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Leisure And Tourism Degrees: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated on 20 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Leisure and tourism degrees teach students the ins and outs of this growing sector. You can opt for a specific career path in this industry or more general education. Such a course equips you with practical training and technical understanding of the field of tourism. If you are interested to know what is a tourism course and more about leisure management opportunities, read on. 

Subject Brief for Leisure And Tourism Degrees

Tourism degree courses equip students with knowledge of economic and social activities concerning travel and recreation. You will be taught methodologies to elevate the leisure goals of your client– via direct contact, proper logistics management, or even picking the right personnel for the job. 

You can expect the modules in leisure tourism degrees to include the following:

Levels Offered

As a prospective student of tourism degree courses, you can study the programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. However, the availability of these degrees will vary based on different universities. 

Top 10 Universities Offering the Subject

Now that you know what to expect in tourism degree courses, it is vital to also know of the top universities all over the globe for this course. 

The below-mentioned table includes the course names, rankings of the subject in the world, the country they are in, and the tuition fees to expect.

University NameCourse NameQS Subject Rankings 2022: Hospitality & Leisure ManagementCountry Approximate tuition fees (annual)
EHL Hospitality Business SchoolAdvanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Hospitality Management1Switzerland CHF 64,420
University of Nevada– Las VegasBachelor of Science in Hospitality Management2United States
Swiss Hotel Management SchoolBachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Management3Switzerland CHF 96,700
Glion Institute of Higher EducationBachelor’s in International Hospitality Business4Switzerland CHF 37,850
Les Roches Global Hospitality Management Education BBA in Global Hospitality Management5SwitzerlandCHF 26,350
Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland Master of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurship6SwitzerlandCHF 26,900
Hotel Institute MontreuxMaster in Tourism and Hospitality Management7SwitzerlandCHF 28,000
Culinary Arts AcademyMaster of Arts in Culinary Business Management8SwitzerlandCHF 29,000
Hotelschool The Hague

Bachelor in


Hospitality Management

9NetherlandsEUR 25,620
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityMSc in Hospitality Business Innovation10Hong Kong SARHKD 238,700


Academic Cycle: Intakes, Deadlines Across Levels

These programs will be available at the most ranked universities all over the globe. The deadlines for the application will vary as per school norms. You can expect the deadlines to be as early as 12 months before the beginning of the degree. 

For more information, check the university website for your desired course.

Curriculum Across Levels

The curriculum of the tourism degree courses across levels is designed by incorporating skillset building for the industry. Many universities will offer you the flexibility to mix and match the subjects in the curriculum per your needs. 

These curriculums are designed to groom the students’ verbal, technical, and aptitude skills concerning the hospitality industry, making them ready for the upcoming markets.

Job Prospects with Salaries (Applications of the Subject)

Several jobs and roles will open up once you pursue a degree in tourism and leisure management. Since this field is amongst the fastest-growing sectors in the world, you will gain the opportunity to explore many options.

Some of the popular careers in the travel and tourism industry, along with the approximate salaries in USD, are:

  • Event Manager – USD 51,522
  • Event Coordinator – USD 46,327
  • Director of Sales – USD 68,126
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager – USD 57,730
  • Event Planner – USD 51,019
  • Marketing Manager – USD 63,809

Future Application of the Subject

One of the essential aspects of the tourism industry is its ever-changing nature. Many new forms of tourism are taking shape these days. Some of the new trends and applications of leisure management where your degree could be instrumental are:

  • Polar tourism– this travel and leisure activity takes place in the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions
  • Space tourism– the future holds numerous opportunities for orbital and suborbital rocket flights
  • Voluntourism– touring for charity is the new trend
  • Luxury tourism– this form of tourism believes in saving time at any costs
  • Culinary tourism – many tourists are open to travel to try different cuisines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tourism course?

Tourism and travel courses are curated to give students the appropriate knowledge and skills to elevate their career opportunities in the tourism industry. You will require varying levels of education as per the role or position you seek– from entry-level travel agents to senior management jobs. 

What is the best career in tourism?

The best tourism career will depend on your field of interest and the market opportunities. Overall, travel agents, hotel managers, spa managers, tour operators, and executive chefs are some of the top choices in the tourism industry roles.

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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