Aeronautical Engineer in USA- Job Profiles with Salaries

Aeronautical Engineering is a discipline that imparts the knowledge and skills to design, study and manufacture aircraft and other machines capable of flight. Aeronautical engineers are employed in various roles in the aviation industry in commercial or military roles.

The United States is one of the most lucrative regions for budding aeronautical engineers, with about 3,800 job openings projected yearly by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. While the number of jobs in 2021 was estimated at 58,800, factors such as retirement and transfer of various professionals will open up several roles in the domain. The expected growth rate for employment in this domain is capped at 6 percent from 2021 to 2031.

Since aeronautical engineering requires specific skills, commercial and military departments in the US are constantly looking for new talent. But various professionals might have reservations about moving to the US, especially without understanding the aeronautical engineering salary in India. 

Expected Remuneration for Aeronautical Engineering in the USA

Several organizations utilize the technical expertise of aeronautical engineers to improve their existing aircraft systems and machinery. Corporations like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA and the US Department of Transportation are some of the major employers in the country.

While the pay scale of an aeronautical engineer differs according to the specificities of the role, the aeronautical engineering starting salary in USA is estimated at USD 104,915 annually. 

Employed professionals usually start in the role of an aeronautical engineer. Their performance in this base role is then used to promote them to senior aeronautical engineer and, eventually, the lead aeronautical engineer. 

Top 5 States with Highest Salaries for Aeronautical Engineers in the US

The organizations employing aeronautical engineers are unevenly distributed throughout the geographical area of the United States. Hence, some states offer more opportunities than others.

Here are the top 5 states, as per job portals, with the highest aeronautical engineering salary in USA.

Name of the State Name of the City Average annual salary
Texas Arlington USD 125,175
Washington Everett USD 124,670
California Redondo Beach USD 118,019
Georgia Marietta USD 110,767
Alabama Huntsville USD 100,718

Apart from these locations, New York and Oklahoma are also renowned destinations for lucrative career opportunities as an aeronautical engineer. 

Job Profiles in Aeronautical Engineering with Salaries

After acquiring a bachelor’s or relevant degree in aeronautical engineering, candidates are qualified for various roles in the aviation industry. Some of the most popular job profiles in the US with expected salaries include the following.

Name of the Role Average annual salary
Senior Systems Engineer USD 111,814
Program Manager for Aviation/Aerospace USD 118,557
Aerospace Systems Engineer USD 85,011
Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians USD 65,380
Flight Engineer USD 70,318 

*as per Payscale

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in USA V/S India

The job profiles in India and USA for aeronautical engineers are similar. However, the aeronautical engineering starting salary in USA is higher than that of India.

For better comparison:

  • The average salary for an aeronautical engineer in India is INR 34,582 (USD 417.88) per month.
  • The average aeronautical engineering salary in USA per month is around USD 8,800. Effectively, the average annual pay is estimated at around USD 104,915.

Hence, it is more feasible to have a flourishing career as an aeronautical engineer in the United States. Additionally, the US acts as headquarters to some of the biggest employers in the aviation industry, increasing networking opportunities and higher paying roles with rapid promotions.


While the Indian aviation and research industry employs more people than it did a decade ago, the United States is the clear winner. Aeronautical engineers in the US have higher base pays, more diverse roles and opportunities to work with corporations like Boeing and NASA.

In the long term, the US aeronautical industry is also projected to offer more job opportunities. Since it requires a dedicated bachelor’s degree, the competition in the field is far less than in other domains like engineering or medicine. 

Candidates can acquire a chance to work with commercial or military institutions in various roles and gain hands-on experience with aircraft and rockets. 

Overall, the US is one of the most sought-after destinations for aeronautical engineering students looking to kick-start their careers. 


Q) Are aeronautical engineers in demand in the US?

The official figures released by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics point to a six percent increase in roles within the aeronautical domain from 2021 to 2031. An estimated 3,800 jobs are projected to be available annually to accommodate aeronautical engineers with various specializations.

Q) Which country is the best for aeronautical jobs?

The United States of America has supplemented its reputation as one of the best regions for aeronautical engineers looking for attractive roles and salaries. The average aeronautical engineering salary in USA is USD 104,915, considered the highest among all countries.

Q) What is the monthly salary of an aeronautical engineer at NASA?

The average annual salary for an aeronautical engineer working at NASA is USD 1,00,558 as per Glassdoor. Hence aeronautical engineers can expect to earn around USD 8,380 per month.

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