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What is Home Science?

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Home science is an interdisciplinary field of study covering various aspects of family life and home management. With the goal of improving the well-being and efficiency of family life, home science primarily focuses on enhancing the quality of life within a household. It does so by providing individuals with knowledge and skills related to home management, nutrition, clothing, textiles, child development, family relations, and consumer science.

Some of the most important areas that home science typically covers are-

  • Nutrition and Food Planning: This includes topics such as emphasising the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, including topics like meal planning, food preparation, nutrition, and dietary choices.
  • Clothing: Home Science covers the selection of fabrics, clothing construction, and the maintenance of clothing and textiles. It also deals with fashion design and wardrobe management.
  • Parenting and Child Development: This includes a broad list of topics such as child psychology, child-rearing techniques, and suggestive strategies for nurturing and educating children.
  • Family Relations and Human Development: This area focuses on understanding family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and human development over the lifespan.
  • Home Management: Home Science teaches skills related to household budgeting, time management, organisation, and efficient management of resources within a household.
  • Consumer Science: It helps individuals become informed consumers by teaching them about purchasing decisions, financial management, and consumer rights.

Popular Home Science Courses                                                              

There are a large number of home science courses offered by various colleges and universities in India and abroad, spanning from undergraduate and postgraduate courses to diploma programs and online certificate programs.  

Bachelor’s Courses in Home Science

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Home Science
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Home Science

Master’s Courses in Home Science 

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Home Science
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Home Science

Other Courses in Home Science

  •  Diploma in Home Science
  • PhD in Home Science 

Best Universities for Home Science

There are a number of universities and colleges throughout the world that offer highly reputed courses in home science. Most courses from colleges or universities are typically bachelor of science programs, although quite a few courses also offer bachelor of arts programs.

Some of the best universities for pursuing home science worldwide are:

Sr. NoUniversity/College NameCourses OfferedRanking

Edith Cowan University –

School of Home Education

 No information is available

California State University –

Northridge School of Home Sciences

Bachelor of Arts(BA) in Home Science

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Home Science

Master of Science (MSc) in Home Science

Certificate Programs in Home Science

No information is available
3.Wageningen University

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Home Science

Master of Science (MSc) in Home Science

4.Australian National UniversityBachelor of Health Science34
5.NorQuest College-No information is  available

New Mexico State University –

College of Home Economics and Family Planning

-No information is  available
7.Central Washington University

Bachelor of Science (BS) in EMS Paramedicine

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Food Science and Nutrition

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dietetics Specialization

8.Cornell University

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Food Science and Nutrition

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dietetics Specialization

9.University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Food, Nutrition, and Health

Master of Food Science (MFS)

10. University of Edinburgh-22

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of home science?

Home science or home economics is a field that is multidisciplinary in nature and includes not only food and nutrition but also other subjects such as hygiene, clothes, textiles, health, family relationships, and economics.

Is home science easy to study?

While it is a relatively easy subject to study, home science certainly deals with complexity in its theoretical concepts. This covers studying various theoretical concepts related to food and nutrition, human development, clothing and textiles. Although some students may struggle to grasp these concepts and understand and retain the information, others might perceive the subject differently. 

Which is the best country to pursue home science courses?

Selecting and identifying the best country to pursue home science depends on a number of factors, including your specific needs and wants, in addition to your specific career goals and aspirations. Each country that offers courses in home science has its own set of strengths. Countries highly known and regarded for offering quality home science education include India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Which subject is best for home science?

Being a cross-disciplinary subject encompassing various aspects, students with a high school background in economics and humanities generally stand to gain many benefits.

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