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Founded in 1873 as the land-grant institute of the state and the 9th institute in Ohio, United States, with the Morrill Act of 1862, The Ohio State University, generally named Ohio State or OSU, is one of the most comprehensive shared research universities in Columbus, Ohio. An associate of the University System of Ohio, it has been rated by prominent established rankings among the finest public universities in the U.S.

Ohio University is a foremost creator of Fulbright Scholars and is the sole academy in North America that presents an ABET-authorised undergraduate degree in welding engineering. 

As of 2021, Ohio State had the most scholars in the 95th proportion or above the systematized trail of any communal institute in the United States.

University Rankings

Institute and academy rankings rate the best universities in higher education based on aspects that differ depending on the rating. The ratings may examine a variety of evaluations of expertise, such as the number of awards, scholar options, graduate implementation, historical influence, industrial relationship, and other criteria.

More than 64,000 scholars in Ohio from all 50 states and 110 nations pursue their individual employment desire at all five campuses.

The Ohio State University has been ranked at number 140 by the QS World University Rankings for 2023 and by the Times World University Rankings at number 112 for 2023. Additionally, as per the report by U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings for 2023, it has been rated at number 16 among public institutes and at number 49 among national universities.

Acceptance Rate (General)

Acceptance rates may vary for different institutes. Generally, academies with low acceptance rates are more selective and have high merit or have so many students applying for somewhat rare spots. 

The Ohio State University acceptance rate is somewhat selective, with an approval rate of 57 percent. It also has an early acceptance rate of 64.5 percent. Half the candidates accepted to Ohio university have an ACT score of 26 and 32 or an SAT score between 1250 and 1440. However, one-fourth of accepted candidates scored more than these numbers, and one-quarter scored lower than these.

Its education and costs for in-state are $11,936; out-of-state education and fees are $35,019.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The Ohio State main campus in Columbus has expanded into the third-largest institute campus ground in the United States, with a gender-specific allocation of 50 percent female scholars and 50% male scholars, almost 50 thousand undergraduate students, and about 15 thousand graduate students.


The department at the Ohio State University does not provide information based on the acceptance rates of undergraduate applicants. Yet, based on applications, you can assume that the acceptance rates for both graduate programs remain the same. For instance, for a university that incorporates so many selective students, all subjects are offered to graduate and undergraduate students.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Because the institute has not updated any details regarding the acceptance range for postgraduate students, the admission of various programs without giving such information may lead to the assumption to apply the general admission rate to all programs.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

How to get admission in The Ohio State University, an institute which is more selective when accepting scholars and has ranked 49th among the national institutes in the country? Before going with further procedures, candidates must complete two sets of conditions:


  • You must have either a four-year bachelors or advanced degree from a recognized academy or institute received by the scheduled date of acceptance into your graduate program.
  • A lowest 3.0 aggregate GPA (on a 4.0 ranking or parallel) for the last advanced or bachelor's degree received.
  • Manuscripts or other qualification documents that you have accomplished precondition literary career.

A systematized test result (GMAT or GRE) is needed just in case:

  • Your degree is from an interdicted academy or institute, and your application demands the score.
  • Your aggregate GPA is under 3.0 for the last advanced or bachelor's degree received, and your application needs the score.

Documents Required

While there are a lot of elements that go into The Ohio State University admissions requirements application, you must concentrate on only a few crucial things:

  • University Transcripts
  • Duplicate copies of passport
  • Letter of recommendation from the outgoing interaction administrator or institute professor
  • Clarified test score
  • Evidence of English language command
  • Individual statement from the scholar
  • Declaration of intent
  • Adequate economic documentation
  • Additional application necessities

Tests Required/Average Scores

The Ohio State University breaks down the ACT scores, SAT scores, and high school GPAs for each incoming applicant class.

The following table delivers details on ACT scores and their determination for OSU entrances: 

ACT score - Acceptance possibilities - Competitiveness

  • Above 32 - Above 78% - Good
  • Between 29 to 32 - 68 to 78% - Above average 
  • Between 26 to 29 - 56 to 68% - Below average 
  • Between 23 to 26 - 42 to 56% - Reach
  • Below 23 - Below 42% - Low

The following table considerably indicates the possibilities of getting entrance according to the SAT scores: 

SAT score - Acceptance rate - Competitiveness 

  • Above 1430 - Above 78% - Good  
  • Between 1320 to 1430 - 68 to 78% - Above average 
  • Between 1210 to 1320 - 56 to 68% - Below average 
  • Between 1100 to 1210 - 42 to 56% - Reach  
  • Below 1100 - Below 42% - Low  

The following table displays precise data on Ohio State University GPA conditions and selection possibilities: 

OSU GPA - Acceptance rate - Competitiveness 

  • Above 3.75 - 40% - Good  
  • Between 3.50 to 3.75 - 26% - Above average 
  • Between 3.25 to 3.50 - 17% - Below average 
  • Between 3.00 to 3.25 - 13% - Reach  
  • Between 2.75 to 3.00 - 5% - Reach  
  • Between 2.50 to 2.75 - 1% - Low  

 Popular Courses

Back in the early days at Ohio State University, it began by presenting three degrees; Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, and Civil Engineering. Since then, the University has grown excessively in terms of educational quality and the number of scholars. 

The most widespread majors at Ohio University include;

  • Finance, General
  • Psychology, General
  • Speech Communication and Rhetoric
  • Biology/Biological Sciences, General
  • Computer Engineering, General
  • Marketing/Marketing Management, General
  • Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services, Other; 
  • Accounting
  • Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
  • Econometrics and Quantitative Economics

How University Evaluates Applicants?

Applicants at Ohio State University Columbus campus get considered for access on a cut-throat basis. They look for proof that a candidate is qualified for the academic accuracy of the Ohio State classroom and is ready to meet The Ohio State University admission criteria and contribute to the Ohio State community.

  • Candidates who are keen to conduct
  • Candidates who see the power in the diversity of individuals and concepts
  • Who desires cooperation when cracking issues
  • Applicants who make use of all possibilities to evaluate what kind of influence they like to have in the world

Tips For Applying To University

Ohio University is famous for its academic medical center, research center, and cancer hospital. The institute proposes more than 200 undergraduate majors and is prominent for its football team, known as the “Ohio State Buckeyes.”

Because Ohio State is a well-known academy, you must have a reliable educational profile for your application to get assessed by the admissions council.

You can improve your possibilities of getting into Ohio University by;

  • Seek for all the A’s while taking the most demanding courses available
  • Strive for a 32 ACT and 1390 SAT
  • Acquire at least one or two Tier 1-2 extracurriculars
  • Write fascinating essays
  • Apply early action

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for Ohio State is 1st Feb 2023, and the application fee at The Ohio State University is $60. Furthermore;

  • The deadline for the academic year 2023-2024 undergraduate is February 15, 2023
  • The deadline for Autumn Semester 2023 undergraduate is February 15, 2023, and the deadline for Law candidates is April 15, 2023
  • The deadline for Spring Semester 2024 undergraduate is June 1, 2023, and the deadline for Law candidates is October 1, 2023

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