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Regis University was formed in the year 1877 by the Society of Jesus. It offers more than 120 degrees through 5 colleges in various subjects like education, liberal arts, business, nursing, and technology. The Higher Learning Commission accredits it.

The university is located in Denver, Colorado, United States, on a campus of 90 acres. In the year 2020, the endowment of the university was $71.5 million.

University Rankings

University rankings are crucial for deciding the future of any institution. The university with the best rankings gets recognized throughout the country. It attracts students and tempts their parents to influence their kids to join the university. 

The student's performance is not only the criterion that decides a ranking university. There are others like the way of teaching, citations of the courses, research topics, global exposure, and income generated. These factors come together while deciding the performance which influences the university rankings.

Regis University has ranked 250 out of the 443 National Universities in the country. They get classified as per their achievement, thus covering a benchmark per specified norms.

Acceptance Rate (General)

The acceptance rate, in general, for any university is calculated by considering the accepted students against the number of applications received for joining the university. Some universities have a very high acceptance rate, almost cent percent, while universities with top rankings have low acceptance rates. This is because they wish to maintain the standards of their selection criteria. 

Regis University acceptance rate is 78%, which is considered high. This is a good percentage and gives students a positive note to getting admission.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Regis university does not specify any separate details regarding the undergraduate acceptance rate. But the acceptance rates for both undergraduate and postgraduate are the same.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

The university does not specify specific details regarding the postgraduate acceptance range. But it could be presumed that the acceptance range for postgraduate at the university is 78 %.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Regis University has ranked 250th out of the 443 National Universities in the country. The application process and relevant criteria should be fulfilled when applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The details of the Regis University admission criteria are

  • Submit school or degree certificates.
  • The English proficiency test scores, including TOEFL, IELTS, and CAE, should be submitted. 
  • Provide documents, including recent transcripts of school and college, valid ID proof, and a valid passport.
  • The letter of recommendation and an inspirational letter has to be submitted. 
  • Letter of recommendation along with a motivational letter is required.

Documents Required

The decision, whether selected or not, is intimated by the university within four weeks of receiving the completed application, After receiving the application, the review process is started. 

  • Applications for the new students are assessed based on the school and college records. 
  • A personal essay describing oneself and the reason for joining the course should be written so that the admission staff will get to know the student better. 
  • It is optional to submit a letter of recommendation from a counselor or teacher. 
  • The high school transcripts should be forwarded directly to Regis University's admission office. Transcripts must be on official paper and should not be stamped student copies.

Tests Required/Average Scores

Almost all universities have set their eligibility scores for relevant tests, thus maintaining set standards. It is always advisable to get through tests covering English proficiency and other aptitude tests as specified by the university and score the marks to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get selected. Regis University admissions requirements are

  • An undergraduate GPA (Grade Point Average) score of 3.0 or even 4.0 is advisable. 
  • Students who score a GPA below 3.0 and those who complete the work criteria experience will be considered case to case. Before beginning their graduate program coursework (600 level), they must take the 500-level foundation course (with three credits).
  • A minimum grade of "B" should be achieved in the foundational course to continue with the graduate program coursework.
  • The code for TOEFL  for the university is 3723. The university requires a minimum score of 71 in TOEFL, 6 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or 169 CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). 
  • If the language English is not the first language or the student has attended secondary or post-secondary school for two to four years where English was the medium of instruction, they will qualify for an English proficiency waiver.
  • Provide relevant documents, including recent transcripts, with valid ids and passports.

Popular Courses

All universities have the best courses that are popular among the students. A few of Regis University's popular methods are Software Engineering, Environmental Biology, Adult Education & Training, Business Administration, Nursing programs, Accounting, and Arts.

How does the University Evaluates Applicants?

All students are accepted into the university only after they meet all the criteria laid down by the university. Students completing the requirements will always be given preference for admittance to the university. So every minute detail while applying should have been adhered to. 

The university considers applicants based on their high school records, personal essays regarding themselves, and recommendation letter from their teachers or counselors, along with achieving relevant scores for various exams stipulated by the university. The students should ensure that all the certificates and other documents submitted are authentic.

Tips For Applying To University

Much attention should be focused while submitting application forms at the university. Otherwise, it may get rejected. A few tips on, How to get admission in Regis University for getting selected are

  • Review all the admission requirements stipulated by the university one by one.
  • Apply before the application submission deadline along with relevant fees.
  • Along with the application, submit relevant documents, including personal essays, school/college transcripts, relevant IDs, and appropriate references from teachers and counselors.
  • Make sure to check if any prior course work, tests (AP (Advanced Placement), CLEP (College Level Examination Program)), or professional experience could be transferred in for academic credit.
  • Go through the financial aid webpage to learn about applying for financial aid and various other scholarships offered by the university.
  • Make sure to apply for a FAFSA  application,  if applying for financial aid, as it is reviewed frequently during admissions.
  • Always make a checklist before applying to college and go through the same before submitting it.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines get updated on the website of Regis University. Sometimes upon request, the application deadlines are extended for international students depending upon case to case. 

As per the university's official website, the application deadline for the year 2023 – 

  • Spring Term 1 is January 9, 2023, 
  • Spring Term 2 is March 6, 2023, 
  • Summer Term 1: May 1, 2023

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