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How do universities evaluate student profiles?



Mr. Praneet Singh

Associate Director, Study Abroad - upGrad Abroad

Did you know the number of study abroad aspirants will increase to 1.8 million by 2024? What does that mean for you? Your application has to be stellar in order to stand out in front of the University representatives. It is imperative to start strong, concentrate on your strengths, find the perfect voice & expression yet keep it real.

Learn how you can draft a scintillating University application to pique the curiosity of University representatives. 

Talking points of the webinar: 


  • Tests Required for Undergrad/Graduate courses
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of your Application 
  • Ancillary Elements- LOR, SOP and Essays 
  • Drafting your Student Resume 
  • X Factor to your application - Entrepreneurship/Community Service/Award



The speaker discusses factors universities consider when accepting students into MBA and undergraduate programs, focusing on profile building and what top universities value. 

- Universities worldwide consider various factors, including academic achievements, diversity, leadership, and impact on the community.

- Personal statements should highlight unique experiences, leadership initiatives, and consistency in achievements.

- Universities value depth of experience over breadth in an applicant's portfolio.

-  Associations with prestigious organizations can enhance an applicant's profile and personal brand.

-  Interdisciplinary work and early applications, such as Early Decision in the US, can positively impact admissions decisions.



- πŸŽ“ Starting early in your academic journey is important for undergraduate and master's degree applicants.

- πŸ’‘ High-level courses outside your regular curriculum can make your application stand out.

- πŸ–₯️ Programming skills and a portfolio of projects are valuable, whether in tech or other fields.

- 🌐 Demonstrating social or economic impact through your skills is crucial.

- 🌟 Three essential factors for a strong application: advanced coursework, applied skills, and a visible portfolio.

- πŸ† Universities are increasingly interested in holistic qualities, including leadership, values, and unique perspectives.

- πŸ’ͺ Showcasing your resilience in the face of adversity can strengthen your application.

- 🌍 Community leadership and contributions are highly regarded by Ivy League universities.

- πŸ“š A philosophy that aligns with your chosen university's mission can boost your application.

- πŸ“Š Research skills and accomplishments are particularly important for research-intensive universities.

- πŸŽ“ Honors degrees can enhance your qualifications at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.


-πŸ“šTo enroll in a PhD:

  •  Identify your area of research and its significance.
  • Find a supervisor and create a synopsis.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your domain.


-🌍 When selecting a university:

  • Check U.S. News Ranking for U.S. universities.
  • Consider GRE/GMAT requirements (some universities don't require them).
  • upGrad Abroad offers flexible online courses for working professionals.


-🌟For psychology studies:


  • Consider the United States.
  • Specialize and pursue a PhD for clinical psychology.


-πŸ–₯️For computer science:

  • Germany offers excellent opportunities.
  • Focus on technology-infused and globally relevant programs.


-🌐Some German universities:

  • UE, ISM, University of Europe for Applied Sciences.
  • upGrad Abroad provides domestic pathways to foreign universities.


-πŸ“š For undergraduate studies:

  • Choose a program with technology infusion.
  • Focus on sustainability and global job market equity.


πŸ” Research universities in Germany with relevant courses.

🌐 Networking and building a robust profile are crucial for employability.

πŸ“ Register for courses online through upGrad Abroad for virtual admissions.

πŸ“… Gap years are accepted by some UK and German Universities.

🌍 upGrad Abroad offers pathways for career and domain switches through their courses for working professionals.

βœ‰οΈ You can pursue online courses while continuing your job or work assignment.

πŸ’Ό This flexibility allows you to eventually attend on-campus classes when ready.

πŸ“š You can complete semesters halfway through your degree, an advantage as an upGrad Abroad student.

🀝 Reach out for help or advice via Email or LinkedIn.

🌍 Overcome academic structure requirements with bridge coursework, making you eligible for various universities, including those in Canada and the US.

πŸ’‘ Not all Canadian universities are rigid about the 12+4 academic structure; there are options to meet their requirements.

πŸŽ“ Explore courses and get advice from the speaker for a successful educational journey.


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