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The College of Staten Island is situated on New York island. This is a public university that provides a range of educational programs in the liberal arts and sciences domain. This college is an important part of the City University of New York and specializes in providing top-notch education to its students. This college is unique within the City University of New York because very few educational institutions are located on an island. Students interested in art and science courses can apply for admission to this great institution.

University Rankings

The college and university ranking is a major factor determining the quality of programs provided at those institutions. Being present in the top chart is difficult because many institutions and colleges compete for the best rank.

The College of Staten Island ranks 124 out of 181 regional universities in the north, which is a special rank. This college also ranked No. 45 among the top public colleges. Apart from that, the college was among the top 97 performers in social mobility. All these ranks justify the strong performance of the college and the students. 

Acceptance Rate (General)

The acceptance rate of any university should always be high enough so that the maximum students can get admission. But as various steps are involved in the admission process, the acceptance rate depends on all those factors. The College of Staten Island acceptance rate is 94%. This percentage is sufficient to let most students enter the university without complications.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The College of Staten Island does not provide an undergraduate acceptance rate. But it can be assumed that the undergraduate acceptance rate is very close to the general acceptance rate, which is 94%. As these figures are mostly similar, the same can be accepted for the undergraduate program.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Like the undergraduate acceptance rate, the college does not provide a postgraduate acceptance rate. For more details on the postgraduate acceptance rate, it can be assumed that the general acceptance rate also applies to postgraduate programs.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to any university or college, every student must search for the eligibility criteria of the institution. Without fulfilling the criteria, it is hard to get admission to the college, so it is best to be informed about how to get admission to the College of Staten Island. Given below is the eligibility criterion that every applicant should fulfil:

  • Students must have an official high school transcript.
  • Applicants must have a high school diploma with a scorecard.
  • First-time applicants must complete the first-year application with the correct details.
  • The applicant must provide the test scorecard required to enter the college.

Documents Required

During the application process for any university, students are required to submit all required documents on time. As these documents set the basis for the students' real identity and academic results, submitting them is crucial. The College of Staten Island admission requirements can be completed by submitting the below documents:

  • For undergraduates, the official high school transcript is necessary.
  • Students must have a high school certificate with a minimum grade point average of 3.0.
  • They must have real identity proof to submit to the college association.
  • Transfer students must have the official college transcript to submit to the college.

Tests Required/Average Scores

Every university analyzes students' academic performance through the test scores and marks obtained in the previous class or degree. This college also accepts students based on the marks obtained on particular tests. As proficiency in some subjects is necessary to enter college, students must have a valid score on the test given below.

  • Students applying through the SAT exam must have an average score of 1170.
  • Students applying through the ACT exam must have an average score of 24.
  • To enter college, students with English as a second language must take the Accuplacer ESL exam.
  • The IELTS score must be above 6.5 to enter college.

Popular Courses

Many popular courses are available on the College of Staten Island program list. As the college provides both bachelor's and master's degrees, the number of courses is huge. For undergraduates, a bachelor of computer science is the most popular course. The postgraduate student's master of science in business management is the most popular. Both of these courses ensure great results and placement for the students.

How University Evaluates Applicants?

Each university evaluates the students based on various factors, like their academic scores, verification process, added test scores, and proficiency in subjects that are a major part of the university. Because each step of the admissions process is critical, paying attention to them ensures a successful admission.

The College of Staten Island admission criteria majorly depends upon the test scores and proficiency in subjects like English and math. As most courses provided by the college are based on these two courses, proficiency is required to get selected for the college. 

Tips For Applying To University

To get selected for the College of Staten Island, students must follow all the guidelines properly. Respecting the process and the deadline is a very important step in applying for college. 

Every student must submit all required documents on time and without errors.

As any mistake can spoil the student's impression, checking all documents before submitting them is necessary. 

Apart from that, while applying, make sure to apply for the exams whose scores are necessary for the admission process and try to score the highest marks to get admission in the preferred course.

Also, always submit real documents, like identity proofs and GPA sheets, to go through a smooth verification process.

Application Deadlines

The application process for the college is currently rolling. As admission takes place in two segments, students can apply accordingly. For 2022, the deadline for the spring semester was 15 September, and for the fall semester, it was 1 February.

To get the latest deadlines for the application, students can find it on the official website of the College of Staten Island.


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