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In Athens, Ohio, there is a research-oriented institution called Ohio University (OHIO). Ohio University was founded in 1804 and was the first institution of higher learning in Ohio to be governed by a congressional act. It is the tenth-oldest American public institution overall and the oldest University in Ohio.

The gorgeous surroundings, diverse campus, the international community, and long history of Ohio University set it apart from other universities. It is the state's oldest public University and offers plenty of programs. It received a top university ranking in the US. Nursing, general studies, business, administration, and the humanities are the most popular courses at Ohio University.

University Rankings

  • #501-600 according to Universities Rankings - ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) 2021. 
  • #1001-1200 according to World University Ranking - QS 2022. 
  • #601-800 according to University Ranking - THE (Times Higher Education) 2022. 
  • #679 according to Global Universities - US News & World Report 2022.
  • #179 according to National University Ranking - US News & World Report 2022

Acceptance Rate (General)

Wondering how to get into Ohio University? Learn about its acceptance rate first so that you can plan accordingly.

Ohio University acceptance rate is around 87%. Ohio University has an open admissions policy. However, a GPA, TOEFL score, and recommendation letters are heavily influenced by admissions.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The admission rate for undergraduate courses at Ohio University is 87%. The University's Athens campus enrolled more than 20,000 students as of Fall 2021. The majority of students were enrolled in undergraduate programmes.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

The acceptance rate for postgraduate programmes at the University is 85%. OSU received 67,772 applications for admission in total in 2021.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Ohio University admission criteria for undergraduate courses: 

  • GPA should be 4.0 and above.
  • ACT and SAT scores
  • English proficiency scores

Ohio University admission criteria for postgraduate courses: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • GRE scores
  • English proficiency scores 
  • Work experience 

Documents Required

Ohio University admissions requirements for undergraduate courses: 

  • A copy of the passport's personal information page. 
  • A copy of your high-score grade list. 
  • US standardised examinations. 
  • Description of activities 
  • A declaration of enough financing.
  • Visa Certificate 
  • Medical certificate 

Ohio University admissions requirements for postgraduate courses: 

  • Personal statement 
  • Depending on the degree programme chosen, a work experience requirement may apply.
  • English proficiency 
  • Declaration of enough financing.
  • Medical certificate 
  • Visa Certificate 

Tests Required/Average Scores

English proficiency 

TestMinimum Marks
IELTSAbove 6
TOEFLAbove 68

 Popular Courses

CourseFee per yearDuration
B.Tech$232004 years
BBA$235004 years
MFA$180003 years
MBA$332001 year

How Does The University Evaluate Applicants?

Things that Ohio University looks at while granting admissions:


Your overall GPA can also gauge how well you did in school. Ohio University may examine your transcript to gain insight into your academic performance. A transcript is a list of all your high school classes and your grades for each. Ohio University also considers the high school courses you took, noting if you enrolled in honours and AP subjects when they were offered.

Extracurricular Activities 

Ohio University considers your participation in extracurricular activities. However, how long and strongly you have been devoted to one or two hobbies matters most to colleges. This could include clubs, music ensembles, sports, or other activities. They consider the leadership positions you've held, your accomplishments, and the amount of time you invested in the activity.

Tips For Applying To The University

Stay Aware of the Deadlines

Checking the criteria is the first step in applying to an Ohio University. Contact the University for more information if you feel the details on the webpage are unclear or lacking. Visit official websites if you want to know if the selected country accepts your nationality for student visas. It is crucial to pay attention to the deadlines in order to avoid missing the dates of the entrance exam or admission.

Recommendation Letters

Admission to a university or programme requires one or more professors’ letters of recommendation. Don't be afraid to request a letter of recommendation from your teachers with whom you get along well. It's important to remember that teachers may need letters of recommendation from several students and that writing them takes time. Ask as early as possible to give them enough time to prepare an in-depth and persuasive recommendation.

Take English Tests

As an international student who wants to pursue a course at Ohio University, you'll probably need to prepare for an English language test. The preparation time for the test should be taken into consideration while scheduling your test and organising your study abroad schedule. You will need time to study for the test, depending on your level of English language competence, your command of the language, and the score the University wants. 

Additionally, remember to schedule the exam at least thirty days in advance since each testing facility only schedules exams up to four times each month, depending on local demand. It can already be filled out if you submit your application after the deadline.

Translate your Documents. 

You must translate all of your documentation, including your diploma and grades, into English if you apply to a programme taught in English abroad. Be advised that translations need to be verified by an appropriate authority. Check your preferred university's website or ask an admissions office if you have any questions regarding the authority they accept.

Application Deadlines

Rolling admissions and early admissions are available at Ohio University. Early admission is a non-binding cycle that gives candidates top priority for admission to academic programmes with direct entry, merit scholarship opportunities, and University honours. Missing out on the early admission deadlines won't prevent applicants from applying by the rolling admission deadline. Still, they should be aware that admission will only be given if openings exist. The following dates are the anticipated application deadlines for admission to Ohio University:

Fall1 February 
Spring 1 February 
Summer1 December 

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