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Build a career in Data Science in Germany



Mithila Ghuge

IUBH Alumna

Do you want to build a career in Data Science in the 4th largest economy of the world? Germany, hotspot of tech ecosystems in 2022, provides excellent footing for all aspiring Data Scientists!  Backed by a PSW visa of up to 18 months, MS Data Science from IU Germany helps students get a starting salary of up to 45 lakhs per annum after graduation.


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- 🎓 Mithila Ghuge, a student at the International University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, is interning with Faith in Berlin and will guide about studying and building a career in Germany.

- 🌐 Data Science is highly demanded worldwide, particularly in Germany, with increasing job opportunities expected by 2027.

- 🎓 Mithila shares her educational journey, starting from India to her decision to study Data Science in Germany.

- 💡 She chose Germany due to its robust job market, lack of language barriers, and its strong economy providing ample opportunities.

- 🏫 Opting for Berlin due to its vibrant international community, Mithila chose the International University to pursue her one-year Data Management program for both German and British degrees.

- 💡 upGrad Abroad aims to make global degrees more accessible, affordable, and flexible for Indian learners, emphasizing the opportunity to start degrees in India and transition to campuses abroad.

- 🛠️ The webinar stresses the importance of technical skills in Data Science and emphasizes that showcasing skills during interviews is crucial for job placement in Germany.

- 🎓 Individuals from non-technical backgrounds can pursue Data Science in Germany, provided they gain a year of relevant experience and emphasize their skills during interviews.

- 🤝 Cultural fit and communication skills are also valued by German employers besides technical abilities, accounting for 25% in job suitability.

- ❓ Alexa interruption occurs during the Q&A session, and another question remains pending.

- 🎓 Prior work experience of one year required for admissions to MSDS program

- 📚 Two pathways: Masters in Computer Science with DSML specialization or a typical MSDS program

- 🤔 Choosing between DS specialization in an MSCS program or a traditional MSDS program depends on career goals

- 💰 Salary expectations for data science jobs in Germany: Starting package varies but typically above 43,400 euros

- 💼 Cost breakdown: MSDS degree in India around 10-11 lakhs, while in Germany it can be under 10 lakhs

- 💡 Online courses offering flexibility and reduced costs compared to traditional classroom settings

- 🌍 Job opportunities during studies in Germany: Part-time work up to 20 hours per week allowed for students

- 🇩🇪 German language not mandatory for job selection, but helpful for day-to-day life in Germany

- 🕒 College schedule: Regular lectures with specified timetables, tutor sessions available for extra support during studies.

- 🎓 Attended university for two months in person before shifting to online lectures due to COVID-19.

- 📚 Lectures scheduled every day, one subject per day, with four-hour sessions and breaks.

- 💻 Transitioned to online lectures; professors conducted meetings via Zoom or Teams.

- 🛠️ Thesis work didn't require physical presence, could schedule online meetings with supervisors.

- 🎓 100% support offered for the complicated German visa process and applying early.

- 🌐 Connectivity via Teams was available across the university, easing communication.

- 🏫 No university-hosted hostels, but government-owned student dorms available for all university students.

- 💰 Scholarships and financial aid available; got three scholarships after arriving in Germany.

- 📈 Data Science has extensive job opportunities; growth projected to be tremendous in the next decade.

- 🖥️ One-year online education allowed for savings, work experience, and mental preparedness before relocating.

- 🌍 Studying in Germany offers access to Europe; need for adaptability and patience in a new environment.


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