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Lindenwood university is also known as Lindenwood college. It is a private 

university which is situated in St. Charles, Missouri, in the United States. This University was built and established in the year 1827, and it has been 195 years of its establishment, and since then, it has been running perfectly. The aim of this University is to provide information to all the students and lead them to real experience and success.

The University is actually very huge. It is spread over 500 acres which is something near 2.023 square kilometers. The University gives offers to undergraduates, the postgraduates, and they also provide doctoral degrees to the students. Lindenwood University has an enrollment of more than 6,000 students, and there are a maximum of 6,491 students in the undergraduate category and 2,849 in the postgraduates category.

Lindenwood University also participates in various collegiate games and sports. The athletic teams of Lindenwood University are called the lions and lady lions. The University is also a member of the NCAA division, which competes in the Ohio Valley Conference. The University participates in games and sports like field hockey, men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, Women's ice hockey, men's volleyball, and many more. Lindenwood University has also won many national championships in skeet, trap, and clay shooting.

There also are libraries at Lindenwood University, The Margaret Leggat Butler Library was built in the year 1930, and it is situated in the historical eastern region of campus. The Library has more than 150,000 books. The Library at Lindenwood University also has its own coffee shop and center of writing. The Library is also a part of the MOBIUS Consortium that links the Library of Lindenwood with other libraries at higher learning institutions in Missouri. 

University Rankings:

University Rankings are very important for considering the performance of the University. Lindenwood University is ranked #110 out of 164 regional universities in the Midwest. It is also ranked as #110 among the top performers of social mobility.

It is also ranked in online programming it stands at #100 in Best Online Master's in Business Programs, #130 in Best Online Master's in Education Programs, #133 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs, #71 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans, #166-228 in Best Online Bachelor's in Business Programs,#176 in Best Online MBA Programs and many more.

Acceptance Rate:

Acceptance Rate refers to the percentage of students who are going to get accepted at the University. Most of the universities have an acceptance rate of 100%, but the universities with high rankings do have a low acceptance rate to maintain their standards. 

The institute is less selective; Linderwood University acceptance rate is 75%, which is suitable for a student to get accepted. In 2020 Lindenwood University had an acceptance of 92.1%.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate:

Most universities need to share information about the acceptance rate of the undergraduate category, and one of them is Lindenwood University. There is no information provided by the University on its website. Thus, it can be assumed that the general acceptance rate, which is 75% is applicable for all the students to get accepted into the University.

Postgraduate Acceptance Rate:

There needs to be more information given by Lindenwood University on their website for the postgraduates and undergraduates categories. It can be said or assumed that the general acceptance rate is applicable to all students of all categories, which is 75%.

Admission Eligibility Criteria:

The admissions at the institute are a bit complicated. So before you get further with the process, you need to follow these Linderwood University admission requirements:-

● You must have your SAT scores or ACT scores, TOEFL, or any other tests you have given. You have to submit the scores directly from the testing company. They do not accept emails or original copies online.

● You will be asked for high school transcripts that you have to send directly to Lindenwood University if you have attended schools in the United States.

● If you have attended schools outside of the United States, you will have to refer to the educational credential evaluators' website to see the documents which are required for admission. Then you must select the country from where you belong. The website will let you know about the documents that are needed to be submitted at Lindenwood University.

● Once all the documentation asked by the University is completed, you have to submit the documents, and if your documents have been evaluated and verified, you will receive a message for admission within five working days.

Documents Required:

The Lindenwood University admission criteria are simple, but you need the following documents to get admitted to this institute. 

● Copy of your passport or visa if it is available.

● You should have a certificate showing your degree or graduation.

● You must have your academic transcript or high school transcript.

● You should have a certificate of any of the English proficiency tests you have ever given, such as the IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE or any other.

● You must have a course acceptance letter and a university acceptance letter.

Average Scores:

All the universities with high rankings have their standards, and to get accepted at Lindenwood University, you will have to go through different tests like English proficiency tests or aptitude tests, and you need to get the average scores given on the eligibility criteria:- 

● You must have an SAT score between 980 to 1170 or an ACT score between 20 to 25.

● The average GPA should be 3.25 on a scale of 4.0 to get accepted at Lindenwood University.

● Your average score of overall academics must be at least 7.5.

● If you have been given any English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS, the score must be at least 477 and a minimum TWE score of 4.0.

● If you have given the PTE Academic test, you must have a score of 64 in all sections.

Popular Courses:

As you know, the University has a population of more than 6000 students. The University provides many majors and courses, and some of the popular Courses are business/commerce, criminal/justice/safety studies, biological sciences/biology, general accounting, Elementary education and teaching, marketing/marketing management, health/health care, exercise science and kinesiology and psychology and many more.

Accounting B.S. and B.A., Advertising and Public Relations B.A., Applied Science,

Art and Design B.A, Art and Design B.A with Education Certification, Art and Design with an emphasis in Digital Art, Art, and Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design, Art History, and Visual Culture B. With an emphasis on Pre-Art Conservation, and Biological Sciences B.A. with Secondary Education Certification Preparation.

Other courses include Business Economics, Cellular, and Molecular Biology B.S., Chemistry B.A. with an emphasis in Forensics, Criminology and Criminal Justice B.A., Criminology and Criminal Justice (B.A.) with Law Enforcement Academy emphasis, etc.

Tips For Applying To The University:

You have to fulfill the degree requirements, and by providing information and your certificates, you can finally move to your dream university. Here are some tips you have to follow, if you are wondering how to get admission in the Lindenwood University:-

● For the undergraduates, Choose your particular degree and pay attention to that one specialization.

● Then, you will have to complete your application form by giving the application a nonrefundable amount, which is 30 dollars.

● Your counselor will reach out to you with the next steps. You have to submit the official transcripts from the previous schools or institutes ever attended.

● You are all set to go to your dream university. Now you can apply and be a part of Lindenwood University. You will have access to services, resources, and opportunities along with 24×7 technical support.

Application Deadlines:

The University keeps updating the deadlines on its official website.

The general application deadline for Lindenwood University is November 1. The application deadline for Fall 1 is June 30. For the fall semester, the application deadline was September 1; for the spring semester 1, the application deadline was December 1; and for the spring semester 2, the application deadline was February 2.


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