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Hawaii Pacific University, also recognized as HPU, is a multicultural private university located in downtown Honolulu, Kaneohe, and Makapuu, in the state of Hawaii, U.S. 

This institute is the most considerable private academy in the Central Pacific, most reported for its various student body of almost 5,000 scholars portraying about sixty-five nations. The institute was founded in 1965 and got affiliated with NAICU. It got established by Elizabeth Kellerman, Paul C.T. Loo, Reverend Edmond Walker, and Eureka Forbes.

HPU is home to thousands of scholars studying a comprehensive range of postgraduate and undergraduate programs. There are 4,260 beginner undergraduates and 738 academic postgraduates out of the overall number of scholars in the institute. Hawaii Pacific University got geographically attributed by the (WASC) Western Association of Schools and Colleges and acquired a reconfirmation of its authorization in 2016, further expanding to 2022. 

University Rankings

The Hawaii Pacific University is a coveted institute in the pacific region of the United States. The first class of 7 scholars graduated in 1972. Academies and institutes get ranked according to the implementation across a group of widely acknowledged indicators of superiority. Hawaii University was awarded 36 badges in the 2023 ratings.

If you think of grabbing the advantage of studying at a private institute, Hawaii Pacific University would be worth viewing. Out of 120 Regional Universities West, Hawaii Pacific University is ranked at number 64 and in the Top Performers on Social Mobility at #52. It was ranked number 201 out of 250 in US UNI (universities) 2021.

Acceptance Rate (General)

If you want to get admission, the first thing to examine is the acceptance rate. It informs you how cut-throat the academy is and how significant its conditions are. The admittance at HPU is proposed on a rolling base and observes an excellent approval rate. 

Hawaii Pacific University acceptance rate is selective by an approval rate of 85%. For every 100 candidates, 85 get accepted.

It signifies the academy is lightly choosy. The academy will have its desired conditions for GPA and ACT/SAT scores. If you fulfill their conditions, you are nearly sure to get an approach for admission. The university delivers exceptional placement chances to its applicants who wind up landing some of the high-income jobs in the nation with starting earnings of almost 50,000 USD.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The scholar-faculty ratio at Hawaii Institute is 18:1, and the academy has 48.6 percent of its courses with lesser than 20 trainees.

The administrative department at Hawaii Pacific University does not update data based on the approval rates of undergraduate aspirants. So, you will have to suppose that the acceptance rate will stay the same for both graduate applications. 

For illustration, for an academy that comprises a less selective number of scholars, all subjects will be offered to either undergrad or degree-holder students.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Because the college has not revised any data about the acceptance rate for postgraduate scholars, the admission of diversified programs, while not giving much info, might result in the idea of using the final approval rate for any or all programs.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

How to get admission in Hawaii Pacific University, an institute that understands that every scholar has a remarkable academic record and unique skills? Admittance at Hawaii Institute is not that selective scholars from worldwide can smoothly get admission into the university if they have attractive academic scores and some co-curricular record. 

Most degree holder programs demand a GPA of 3.0 along with professional background, and thus additional manuscripts such as resumes, purpose statements, and recommendation letters must be top-level. Global candidates get suggested to conduct foundation classes in topics such as english, math, and economic language, to gain an advantage over more candidates.

Documents Required

Being one of the most ethically varied institutes in America with scholars from all 50 states of the United States and almost 65 countries, for Hawaii Pacific University admissions requirements, candidates must present the following manuscripts at the moment of admission.

  • Authorized high school documents
  • Evidence of after-school activities
  • Letters of recommendation
  • English mastery test score
  • Essay Writing
  • Fee receipt
  • Personal information

The ACT and SAT academy codes for Hawaii University are 0900 and 4352.

Furthermore, the institute mainly evaluates the following aspects for the admission of scholars:

  • (GPA) Grade Point Average 
  • Evidence of English Proficiency only for international scholars
  • ACT / SAT scores
  • Extracurricular acts to be done in formerly attended university
  • Personal statement (writing sample/essay/poetry samples)
  • Curriculum vitae only for graduate scholars
  • The educational area of concern

Suggested courses for undergraduate candidates are:

  • Four years of English
  • Three years of Natural Science
  • Three years of Math
  • Two years of Financial Language
  • Three years of Social Science/History

Tests Required/Average Scores

Every academy has distinct conditions for standardized testing. Most academies need the lowest GPA requirement and the ACT and SAT, and also demand SAT subject tests.

At Hawaii Pacific University, the required GPA is 3.5. If your GPA remains below the academy standard of 3.5, you will require a higher ACT or SAT score to recompense. 

You must either take the ACT or SAT to apply to the university. However, you will have to do well to have an attractive application.

The standard SAT score blended at Hawaii University is 1100 on the 1600 SAT ranking. This score makes (HPU) Hawaii Pacific University cut-throat for SAT scores.

Just like for the SAT, Hawaii University probably does not have a challenging ACT cut-off. The standard ACT score at the university is 23. And this makes the university fairly cut-throat for ACT test scores.

Half the candidates accepted to the academy have an ACT score between 22 and 28 or an SAT score of 1070 and 1238.

Popular Courses

One of the most distinctive majors at the Oceanic Institute of Hawaii University located in Makiapuu point is research for aquaculture. It is also there on the military installations on the island of Oahu. 

There are too many programs to choose from 4 main campuses the Honolulu Campus, Oceanic Institute, Hawaii Loa Campus, and Military Programs that include;

  • Health Professions and Related Programs 
  • Business, Marketing, Management, and Related Support Services 
  • Biomedical and Biological Sciences 
  • Homeland Security, Firefighting, Law Enforcement, and Related Protective Services 
  • Journalism, Communication, and Related Programs
  • Psychology
  •  Information and Computer Sciences and Support Services
  • Education
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies 
  • Public Administration and Social Service Professions

Moreover, there are many majors in the degree holder program; 

  • Sustainable Development
  • (MSW) Master of Social Work 
  • Global Leadership
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • World Languages
  • Doctorate of Clinical Psychology
  • Educational Leadership
  • Secondary Education

How University Evaluates Applicants?

There are 313 scholars registered in the graduate program and 2,152 in the undergraduate program. The institutes' full-time undergraduates are 31% male and 69% female. 

Hawaii Pacific University admission criteria are moderately selective and not that hard to get in. The HPU considers candidates carefully based on numerous standards to determine who they should admit and who to decline.

Academies that are not that difficult to get into, like Hawaii Pacific University, accept most of the average of all candidates. Still, 75 percent of the accepted students have GPAs in the top 50 percent of their secondary school class and achieved over 18 on the ACT or over 1010 on the SAT. 

Also, it is somewhat difficult to get admitted as a transfer scholar.

Tips For Applying To University

According to Collegefactual 2021, Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) is ranked 9th among the 3,750 institutes in the United States of America for keeping the most cultural diversity.

Each academy decides which aspects must be specified with the most significance when determining which candidates to admit and which to deny. To be reviewed as qualified, applicants from different nations must confirm that they fulfill all the needed processes.

As soon as your application gets finalized, you can expect to acquire a conclusion within three weeks of acceptance.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline at Hawaii Pacific University is Sept 6, and the application fee is $45.

Global candidates get informed to conduct the admission procedure by presenting the application on time or before the deadlines. Application requests submitted after the priority time limit will get tolerated on a rolling basis.


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