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Profile Building for Top 1% Universities in the World



Praneet Singh

Head - UG Admissions

Did you know the number of students getting over 90% marks has increased  by over 60%? Academic grades now don’t contribute as much to you making the cut. Then what makes you stand out from thousands of applicants who want to study abroad? Profile Building is indispensable if you want to secure a seat in your dream University. It helps you qualify for the Top 200 universities in the world in a seamless way.

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Dialogue to cover: 

  1. Learn about what is Profile Building 
  2. How to use Profile Building for your University Application
  3. Personal Branding & its Importance 
  4. How to create your  Digital Footprint
  5. How to Network better



In the current education scenario, one must know that more than 60% of students now receive grades higher than 90%? Now, your margin is less influenced by your academic performance. Building your profile is essential if you want to get into the University of your choice. You can easily qualify for the top 200 universities around the globe with its assistance. upGrad Abroad has organized a webinar to help you resolve your queries and get you well-acquainted with how to create an impressive profile.


Date: 28th May 2022, Saturday

Time: 3:00 PM

Speaker: Praneet Singh, Head - UG Admissions


Q. What factors are considered in an ideal profile for applying to top universities?

A. Profile must have relevant exposure and work experiences like an internship, job shadowing, and extracurricular activities. Community service and volunteering activities act as brownie points.


Q. How to build or ace profile building?

A. To ensure you have a considerate profile for your application, you must ensure that you have performed decently in your academic life. Along with that, your participation in conferences, workshops, writing articles, or content specifically in the domain you're interested in for your future aspect helps you build a strong profile. Moreover, there must be a symbolic representation of the work you're doing towards pursuing your degree.


Q. How to build your profile in 6 months?

A. Answer lies within the technology; you must create your digital footprint. Most universities seek candidates who are well aware of the technology and are working towards pitching their thoughts to generate an impact among audiences.


Q. How helpful is a statement of purpose or college essay in profile building?

A. A college or university and a course is just a bridge between what you were, what you are, and where you want to be in the future. The sole purpose of a college essay or statement of purpose is to know your thought process and where you want to create a distinction with your ideas. It is a pretty essential document when applying to a university as it contains your ideas, real-life experiences, and your plan for the future.


Q. How influential should a letter of recommendation (LOR) look in a candidate's profile?

A. LOR serves the purpose of recognition, and it is essential when applying for an MBA, MS, or an entrepreneurship/management specialization in a university. It acts as an advantage if given by some hierarchy level posts like Manager, founder of a startup, or some top-notch position from a company recognizing your efforts and potential within the reference letter. It puts considerable weight on your profile.


Q. What should one consider while pursuing an MBA or MS?

A. Pursuing an MBA and MS are about having hands-on work experience. It would be best if you had the know-how of business acumen, entrepreneurship, management skills, and last but not least, market research.


Q. How to acquire work experience after 12th or schooling?

A. Job shadowing and internship are recommended to students as they will help them gain first-hand professional experience. This will prepare them for real-life problem-solving skills, management, leadership, and capacity building. Both the commercial sector and social sector count and highlights your profile, among others.


Q. How helpful is community service in a profile building?

A. Working for the community, doing volunteering shows, how much you are dedicated to contributing towards the betterment of society as an individual, and contributes to profile building. It reflects on your profile and stands you out. The social sector provides you with opportunities for leadership and community engagement. Organizations like UN, AIESEC, CRY, and Helpage India offers yearly opportunities.


Q. How can online resources help in profile building?

A. Online resources like certification and coursework programs offered by platforms like Edx, Coursera, and upGrad can be beneficial as they have a relevant curriculum. They also upskill you accordingly with the current market. You can also participate in olympiads, and workshops held online and offline by organizations like Model United Nations will prepare you to be good at public speaking, debate, and group discussion with active participation.


Q. What qualities are necessary for one to opt MBA degree in a top university?

A. Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Track record of success, Statistics, association with business mindset people, building and executing projects, problem-solving skills along with summer schools can be of constructive impact when your profile is being assessed for an MBA degree at top universities. There is just a blend of uniqueness in your profile that creates a significant distinction between you and others to be considered as a prospective candidate.


Q. What qualities reflect on your profile when it comes to assessment?

A. Leading qualities that show your initiative-taking skills, working for non-profit organizations, which means you consider yourself as a contributing part of society and its betterment. Apart from that, you must do extensive research on your prospective peers and mentor like faculties, college, or university. Take inspiration from the work they are conducting in the areas of your interest or studies  Lastly, teach and mentor aspirants and peers looking to pursue higher education abroad, and transform their innovative ideas into reality, tailgating the work people who inspire you and positively approach the future. These qualities together help form a strong and successful profile. 



As an aspirant to be in top universities of the world, a strong profile is needed. There are around 200 best universities that look out for candidates with rigorous profiles. Universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Cornell, and Columbia are top 1% that seek exceptional candidates into their universities that align with their program and bring innovation through their thought process to the table. This webinar is about how to build a profile and create a digital footprint and brand—networking and its importance, as well as how to apply with a solid profile for top universities.

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