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How to choose the right MS in the US?



Jackie C Hamilton

Director of Global Engagement and New Business Development


Jared Hakimi

Director of Graduate Admissions


Xavier Velasquez

Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

Did you know more than 1,000,000 STEM jobs were up for grabs in the US in 2021? Growing at nearly 11%, this is the best time to pursue STEM courses in the US. Pursue your Master’s degree in the US with specializations in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & Visualization in Yeshiva University.

Conversation Starters for the Webinar:

1. MS Programs at Yeshiva University
2. Cost of Education in the US
3. Dual Degree Programs & Benefits
4. Employability & Salaries 

5. Career Progression after program completion


Study in the financial capital of the world, New York, with upGrad Abroad!

The United States (US) is the center of worldwide higher education and is home to the most prestigious international universities. The US is a desirable place to study abroad because of its unmatched academic brilliance, illustrious higher education programs, professional development chances, hospitable culture, an abundance of employment opportunities, well-regarded academicians, first-rate infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and ground-breaking research capabilities. As long as the country's top colleges maintain the bar by offering the most remarkable study abroad programs, large scholarship programs, and strong curricula in all fields, the US will continue to be a popular choice for overseas students seeking higher education. US also offers masters programs in Science in various areas. upGrad Abroad has collaborated with Yeshiva University n the US to offer blended programs to the students. To give you a better insight about pursuing an MS in the US, upGrad Abroad has organized a webinar to answer all your queries. Here are some of the common questions asked, discussed, and answered.

Speakers: Jackie C Hamilton - Director of Global Engagement and New Business Development Katz School of Science and Health, Yeshiva University

Jared Hakimi - Director of Graduate Admissions

Xavier Velasquez - Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions


Q. Tell us about Yeshiva University and its offerings to the students.

A. Yeshiva University's graduate and affiliate schools provide excellent possibilities for students to develop because it is located in one of the most dynamic cities, New York. The institution, established in 1886, offers degrees in several fields, including physics, law, economics, social work, psychology, and medicine. The university maintains a sizable network of over 70,000 alumni throughout its 11 graduate and undergraduate programs. Under the guidance of highly accomplished and trained teachers, Yeshiva University serves students worldwide and trains them to be future leaders. It is ranked 68th among 4800 universities in the US.

Q.Is it mandatory to have a four-year degree in Bachelors to pursue an MS?

A. No, it's not mandatory to have a four-year bachelor's degree to pursue an MS in the US. The only primary requirement is you must have a science background.

Q. What are the GRE requirements for MS in the US at Yeshiva University?

A. MS in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence has no requirement for GRE if you enroll with upGrad Abroad. Under the partnered program, you will pursue an advanced certificate program and study these areas from IIIT Bangalore. Hence, you will not be required to appear for GRE exam. The only condition is you must score 3 CGPA in your term with IIIT Bangalore before moving to on-campus at Yeshiva University. 

Q. What is the fee structure for MS program at Yeshiva University?

A. While studying for the certificate program at IIIT Bangalore, you will need to pay three lacs as a fee, and when getting on-campus at Yeshiva university, you will need to pay US$ 23000.

Q. What is the average living cost in New York City.

A. Living in New York City is expensive compared to other cities, but it offers the candidates ample study and career opportunities. Being one of the metropolitan cities in the US, NYC is well connected with public transport, and while Yeshiva University is situated at the heart of the city near the Empire State Building, making it easily accessible.

Q. Is re-attempt allowed when applying for a campus program at Yeshiva University?

A. Yes, we offer re-attempt to our students as we believe there is no room to leave our students behind in this competitive world as far as they are willing to work on themselves and make utilize their potential.


Q. Are scholarships available for students?

A. Several scholarships are available, and one can get a good amount in dollars in aid.


Q. Is a degree of three-year duration accepted at a US university for STEM courses?

A. As far as an applicant has a background in science and mathematics with an academic record of at least 60% or equivalent, and a degree of BE/BTech, BSc Mathematics or BCA can opt for a STEM course.

Q. What career development services are facilitated by the university to its student?

A. To help build a career and improve the skillsets of the students, universities have various soft skills training and workshop related to communication, technical skills, industry certification courses, mock interviews, and resume building. Small class sizes and faculty that have an in-depth understanding of the industry make it a good choice for a student to pursue a degree.

Q. If one has 41 backlogs in a four-year degree, is it acceptable at the time of application?

A. No, as per the admission norms, it is not permissible for a candidate to have 41 backlogs at the time of application.

Q. Reflecting upon the current scenario, what opportunities are more suitable?

A. Depending on the candidate's preference and passion, academic and professional opportunities are enormous in the market.

Q. What is the average salary of a STEM graduate?

A. A STEM graduate draws an average salary of US$ 75000 to US$ 100000. Cybersecurity and Data science are booming fields. Almost 95% graduates get employed within six months of their graduation after pursuing courses in these fields.

Q. What are the opportunities for part-time work on campus?

A. Graduate assistantships are available for students. International students willing to work on campus can look for opportunities on universities' career websites.

Q. Can a student be eligible to work before coming on campus?

A. There are possibilities that some general post allows you to work out of the campus. In the summer/fall semester, you can check if they are available on the university website and can start with them.

Q. How many intakes are there at Yeshiva University?

A. There are two intakes - fall and spring.


Q. Do you get a fee waiver if working as Graduate Technical Assistant or Graduate Research Assistant?

A. No, there is no fee waiver. These hourly positions cannot be counted in place of fee waivers.



This webinar is about pursuing an MS program in a US university; there was a discussion of cost and expenditure and how dual degree programs are available for students. Apart from that, the benefits it offers are addressed. After completing courses, what are the market's prospects, opportunities and employability rate? Discussion over  career progression was also covered during the session. Yeshiva University and its offering of courses such as MS in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security, in partnership with upGrad Abroad were discussed as well. These accelerator programs are offered in a hybrid model with multiple benefits to the students.


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