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Talk About A Special Day That Was Not That Expensive IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 04 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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The IELTS cue card is an important part of the speaking test because it assesses the test-takers ability to speak coherently and effectively express their thoughts in a limited amount of time. A good IELTS score is essential for those looking to study or work abroad because it is widely accepted by universities and employers all over the world.

The IELTS cue card 'Talk about a special day that was not that expensive' asks the test-taker to describe a memorable day that wasn't too expensive. This task assesses your ability to tell a clear and structured story about a personal experience. It also assesses the candidate's vocabulary, grammar, and command of a variety of sentence structures. Using the one-minute preparation time wisely can aid in delivering a well-organized response.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the subject. You will be given one minute to prepare your response. If you want, you can make some notes to help you. Here is an order which you can follow:

What was the special day?

Where did you spend your special day?

With whom did you celebrate?

Why didn't it cost you a lot?

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Talk About A Special Day That Was Not That Expensive IELTS Cue Card

Sample 1.

Introduction: I want to tell you about a very special day I had with three abandoned kids that didn't cost me any money. It was a warm, loving, and joyful day that will live on in my memories forever. The lesson I learned that day is still with me today: the greatest joys in life come from sharing them with others.

What was the special day: I recall a particularly touching and memorable day spent with orphans. Although the day wasn't expensive, the happiness it offered the orphans made it priceless.

Where did you spend your special day: On the outskirts of the city, in a little village, there was an orphanage where I spent the day. About 20 youngsters living in the orphanage had either been abandoned by their families or had tragically lost their parents. The kids had gathered in the courtyard to welcome us when we got there.

With whom did you celebrate: I enjoyed the day with my friends, as well as a few other volunteers who had joined us. For the kids, we planned a variety of enjoyable activities, including games, puzzles, and crafts. To share with them, we also brought some snacks and desserts.

Why didn't it cost you a lot: We planned every aspect of the day and pooled our funds to acquire the supplies we required, which is why the day didn't cost us a lot. Making paper airplanes and playing tag were two of the inexpensive activities we choose. The experience of spending the day with orphans was immensely fulfilling. It served as a reminder of the value of sharing those simple pleasures with others.

Sample 2

Introduction: I recall a memorable day that wasn't expensive but had a deep emotional impact on me. It was a joyous day that showed me how important little joys in life can be.

What was the special day: My family and I chose to have a picnic in a local park on the big day. The weather was ideal for a day of outdoor activities because it was sunny. We went to the park after bringing some homemade snacks and sandwiches.

Where did you spend your special day: I enjoyed the wonderful day in a local park with my family. We decided to have our picnic here because it was a tranquil and beautiful area with lots of greenery and open space. The park was a great site for our day out because it provided a variety of recreational amenities like a playground, picnic tables, and open fields. We appreciated the natural surroundings and fresh air as a nice change from our usual routine.

With whom did you celebrate: My family and I had a great time together as we celebrated the day together. We engaged in games, kite flying, and gorgeous park enjoyment. It was a wonderful way for me to spend time with my family.

Why didn't it cost you a lot: We chose to have a straightforward picnic rather than going out for a pricey lunch or supper, which is why the day didn't cost us a lot of money. We did not spend a lot of money on other activities because we brought our food and beverages.

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Talk About A Special Day That Was Not That Expensive IELTS Cue Card Follow Up Questions

The examiner will ask follow-up questions related to the topic discussed in part 2, which is the cue card section, in the IELTS Speaking Test part 3. These questions are intended to assess your ability to express your thoughts and opinions on the given topic, as well as to communicate effectively in English. To score well, you must stay focused and confidently answer the questions.

Q1.What other activities do you think people can do without spending a lot of money?

A1.There are many free ways to have fun, such as spending time outside, playing sports, watching films at home, or having a picnic in the park.

Q2.Do you believe people should make an effort to save money even on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries?

A2.Personal finances and priorities play a significant role in determining how special occasions are celebrated. Some people prefer expensive gifts and lavish celebrations, while others prefer more affordable options such as homemade gifts or low-cost outings. It is critical to strike a balance between celebrating special occasions and responsibly managing one's finances. Cultural and societal expectations often influence how people choose to celebrate, but it is ultimately a personal choice. The key is to make the occasion memorable while keeping one's financial situation in mind.

Q3.Have you ever had a similar experience in which you celebrated a special day or event without spending a lot of money?

A3.Yes, I have done so. Last year, I spent New Year's Eve at home with some friends. We cooked dinner, played games, and watched the countdown on TV together. We had a great time and didn't spend a lot of money.

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