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Financing your Higher Ed Abroad: Education Loans, Scholarships & Fee Waivers



Aman Jain

CMO, GyanDhan

Are financial restrictions weighing down your dream of studying abroad in 2022? Set the seal on your international degree with financing and loan facilities for UG & PG programs with upGrad Abroad. Let us guide you through the entire financial planning and loans in just ONE webinar! Clinch your dream of studying abroad without getting bogged down by monetary indecisions. Secure your future with upGrad Abroad programs with end-to-end financial assistance and seamless loan facilities.


Talking points of the webinar:

1. Various Loans & Financial Schemes

2. Affordable UG/PG Programs with Easy Financing Options

3. Loan Eligibility Assessment & Collateral Options 

4. Interest Rates on Education Loans

5. Pre-Visa Loan Disbursement

Get higher chances of approval and a low turnaround time for a student loan of up to INR 1.5  crores. Actualize your dream of studying abroad in 2022 without any financial worries with upGrad Abroad!




- 💵 It covers various aspects of educational loans, interest rates, and the role of an educational loan marketplace.

- 🌍 Focuses on affordable ways to study abroad, leveraging post-study work visas for lucrative benefits.

- 📝 Addresses common queries such as loan application processes, required documents, secure and unsecured loans, and collateral.

- 🌟 Highlights upGrad Abroad's initiative to make international education more accessible and affordable for Indian students, allowing them to start degrees in India or online before transferring abroad.

- 🏦 Discusses secured and unsecured loans for different education levels and loan amounts, emphasizing interest rates, eligibility criteria, and repayment details.

- 🛠️ Illustrates loan types and eligibility, especially collateral requirements and the co-applicant's role in loan applications.

- 📈 Explains upGrad Abroad's collaboration with GyanDhan to facilitate easy financing for various educational programs, making them significantly more affordable for students.

- 🎓 Advises on scholarship opportunities based on academic credentials for various countries like Australia, the US, UK, and Canada.

- 🌐 Describes online MBA programs, clarifying the availability of education loans based on tie-ups between institutions and fintech players like GyanDhan.

- 🏠 Showcases the benefits of secured loans, including higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, delayed repayments, and simplified eligibility criteria based on property valuation.

- 🆓 Discusses the absence of payment requirements during study periods in secured loans, providing financial relief to students and their families.

- 🔍 Details the loan process, preferred banks offering lower interest rates, and GyanDhan's no-cost services for facilitating education loans.

- 📜 Outlines eligibility criteria, including no prior loan defaults, limited backlogs, and straightforward requirements for potential loan applicants.

- 📝 Definitely fewer backlogs in graduation.

- 🏠 Ensure all property documents are in place, as laws with collateral are stringent and incomplete property papers cause rejections.

- 📜 Property acquisition in India often involves inherited documents, which may be incomplete, necessitating verification with GyanDhan for loan sufficiency.

- 🔍 Regularly check and ensure document sufficiency for loan eligibility with GyanDhan.

- 🤝 Gandalf assists in obtaining loans; contact them through upGrad Abroad's webinar or website, sharing your educational plans for loan assessment.

- 📊 Evaluation of profiles determines loan eligibility, collateral options, interest rates, and documentation guidance, ensuring an end-to-end process.

- 🔐 Secured loans are recommended due to lower interest rates, simplicity in processing, and eligibility based on collateral value.

- 🆚 Unsecured loans offer higher amounts but come with higher interest rates, stringent eligibility criteria, and the necessity for a co-applicant with sufficient income.

- 💰 Co-applicant income validation is crucial; proof of income is often a challenge, impacting loan eligibility despite substantial earnings.

- 🎓 Loan preferences: Secured loans for bachelor's, unsecured for postgraduate courses; GyanDhan supports financing both options.

- 📚 Various courses across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Ireland, France, and England are available through upGrad Abroad's loan scheme, with differing costs and scholarships.

- ✈️ Education loans cover not only tuition fees but also living expenses, including travel, accommodation, and other study-related costs abroad.

- 📅 Education loans remain valid for six months, allowing pre-visa loan disbursement arrangements to be made in advance, often without a formal offer letter.

- 🔗 Loan disbursement can occur without an offer letter by showing conditional sanction letters for funding proof to educational institutions.

- 🏦 Preparing disbursements for specific countries (e.g., Canada, Germany) with required deposit accounts like the GIC account is facilitated by GyanDhan.

- 💸 Optimizing Loan Timing: Apply for the loan strategically to avoid extra interest charges. 

- 🎓 Cost Optimization for Germany: Pursuing the full program can cost around 15 lakhs, but starting in India and moving after one semester reduces costs to less than 7.8 lakhs.

- 💰 Scholarships in Germany: Scholarships are rare as education in Germany is highly subsidized, offering approximately 1.5 lakhs per semester.

- 💳 Loan Coverage: Education loans cover various expenses such as education, living costs, rent, food, travel, and even laptops.

- 🏦 Bank Amount for Visa: Visa authorities might need proof of sufficient funds, either in the account or through a sanctioned loan letter.

- 💼 Loan Collateral: Up to 50 lakh rupees can be obtained without collateral, subject to the university's cost and co-applicant's income.

- 🔍 Loan Sources: Multiple lenders, including banks, NBFCs, and international lenders, are available through a loan marketplace for education loans.

- 🎓 Full MBA Scholarship: Obtaining a full scholarship for an MBA program is rare and generally requires an exceptional profile and substantial value addition.

- 🏠 Collateral Using Relatives' Property: Relatives' properties can be used as collateral; the relation isn't essential for secured loans.

- 💵 Tax Deduction: Education loans from banks are eligible for 80 tax deductions, reducing the effective interest rate.

- 🎓 Unsecured Undergraduate Loans: Up to 25 lakhs for undergrad programs without collateral, demanding a higher co-applicant


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