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Dr. L. Srinivasa Varadharajan

Dean at INSOFE


Sunniva Collins

PhD, Associate Dean of Professional Programs, Case School of Engineering


Jacqueline H Pinto

Program Manager, Siegal Lifelong Learning at Case Western Reserve University

Engineering career in the US on your mind? Here are 3 easy steps to follow: 


Step 1. Build a solid foundation with an MS degree in Civil engineering, computer science, and biomedical engineering.  

Step 2. Futureproof your Engg. degree with new-age specializations such as AIML, Digital Health Analytics, and Data Science. 

Step 3. Get up to 3 years of PSWV as a STEM graduate with salaries starting 105,000 USD.

Talking points of the webinar:

  • About Case Western Reserve Universities and its engineering programs
  • Program details and career progressions
  • CPT and OPT Visa regulations
  • Tuition fees and living costs in the US
  • Internships and On-Campus part-time work



ğŸŽ“ The program offers various engineering disciplines such as biomedical, civil, mechanical, and computer science for Indian students aspiring to study in the U.S.

💡 The partnership provides an opportunity for students to complete 50% of the program in India and the remaining 50% at Case Western Reserve University. 

🔍 Insofe focuses on providing a strong foundation in data science along with specific engineering domain knowledge.

👨‍🏫 Faculty members include diverse professionals from different backgrounds contributing to data science education.

🏫 Case Western Reserve University, with a long history in engineering education, offers a wide range of programs and has a strong alumni network in diverse fields.

🌍 Cleveland, Ohio, the university's location, offers opportunities in manufacturing, healthcare, and research for students.

ğŸŽ“ The program's emphasis lies in a comprehensive curriculum, blending data science with engineering disciplines, providing a global educational experience.

- 🏙️ Cleveland offers proximity to industry headquarters, NASA, hospitals, and diverse opportunities in engineering and manufacturing businesses without the high cost of Silicon Valley.

- 🌐 Graduates join a global alumni network, benefiting from diversity and campus life, including Indian student associations like Satrang for networking and cultural events like Holi and Diwali celebrations.

- 🏛️ Students have free access to museums, including the Museum of Art and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and can enjoy music events such as those at Severance Hall with the Cleveland Orchestra.

- 📚 Strong engineering community with diverse clubs, societies, annual events like Engineering Week, and ample on-campus job opportunities like research and teaching assistantships.

- 💼 Post-graduation, students qualify for OPT (Optional Practical Training) for up to 3 years, allowing work in specialized fields and access to a promising job market in sectors like med tech and data science.

- 📝 English-medium graduates might not need IELTS, and GRE might not be required. The cost estimate, including living expenses, can vary but can be partially covered through a 25% scholarship offered by Dean Sophie programs.

- 💵 Financing options exist through educational loan companies in India, offering loans without guarantors or collateral, with affordable repayment rates post-graduation. Graduates can benefit from job-oriented programs regardless of their undergraduate degree.


Key Notes:


ğŸŽ“ Education Requirements:

- Programs require a four-year education; three-year programs are not accepted without equivalence verification.

- Three-year programs may be accepted if evaluated as equivalent to a four-year degree by international bodies like World Education Services.


🔬 STEM Eligibility:

- STEM programs, specifically Biomedical, Mechanical, and Civil, require a STEM background for eligibility.

- Non-STEM backgrounds may enter a Computer Science master's program through a pathway program requiring additional credits.


🖥️ Program Structure:

- 30 credits split between Sofie and Case campuses, including foundational data science courses and specialized engineering courses.

- Computer Science allows specialization in seven areas and offers tracks in coursework, research, or industrial experience.


🌐 Opportunities and Specializations:

- Diverse job opportunities post-graduation, including robotics engineering, data science, deep learning, and healthcare-focused roles.

- Specializations include data mining, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.


💵 Financial Aid and Process:

- Scholarships, fee waivers, and practical training opportunities available.

- Process assistance provided for visa applications, mock interviews, and support in funding requirements.


📈 Program Benefits:

- Integration of theoretical and experiential learning within an academic and innovative environment.

- Aim to produce graduates with strong data science skills sought in the industry.


✅ Application and Admission:

- Assistance in visa procedures and mock interviews provided by the institution.

- Cost details around $45,000 after a 25% scholarship deduction.


❓ Q&A Sessions:

- Encouragement for prospective students to research and explore program specifics and campus offerings.

- Dual-degree programs offered in collaboration with partner universities; inquiries directed to respective websites for detailed information.

- 💰 Paying full fees: Information available on the website, including details on pathway programs for eligibility.

- ğŸŽ“ MS in Computer Science: Sofia offers this program in high demand, but eligibility criteria need to be reviewed.

- 💸 Pathway program costs: Higher due to additional credits, approximately $6,000 more than the standard fee.

- 🌍 Payment procedure: Case Western manages tuition and payments; around $22,000 to $23,000 payable while in India, rest to Case Western once studying there.

- 💳 Loan considerations: Banks offer loans based on Case Western's association, no additional requirements needed.




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