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The University of Colorado Boulder is a public research university. The former name of this University was the University of Colorado. It was founded in 1986. This University has a history of success and prosperity. To date, many renowned personalities have become a part of this University. They have affiliated with this University as alumni, faculty, or researchers.

  • 5 Nobel Prize laureates, 
  • 10 Pulitzer Prize winners, 
  • 1 Turning award laureate, 
  • 11 MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipients,
  • 20 astronauts

This University is not only good at academics but also has competed in 17 varsity sports and is a member of the NCAA division and Pac-13 conference. The Colorado Buffaloes have shown excellent performances and won 28 national championships:

  • 20 skiing 
  • Seven men's and women's cross country 
  • One in football
  • The University has also produced 10 Olympic gold medalists

University Ranking:

The university ranking shows the overall performance of the University. It is not only calculated by the academic standards of the University. Factors like teaching, research works, citations, industry income and international outlook contribute to the ranking. 

A university's running is significant in designing the University's international outlook and future of the institution. The ranking attracts students from all over the world. 

The University of Colorado Boulder has acquired 97th rank in the Bets Colleges in National Universities in 2022-2023. The other ranking by esteemed organizations are as follows:

  • 205 in Best Value Schools 
  • 61 in Best Colleges for Veterans

Acceptance Rate (General)

The acceptance rate of the University refers to the number of students who will get selected to pursue their academic careers at a given university. Some universities can have acceptance rates coles as 100%, which implies that getting admission to that University is very easy. Universities with higher rankings normally have low acceptance rates as they want to maintain the stand and select students who contribute to the University's goodwill. 

Despite being among the top-ranking universities, The University of Colorado Boulder acceptance rate is 84.2%. The rate is on the higher side, which means if you want to crack university admission, there are high hopes for you.

Acceptance Rate Undergraduate

The University of Colorado Boulder provides the same data based on the undergraduate acceptance rate. Thus, from the data provided, the University has an undergraduate and postgraduate acceptance rate of 84%.

Acceptance Rate Postgraduate

There needs to be data on the acceptance rate of postgraduate programs at this University. Thus, the general acceptance rate (84%) can also be assumed as the postgraduate acceptance rate.

Admission Eligibility Criteria 

How to get admission in the University of Colorado Boulder? Your question will find its destination in short. The eligibility criteria are different for each college. You have t choose the University and the source you want to study and fulfil the eligibility criteria accordingly. However, some basic criteria are listed as follows:

  • High school or college/ university transcripts.
  • Recompensation letter from verified sources.
  • Fill up the application from the University and submit it by paying the application fee. (University of Colorado Boulder admission fee is nonrefundable)
  • Test scores as demanded by different departments.
  • Scores as mentioned in aptitude tests like SAT or ACT
  • Scores, as mentioned in English Proficiency Tests, like PTE. TOEFL, IELTS.

Documents Required 

Authentic documents play an essential role in getting admission to a university. The University of Colorado Boulder application requirements is not different from any other university. They require the bare minimum to allow a student to get admission to their University. 

  • Fill up the online application form ($50 for domestic students and $70 for international students, the fees are nonrefundable)
  • High school mark sheets and transcripts.
  • College transcripts (if available)
  • SAT or ACT score (optional)
  • Two personal essays if you are applying for the first year. One personal statement if you are applying for transfer.
  • Recommendation letters from varied sources (only for the first year)
  • Activity lists to support your chances (optional)

Tests Required/ Average Score

Every top-ranking University sets a bar of certain tests and scores to crack admission. But on the contrary, the University of Colorado Boulder, despite being a high-ranking university, is not very competitive in the range of external tests and scores. 

You have to appear for the following tests and score the following marks:

  • Average GPA of 3.66
  • Average SAY score 1253
  • Average ACT score 28

Popular Sources

Every University has some courses to offer that are popular among the students and attract lots of aspiring candidates. Similarly, the University of Colorado Boulder also offers some popular courses, like health and medicine, programming, data science, business, engineering, personal development, and science.

How Does A University Evaluate An Applicant?

A university look at the student's profile and checks if the student has met all the criteria listed by them. If the students have checked all the listed criteria, they will get on the priority list of that University.

When you meet all the criteria, it means that you have also acquired the marks you need to get admission to that course. Note that the documents and the certificates that you have submitted are from verified sources and are authentic. If you are caught in faudery, you might lose all hopes of getting into the University. Furthermore, you might be cured with penalties for tempering with students' conduct code.

Once you have passed all the folds of The University of Colorado Boulder admission criteria, you will have the chance to get into the University and pursue your career in your desired subject. 

Tips For Appling To A University

Applying to a university is not a critical task; one thing you should keep in mind is, paying attention to the details while submitting the applications and documents. The following tips will help you keep track that you are going the correct way while applying:

  • Choose the subject you want to pursue. Fulfil the criteria of that subject.
  • Ensure that you have scored the required marks that are listed.
  • Arrange all the required documents. Make a checklist and see if you have all the listed documents. Ensure that you have offline and online documents.
  • Appear in English Proficiency tests. 
  • Meeting the criteria of entrance exams.
  • Appear in the university interview, maintaining a proper dress code and in your full senses.

Application Deadline

The application deadline must be dynamic to keep track of the dates; look at the university website. The dates often change depending on the internal affairs of the state or country. 

The first-year candidates can apply within Nov 15. 

The regular application deadline is Jan 15. 



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