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Shawnee State University is among the most renowned public institutions founded in 1986 in Portsmouth, Ohio. The Open University ranks 127 to 166 among Midwest Regional Universities. In 2021 it had a massive undergraduate student enrollment of up to 3,023.

It has a selective admission process with a high acceptance rate. The university demands high SAT scores for admission to its graduate and post-graduate programs. Further, we look at major factors with the university acceptance rate to help students enroll in their preferred programs.

University Ranking

The regional and worldwide ranking of a University is vital to determine its reputation. The ones with higher regional and global rankings are the most recognized in the country and also draw many students from around the world. Shawnee State University scored 40 to 52 in the Top Public Schools in the Regional Universities Midwest in the U.S. News and World Report ranking in 2022 while also ranking 119 to 157 overall in the Best Regional Universities Midwest. The SSU was among the 52 schools ranking on both lists.

A University’s ranking depends on the performance criteria among widely accepted excellence indicators, including graduation, retention rates, academic expertise, faculty resources, alum giving, and graduate indebtedness.

Acceptance Rate

The college's acceptance rate is the rate at which the institution accepts applicants. For school and college students, the acceptance rates can be a vital thing to look at among all stats. Most students believe that the acceptance rates are among the main deciding factors in the student's admission.

The Shawnee State University acceptance rate is 94% and the college is highly selective in its admission process. Around half of the admitted applicants to Shawnee State University have SAT scores between 900 and 1150 or ACT scores from 17 to 23.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

While looking at the acceptance rate for undergraduate programs at Shawnee University, we cannot say about any particular requirement as no acceptance rates are for undergraduate programs. Still, with an overall acceptance rate of 94%, we can assume that the University enrolls around 94% of the total students in undergraduate programs.

Post-graduate Acceptance Range

As there is no information about the post-graduate acceptance range from the University, we can assume that the overall acceptance rate for all programs, including post-graduate ones, can be 94%.

Admission Criteria

As admission criteria for each college is different, people don’t know how to get admission in Shawnee State University? The University welcomes students from various cultures. International students can only apply for the Shawnee State State University after fulfillment of the following needs:

  • The applicant must have completed the International Application for Admission.
  • They should have submitted the final school and college transcripts.
  • They must provide documents demonstrating that they have financial resources to support them at Shawnee State University for a year.
  • They must offer an official minimum of 500 scores (paper-based), 170 min (computer-based), or 60 (internet-based) at a minimum, on various criteria like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 80 on Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) is needed for the admission to a degree program for students with English as a secondary language.
  • For admission to the SSU Nursing program, you need a TOEFL score of min 84 with a min of 26 as an English-speaking score.

The above listed points are Shawnee State University’s admission requirements. Around half of the admitted students to Shawnee State University had SAT scores of around 900 to 1150 or ACT scores between 17 to 23. However, a quarter of the admitted applicants scored above such a range, and a quarter also scored below such fields.

Required Documents For Admission

Having documents for the admission process is essential, and their authenticity matters the most. Shawnee State University's admission criteria still needs to be completed, as you only have to arrange the required documents to align with the admission process..

  • For the Undergraduates, you must offer a certificate focusing on secondary education, post-secondary, high education, diploma, or other such studies.
  • Application of All The Majors or Application for the Selective Health Science Programs
  • High School Transcript
  • SAT or ACT score

After submitting the information, the applicant gets an acceptance letter from the Admission office containing information about attending orientation, registering for the classes, and accessing the MySSU portal for vital information like account info and financial aid.

Tests Required/Average Scores

All the top-ranked universities have their eligibility criteria, including minimum test scores for setting the bar high for candidates. Among such leading universities is Shawnee State University.

You would need to go through many entrance tests, such as English proficiency and aptitude tests, to get admission to the University and get the average scores mentioned on the eligibility criteria.

  • Finish International Application for Admission
  • Submit final transcripts from high school and college
  • Offer documents or demonstrate that you've got plenty of financial resources to support yourself at Shawnee State University for a year.
  • Providing proof of an official 500 score (paper-based), 170 (computer-based), 80 on Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB), or 0 (internet-based) at minimum, on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or 5.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for admission in a degree program for students with English as a secondary language.
  • The SSU nursing program needs a TOEFL score of 84 with at least 26 as an English Speaking score.

Popular Courses

All universities are renowned for their best courses that earn recognition among students worldwide. The most popular courses offered by Shawnee State University are Health and Medical Administrative Services, Business Administration and Management, Accounting, General Psychology, Plastics and Polymer Engineering, Teaching, Biology, etc.

How University Evaluates Applicants

The University has various criteria set to evaluate the applicants in different courses. Students who are qualified for all the specified requirements are consistently shortlisted first. Thus, it's vital to pay a lot of attention to detail. Meeting eligibility criteria would also mean you've got the score for a certain degree you want to pursue. It also increases the selection chances. Another essential criterion the University focuses on is the certificate authenticity and other provided documents.

The university staff takes a comprehensive approach, looking at the documents and applications. All students meeting the admission criteria for Shawnee State University pursue their dreams and acquire the needed degrees.

Tips For Applying To The University

It is not a big deal to apply for a university program. You should also pay attention to detail and steps to ensure that you haven't been rejected for the application. With the below-mentioned tips, you can increase the chances of selection.

  • Narrow down to a suitable specialization and look for the eligibility criteria.
  • Make sure you meet the essential eligibility criteria and pass all the qualifying tests.
  • Arrange all necessary documents needed for admission, including the certificates, degrees, transcripts, passports, ID, recommendation letters, and the motivational letter that states the reasons for pursuing the specific degree of the plans for future use.
  • Register for English proficiency tests like the PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS.
  • Register and pass admission aptitude tests like GMAT, SAT, and GRE.
  • Book an appointment when the University conducts the admission interviews. 

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for applications are updated continually on the official university website. All the deadlines are often extended for the convenience of international students.  

For admission eligibility, applicants must submit all the application materials (PDF) in the application packet to the office two months before the beginning of the enrollment term. Start the application process months before planning the enrollment term.

Timeline For Applying In Fall Semester

The fall semester starts in late August. The office should receive all the required materials in the application packet by June. It's best to begin the application process in February.

Timeline For enrolling In Spring Semester

The spring semesters start in early Jan. Important materials in the application packet should be submitted to the office before November. You must begin filling out the application form in July.

Time For Enrolling In Summer Semester

The summer semester generally starts in late May. Applicants should submit all the needed materials in the application packet in the office before March. It is best to begin the application process in November. Applications that are yet to be completed after months of starting the application would be dismissed and void. 


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