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Jackson State University, a public university, was established in 1877. It is a recognized urban university for Mississippi State. This campus is located in an urban setting and its campus is spread over 220 acres. It consists of 4763 undergraduate students enrolled, and their academic calendar is semester based. 

Jackson State University offers over ninety bachelor's, master's, and doctorate courses in a variety of academic subjects across 38 academic departments. Approximately 10,000 students make up Jackson State University, which is also the 4th largest state university in Mississippi and 4th largest historically Black University or college in the entire United States. 

The 220 acres spread campus is situated in the heart of Jackson, and several satellite sites, such as JSU-Holmes Campus, JSU-Madison Campus, JSU Downtown, JSU-Mississippi E-Center, as well as the center of the University are run by the University around the state of Mississippi.

University Rankings

Any university's rankings are critical in determining whether it fulfils the criteria required to be successful in the chosen program. The ranking gets influenced by a variety of variables, including academic achievement, student employability, citations, industry income and the ratio of student to teacher. 

As mentioned in the above statements, Jackson State University ranks #4 among the most significant state universities in Mississippi. In the list of National Universities rankings, this University managed to secure the #331-440 rank. Whereas in the "Top Public School" list, the University is ranked at #42. 

Jackson State University has secured the position of #196-212 in the Top Undergraduate Engineering Programs. Additionally, it is ranked #59 based on Top Performers in Social Mobility.

Acceptance Rate (General)

The Jackson State University acceptance rate is very moderate. The University is highly flexible and moderately selective in terms of admissions. It has kept its acceptance rate at 62 percent to maintain the excellence and standards of the University. 

The GPA of an applicant is one of the most essential educational criteria for admission at this University. Also, the rank achieved by a candidate in their high school holds significant weight in the admission process at this University. On the other hand, the officials do not consider recommendation letters.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate 

As previously indicated, Jackson State University has not lately provided information regarding any specific acceptance rate of postgraduate programs. Consequently, this institution accepts about 62 percent of applicants, which involves both postgraduate and undergraduate candidates. 

Postgraduate Acceptance Rate 

As previously indicated, Jackson State University has not lately provided information regarding any specific acceptance rate of postgraduate programs. Consequently, this institution accepts about 62 percent of applicants which involves both postgraduate and undergraduate candidates. 

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Every University has its own set of prerequisites for admission. Likewise, the prerequisites of admission to Jackson State University vary based on whether the candidate is applying to a Postgraduate or Undergraduate programme. If you are also looking for the significant admission eligibility criteria of "how to get admission in Jackson State University, " comply with the essential points mentioned below. 

The Jackson State University admission requirements are simple enough. The applicants need to go to the University's official website, look over the specifications, and then submit the application.

Some of the prerequisites for entering the University are listed below:

  • A verified and official transcript from the applicant's high school is necessary. It may be submitted in the form of email directly from the candidate's high school, hand-delivery to the University or sent electronically using a clearinghouse or parchment. 
  • The candidates need to submit their immunisation records. 
  • The candidates should also submit the score of ACT and SAT tests. The code for the ACT and SAT of Jackson State University is 2204 and 1341
  • The graduate candidates need to submit a score of GPA, which must be above 3.0 or a Master's Degree. 

Documents Required 

Applicants must possess the following records in order to meet Jackson State University admission criteria:

  • Application form to enrol in the admission
  • The results of the ACT and SAT tests
  • Verified and official transcripts from the applicant's high school

Candidates from abroad who desire to enrol at this University must provide the following documentation:

  • Admission Application form.
  • The results of SAT test scoring 790 or above or the ACT test scoring 16 or above. 
  • All certificates, transcripts and mark sheets must be translated and certified. 
  • TOEFL or IELTS testing score as English proficiency proof.
  • Certification of immunisation. 

Test Required/ Average Scores 

According to what was previously said, Jackson State University has particular guidelines and requirements for graduate and undergraduate admissions. So, each candidate shall adhere to the exam criterion set for the process of selection. The ACT and SAT scores are a significant factor in this University's admissions requirements.

If candidates choose to enrol at Jackson State University, they must undertake the following tests: 

Average Score and Requirement of ACT

As per the previous admission records, Jackson State University approves applicants with 19 or above ACT scores. Notably, the selected applicants' average ACT scores frequently fall between 17 and 21. The applications of candidates with an ACT Score below 17 are not accepted. 

Average Score and Requirement of SAT

Potential candidates at Jackson State University should score among the top 85% among the overall test takers of SAT. On a scale of 1600 points, this University accepts the least SAT scores as 850. However, only a small number of candidates with SAT scores below 740 might be admitted. 

Average Score and Requirement of GPA or High school marks

High GPAs are valued highly by Jackson State University when considering applicants. Additionally, applicants should have at least a 2.50 GPA and above-average grades in high school. Furthermore, past applicants at JSU have a 3.10 average GPA in high school. 

Popular Courses

Jackson State University offers numerous top-notch courses. This University is famous for the following majors, including Psychology, Biology Science or General Biology, Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Work, elementary teaching and education, Mass communication, and Safety guides. 

How The University Evaluates Applicants

According to the surveys, there is little data available on the internet about the strategy used by universities for evaluating their candidates. The Jackson State university's evaluation process is generally on the basis of test results of ACT and SAT exams. It also considers High school marks along with the score of GPA. 

If candidates are anxious to enrol at Jackson State University, they should adhere to the norms and regulations listed above.

Tips For Applying To The University 

The following are some critical pointers that every applicant should remember while registering for this University:

  • The candidates must apply as soon as possible. For overseas students, this point is highly crucial as their paperwork might take longer. 
  • You must ensure that all required materials are submitted to the office of graduate admissions along with a complete application.
  • The processing of your application could be postponed if the name on your application, IELTS, TOEFL or transcripts mismatch. 
  • The candidate must visit the official university website and browse it in detail.

Application Deadlines

Jackson State University has an application deadline of September 19.


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