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Westfield State University, also known as the "WSU." It is a public university which is situated in Westfield State, Massachusetts, in the United States. It was built and established in the year 1839 on September 4. It has been 183 years since then the university has been perfectly running. Horace Mann founded it, and it was said to be the first public co-educational college in America. The college was earlier known as Barre Normal School, Westfield Normal school, and Westfield State Teacher's college.

The New England commissioner of higher education accredited the Westfield State University. The program of athletic training was certified by the commission on accreditation of athletic training education. Westfield State University was also designated as the commonwealth of the Massachusetts emergency medical technician, also known as the EMT training education.

The Westfield State University also participates in various collegiates teams for many games and sports, some of them are mentioned here, such as field hockey, golf, cross country golf, volleyball, soccer, football, women's basketball, indoor track, swimming, diving, women's golf, track, and field, ice hockey, coed cheering, and many more.

The university is spread over 256 acres which is something near 0.996 square kilometers. The population of female students is around 55%, and of the male students, it is approximately 45%. The university has a population of 4,300 students. The population of the undergraduate student category is around 5,630 in total, and in the post graduates category, the population is 766 in total.

University Rankings:

 University Rankings play an important role in signifying the future of educational universities. The ranking for Westfield State University is calculated from the list of all 181 regional Universities. The Westfield State University stands at the position of #93 out of all 181 Regional Universities of North.

The Westfield State University is also ranked as #86 among the top performers of social mobility, #29 in top public schools, #43 in nursing, #87 in best online bachelor's program, #166 in the best online bachelor's business program, #263 in best public affair programs and #227 in the society social work.

Acceptance Rate:

Acceptance rate means the percentage or number of students who have chances to be accepted at the university. Most of the universities have very high acceptance rates, and the universities with high rankings have very low acceptance rates because they want to maintain the standards of their criteria.

Thus, the Westfield State University acceptance rate is approximately 92.4%, and the university is less selective in taking admissions.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate of Westfield State University is 92.4%, which applies to all the students who want to be admitted. However, the university is less selective in place of taking admissions, so no specific acceptance rate is given by the university for the undergraduate category as well as the post graduates category.

Postgraduate Acceptance Rate:

You can assume that the postgraduates and undergraduate acceptance rates are the same as the average acceptance rate, which is 92.4%, which is applicable for all the students because there is no such information given on their website.

Admission Eligibility Criteria:

The Westfield State University admission criteria depends on the student's performance, documents provided, and all test scores. Since it is a public university, it has a very restricted acceptance range. You must fulfill the Westfield State University admission requirements to get accepted at the institution. The basic admission requirements are listed below.

  • The student filling out the application form for getting accepted must have done high school and should have a certificate.
  • You must have a GPA score of 3.0 or more on a scale of 4.0 if you are planning to get into Westfield State University. The ones having a GPA of less than 2.69 are said to submit the SAT or ACT scores.
  • The SAT score plays an essential role in the documentary. The SAT score of the student getting accepted must be between 960 and 1140.
  • The ACT score required for getting admission to this university must be between 19 and 25. 
  • The students should have the result of any English proficiency test they have given, for example, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE academic, or any other.

Documents Required:

Documents are crucial in the admission process at Westfield State University. The documentary is simple, but you must submit all the documentation the university asks for. There is a list of essential documents given:-

  • You should have a high school diploma or a transcript.
  • All the scores of English proficiency tests ever given.
  • For the students under the undergraduate category have to submit a certificate of higher education, a Diploma, and further foundation studies.
  • For the students in the postgraduate category, they have to submit the certificate of the undergraduate degree.
  • There should be official transcripts with the college seals.

Average Scores:

All the high-ranked institutes and universities set very high eligibility scores. One of them is Westfield State University. If you are wondering how to get admission in Westfield State University, here are some tests and average scores required to get accepted.

  1. The average SAT score for getting admission to this university should be between 1140-960, and the ACT score should be between 19 and 25.
  2. The GPA should be at least 3.18 on a scale of 4.0.
  3. The English proficiency tests, such as the TOEFL or IELTS scores, must be 80, and the minimum scoring in reading, listening, and speaking must be 20 and 25 in writing.

Popular Courses:

The university provides several courses, and students can choose all the courses according to their suitability. Some of them include marketing, Biology, B.S., teacher licensure program, B.S., chemistry/ general degree with teacher licensure, chemistry B.S., earth system science, B.S., environmental science, B.S., advanced mathematics for elementary education, B.S., mathematics, and economics double major, B.A., mathematics, actuarial sciences concentration, B.A., and athletic training and much more.

Tips For Applying To University:

Applying at Westfield State University is simple, but you should pay a lot of attention at each step to see if your application form is rejected or not. You have to follow these steps to get admitted to Westfield State University:-

  • Choose a particular course and pay attention to that specific specialization.
  • Fill out the application form and submit it to the website along with the documentary.
  • Recheck all the documents essential for admission, which are passports, certificates, and transcripts, to be sent to the university council.
  • Submit all the English proficiency tests you have ever given TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc.
  • Submit the test scores like SAT or ACT required at the entrances.

Application Deadlines:

The university website keeps updating the application deadline. The deadline for 2023 still needs to be updated on the website. However, the application deadline for 2022 was March 1.


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