection.

- Choosing the United States for studies provides STEM program benefits, networking opportunities, CPT and OPT options, innovation hub access, higher salaries, and career prospects.

-  Bharat Rajvanshi outlines reasons to choose Clark University, including GRE waivers, scholarships, lower living expenses, on-campus opportunities, career support, and course flexibility.

-  Pursuing a career in project management opens up employment opportunities, imparts knowledge applicable to the US work culture, and allows for non-technical course selections.

-  The course at Clark University qualifies students for prestigious certifications like PMP, adding to their professional development units (PDUs).



πŸŽ“ Pursuing a degree and certification simultaneously is advantageous.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Professors in the course are industry professionals, enhancing the learning experience.

πŸš€ The program is suitable for dynamic individuals aiming for career advancement.

🌐 upGrad Abroad offers end-to-end Visa support, making it appealing to international students.

🀝 Networking plays a crucial role in future employment prospects.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Starting early is important to seize opportunities.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Don't hesitate to ask for help when needed.

πŸ“š Continuous upskilling is essential, and the course provides that.

🌐 Agile project management focuses on iterative development and client-first approach.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Clark's curriculum includes dedicated courses on agile methodologies.

πŸ“œ The course helps with PDU requirements for certifications like PMP.

πŸ“ˆ Pursuing a Master's enhances skills and provides a more comprehensive understanding.

πŸ’‘ Choose the right path: Focus on pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) field to maximize your opportunities in the United States.

πŸ“š Upskill Yourself: Take advantage of part-time work rights and internships to gain practical experience and build your skills.

🀝 Network: Establish connections with professors and mentors as they can provide valuable recommendations and open doors in the industry.

πŸ”„ Adaptability: Understand that project management and product management have overlaps, and management skills can be applied to both fields.

πŸ›  Tool Familiarity: Familiarize yourself with common tools used in project and product management to enhance your job prospects.

πŸ•’ Make Timely Decisions: Ensure you make informed decisions at the right time to avoid regrets in the future.

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