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10 New English Words For 2024 - IELTS vocabulary

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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From these 10 new words with meanings for 2023 to others, learning them is vital for building your vocabulary. You should always stay updated with the latest English words and phrases that have attained relevance globally. This is all the more essential for performing better in standardized examinations such as the GRE Exam, GMAT Exam, TOEFL Exam, PTE Exam, SAT Exam and IELTS, where your vocabulary is put to the test in diverse ways. 


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10 New Words With Meanings That Are Trending

Here are 10 new words with meaning and sentences and they can be the latest additions to your personal word list. 

  1. Finfluencer- Finfluencer is one of the 10 new English words that are hugely trending this year. This means an influencer in a specific niche who only concentrates on finance and related topics. For example- Instagram finfluencers are steadily expanding their reach worldwide, teaching followers the basics of investments
  2. Nomophobia- This is another one of the 10 new vocabulary words that should be added to your list. It means anxiety, worry, or fear of staying without one’s mobile phone for too long, or not being able to use the same as well. For example- Those who have nomophobia will never keep their phones on silent mode 
  3. Sharent- This word indicates any parent regularly using social media platforms for sharing information about their children. The word combines sharing and parent. For example- Those regularly posting updates of their child’s progress are truly sharents
  4. Fitspiration- This means anything or anyone who will serve as the right motivation or inspiration for anyone else to enhance fitness and health levels. The word combines inspiration and fitness. For example- This gym instructor and her videos are the ideal Fitspiration for others in the neighborhood

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5. Stan- This word indicates a fan who is obsessive about any specific celebrity. The word combines fan and stalker. For example- This guy is a Rihanna Stan and cannot stop thinking about her

6. Awesomesauce- This word denotes something which is great, excellent, and very good. For example- I had an Awesomesauce experience during my time in Delhi

7. Low-Key- This word means staying out of the limelight or spotlight, or even not desiring others to know about certain things. For example- I believe in keeping my entrepreneurial experiments low-key

8. Situationship- This word combines situation and relationship. It means any scenario where a friendship is well beyond its basic definitions, but the pair is not a couple yet. This is an undefined relationship of a romantic nature without any commitment. For example- I am definite that we have a situationship and I am trying to commit to something more in the future

9. Metaverse- This word has now made it to the global lexicon. Metaverse means a virtual and infinite digital zone where people can interact with others via a computer-created environment. It is an entirely new universe in the digital sphere with opportunities for interactions, gaming, shopping, learning, and a lot more. For example- I had a great time with my pals in the Metaverse yesterday

10. Hangry- Hangry is a combination of hunger and angry. This means someone who has a bad temper or irritability due to hunger. For example- He got hangry today when they cancelled the order

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Tips to learn new vocabulary words 

There are several tips that you can also follow for learning newer words and boosting your vocabulary. Some of them include the following: 

  • Keep reading- The more you read books, magazines, and newspapers, the higher your chances for discovering new words. 
  • Always have a dictionary at hand- Be it an online thesaurus or dictionary, always have something near you. This will help you look up and understand newer words that you find while reading. 
  • Create your own word list- Build a list of words that you have just learnt or discovered. Writing these words will integrate them into your mind. 
  • Target one word each day- You should have a diary or calendar while trying to find one new word each day. This is one technique that will help you learn several new words over time.  

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  • Word games and puzzles- From Scrabble, jumbles, anagrams and crosswords to other word games, they are excellent for enhancing your vocabulary. 
  • Talk to people- Conversing with other people in English will help you come across several new words. Once you hear something new, write it down and later look up its meaning. 
  • Watch English movies- Watching movies will also help you broaden your knowledge of new words. 
  • Watch English television shows and programs- From OTT shows to news podcasts and other television programs, these are great places to learn new words and steadily build up your vocabulary.

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