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Find your Classroom in the World

  • Build a Superlative Profile for Top 100 Universities
  • Get a Taste of Education Abroad 
  • Network and Learn from Leaders around the World


About upGrad Summer School

Three ways upGrad Summer School enhances your profile for Top 100 International Universities -

  1. Masterclasses & Workshops to hone your academic & leadership skills as you take the first steps towards your global career.
  2. Show universities & future employers how invested you are in your personal
    development. Attending Summer School shows that you have taken the time to do another course, build a global professional network and learn hands-on with an international cohort.
  3. With educators & leaders from Top universities in the world, upGrad Summer School will expose you to a global and wider perspectives – from faculty and peers alike–
    you’ll develop actionable solutions to globally pressing problems.


What will students learn?

  • Faculty interactions from across the world
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Get an immersive experience of international pedagogical practices and research methodology
  • Guidance on profile building & academic writing
  • Learn about major study abroad destinations
  • Learn about new-age courses & specializations 
  • Networking & Leadership Sessions
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Fun Team Building Activities



  • Students who have completed HSC in 2022
  • Students who are currently enrolled in Class 11 or 12.
  • Must have scored above 65% in the previous grade



  • Students get unlimited and all-time access to the study material and content.
                Rs 40,000 incl. of GST
  • Apply for Financial Aid before May 15, 2022 to get upto 50% fee waivers.
  • Summer School enrollees can avail upto 50,000 waiver on Accelerator Programs from upGrad. 


Scheduled Dates

  • Batch 1 -  Jun 5, 2022 -   Jun 10, 2022
  • Batch 2 - Jun 25, 2022-  Jun 30, 2022 
  • Batch 3 - Jul 15, 2022 -  Jul 20, 2022


Average Day at Summer School

Each day at upGrad Abroad Summer School offers you an immersive learning experience into world’s most-acclaimed pedagogical practices across multiple domains such as PR and Film, Business, STEM & Engineering. Each day of the program is a unique blend of Leadership Spaces, Subject-specific Masterclass, Life Skill Workshops, Industrial Connect and Country Sessions.


Countries and Courses

Top courses - 
Scholarship - upto 30,000 USD
Top courses - Business/Marketing/Hospitality
Scholarship - upto AUD 20,000
UK & Germany
Top courses - 
Scholarship - upto 10,000 GBP
Top courses - 
Business & Hospitality 
Scholarship - upto CAD 18,000