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Earn a Tech-MBA in the US with Dual Degree



Evan Grenier

Director of Admission, Johnson & Wales University

Want to study in the US which is the #1 destination for STEM courses in 2022? Pursue a Tech MBA from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island US with distinctively assembled curriculum in Data Analytics, Information Technology & Cybersecurity. Capitalize on the current tech wave with a dual degree that enables any graduate to take the professional world by a storm.


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Talking points of the webinar: 

  1. About JWU & it’s Tech MBA Programs
  2. Internships & OPT Job Opportunities 
  3. New-Age Tech Careers in the US
  4. ROI on a US Tech Degree 


With dependence on tech rising astronomically, give your education the right direction with a dual degree Tech MBA with JWU and upGrad Abroad. 



- 🏫 Johnson Wales University team members join the webinar, highlighting their MS and MBA programs along with pathways designed to ease the transition for Indian students to pursue degrees in the US.

- 🌍 Evan Grenier, Director of Graduate Admissions at Johnson Wales, emphasizes the support and connection to industry offered through their programs in Providence, Rhode Island, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

- 🀝 Wesley Roy, Director of International Student Services, and other team members outline the support services, including I-20 issuance, visa guidance, ESL programs, and cultural assimilation for incoming students.

- πŸ“ Robin Charlone and other enrollment counselors detail their roles in assisting applicants through the admissions process, aiding with documentation, applications, and decision-making.

- πŸ›« Evan emphasizes the geographical advantages of the Providence campus, close to tech hubs like Boston and Cambridge, easily accessible through airports like Logan Airport and TF Green.

- 🎯 The discussion touches on the significance of STEM education, its demand in the job market, and how Johnson Wales' programs prepare students for tech-oriented careers and management roles.

- πŸŽ“ Career services are available for graduate students to maximize opportunities and investments at Johnson and Wales through upGrad Abroad.

- πŸ’‘ No co-ops or internships are mandatory as part of the program but are open for investigation while studying.

- πŸ“Š Career services at JWU include career fairs on campus, inviting employers, showcasing job growth numbers, and median salaries for different programs.

- 🌟 Johnson and Wales boasts a substantial alumni network and industry partnerships for job prospects.

- πŸ“… Intake months for international students are primarily in early September and early January, with support for arrival services and orientation.

- 🏫 Various on-campus employment opportunities, including graduate assistantships, library jobs, and bookstore positions, are available.

- πŸ“„ Application requirements include transcripts, statement of purpose, recommendations, resume, financial documents, and passport copy.

- 🚫 GRE/GMAT waived off; pathway programs offered to prepare for the advanced certificate or PG diploma.

- βœ”οΈ Eligibility criteria vary; non-STEM majors can apply based on specific degree requirements for the desired program.

- 🏒 Most graduate courses, including Data Analytics, are offered at the Harborside campus, close to the beach and downtown area.

- πŸ€” Reasons why international students choose JWU: diverse program offerings, affordable fees, proximity to Boston/NYC, and strong industry connections.



Key Points:


πŸ’Ό Starting Visa Process:

  - Begin course in April, completing an eight-month certification by December.

  - Verify completion of the ACP course and inquire about the I20 release with JWU team.


πŸŽ“ MBA in IT Field:

  - Course highlights include strategic management of information technology, decision support systems, and current IT trends.

  - Emphasis on management, business, leadership, and technical knowledge.


πŸ’‘ Profiles for Tech MBAs:

  - Job profiles include Information Technology Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Project Management, IT Business Relationship Manager, among others.

  - Salaries range upwards of $90,000 for various roles in IT, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more.


🌐 Application Details:

  - Applications are ongoing, batches have started, and the application index remains open.

  - Apply for MS in Cybersecurity, MS in Data Analytics, or MBA in IT 


- 🏫 Johnston and Wales University campuses:

- Harborside Campus: Located on Narragansett Bay, reflecting Rhode Island's oceanic reputation, offering a contrast to the bustling city atmosphere.

- Providence, Rhode Island: A quirky renaissance city with 25 distinct neighborhoods, thriving music scene, arts, and highly ranked for food, attracting celebrity chefs and being featured in rankings and TV shows.


🌍 Location and Access:

- Geographical positioning: Approximately an hour's drive from Boston, Massachusetts, and a 3-3.5-hour drive or train ride from New York City.

- Unique educational focus: Johnson and Wales emphasize experiential education, close industry connections, small class sizes, and comprehensive services.


πŸŽ“ Reasons for international students choosing Johnson and Wales:

- Experiential education and close industry ties.

- Small class sizes, comprehensive services, ESL courses, and comprehensive security measures.

- Diverse alumni network (120,000+ from 150+ countries) providing global connections and opportunities.


🏒 Services and Support for International Students:

- Support from International Student Services Organization (ISSO) for guidance and connections.

- On-campus housing options for international graduate students, reducing concerns and offering a supportive environment.


πŸ’Ό Academic Programs Overview:

- MBA in Information Technology: Blending IT and management skills for career advancement, led by industry-experienced faculty.

- MS Cybersecurity: Preparing students for the evolving cyber threats landscape, offering varied security courses and certifications.

- MS Data Analytics: Equipping graduates with skills to solve real-world problems using statistical methods and data interpretation for organizational success.


πŸ“ˆ Career Outcomes and Program Benefits:

- High career outcome rates and strong alumni employment in respective fields.

- Growing fields with high demand, competitive salaries, and job growth projections.

- Programs designed to blend educational and experiential learning, providing a comprehensive learning experience.


πŸ’¬ Support Structure and Transition:

- Personalized assistance through enrollment counselors from application to enrollment.

- Ongoing guidance and support for transitioning students, ensuring a smooth experience.

- Collaboration with upGrad Abroad to streamline credit transfers and cost reductions, making education accessible and affordable.





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