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Study Bachelors in UK in under 25 Lacs



Rita Hwang

Head of Regional Development for South Asia at Sheffield Hallam University

Do you wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the UK under 25 Lakhs? Study BA Hons in Business Management & Intl Business at Sheffield Hallam University with a scholarship of up to GBP £3000. Get 2 years graduate visa to chase your ambition of a soaring career in the field of Business in the UK with an ROI of 150%.

Talking Points of the Webinar:


  • Why choose Sheffield Hallam University?
  • Career Opportunities in the UK
  • Cost of UK Bachelors + ROI
  • Post Study Work Visa for Graduates
  • upGrad’s support for studying abroad


Sheffield is a warm, cosmopolitan city with a long and illustrious past. Over 60,000 students choose it as their study location because it is a safe, welcoming, and economical place to live. The city also offers the best of both worlds, with all of the conveniences, culture, and entertainment of a big metropolis and the tranquility and green expanses of the countryside.


Get a two-year graduate visa to pursue your dream of a successful career in Business in the United Kingdom, with a 150 percent return on investment with a Bachelor's degree in the United Kingdom for less than £25,000? With a scholarship of up to £3000, you can study BA Hons in Business Management & International Business at Sheffield Hallam University. 


Sheffield Hallam University's history dates back to 1843 when it started as a design school. It became City Polytechnic after merging with the School of Technology and two teacher training colleges. It offers approximately 400 courses with 24 hours of well-equipped libraries, study areas, and exceptional sports facilities.


Here are the questions that were put forward and answered by the speakers:


Q What courses does Sheffield Hallam offer in undergraduate programs?

Bachelor in business management and international business management course is a hybrid program in which students get to study for two years at Chandigarh University and then from the final year on campus in the UK.


Q: Why should Indian students consider the UK a prospective study abroad destination?

The UK is one of the top study destinations, whereas it has pioneering research activities which make it relevant for academics. It has an applied course curriculum that prepares UK jobs for students.

To be market-oriented, courses offer relevant skills and expertise.

Q Would you recommend a student to pursue Business or Finance? And why is it lucrative for them?

At the end of the day, your degree is just an academic qualification for your knowledge and skill. To showcase your strength and ability to work in a team. Problem-solving skills should be. Interested in Business do join us there are various courses. It has a variety of jobs in the market that are good.


Q What placement offers do universities have in the UK?

Most undergraduate courses go under placement in the third year of study, and opportunities are provided in sectors like banking, retail, manufacturing, health, and marketing, depending on the preference. Universities have a placement team in which the placement advisor provides support like CV building, Mock Interview Sessions, and Career & Internship fests. A platform named Handshake is also available, which includes location-based opportunities for students for jobs.

Q What is a Sandwich year?

The sandwich year is a pre-placement year of university, including a 48-week career-oriented curricular internship and job placement. Students pay a reduced fee of £1200. The average graduate salary ranges from £15000 to £25000 a year, depending on your applied job.

Q. What courses do you have to offer in the sports category?

Sheffield football club is one of the oldest, and we have a sports management course when we talk about sports. One of the main features is that we have opportunities for our students being the oldest football enthusiasts. Several students have internships in the Manchester United club, which stands among the best clubs in the world.


Q. How much does studying in the UK cost, especially at Sheffield Hallam?

A student who comes through on a one-plus two setup, the first year for all attendees students cost around ₹2.5 lacs, and from the second year on an average, it is around £14000 per year.

Q What kind of scholarship does Sheffield Hallam University have to offer?
The Transform Together Scholarship is there, which is a 50 percent fee waiver. This is a competitive scholarship; if you apply and successfully secure it, we will reduce your cost fee by half for the first year of study. So for example instead of £14000, you only pay £7000. To apply for the Transfer Together Scholarship, all you need to do is receive an offer from the university for the course you have applied for, then accept the offer, and you are good to go. The deadline for application is the 31st of May 2022 for September 2022. We look for your academic achievements, grades, volunteering experience, personal statement, strength areas, etc., to consider your application.


Q What are some of the other courses for which Sheffield Hallam is great?

Around 400 courses are there and some of the best courses in Engineering and Technology, Management, Sports, Medicine and Health, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Arts and Social Sciences we have to offer students here university.

Q. I have done my undergraduate in Business. Do you have Hospitality and Culinary management programs?

As per the UK office conversions program, we have hospitality business management, where students can do a few more other culinary arts or event management modules.



Sheffield Hallam University has a lot more to offer than just career opportunities in the UK. Studying here is cost-effective and has a good amount of ROI. Students generally are eligible for a Post Study Work Visa after completing their course from Sheffield Hallam in collaboration with upGrad Abroad. This webinar is all about the students' general queries like what to pursue after their 12th, which courses are more likely in demand as per the market, and how to study abroad with whatever resources available. Our Panelist discussed in-depth the cost-effectiveness of bachelors from UK universities as well as what the requirements are. These webinars are organized regularly, clearing the air of doubts among aspirants.


Key Questions Answered

Q. What are the courses upGrad Abroad offers in collaboration with universities in the UK?

BBA and BCA are two courses that are offered by upGrad in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University, University of Dundee, Keele University, De Montfort University, and University of Plymouth.

Q. What are the major courses offered by Sheffield Hallam?

Various courses in the field of Engineering and Technology, Science, Management, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Sports, etc., are some to be named.

Q. Why should the UK be considered for Bachelors?

The UK is one of the countries offering quality education and has the world's oldest universities which are the gold standard of measurement for the education system. Several MNCs have offered good opportunities to talented individuals.

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