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The California State University- East Bay is located in Hayward, California. Founded in 1957 this university is a part of a 23-campus California University. In the 2022-2023 ranking of Best Colleges in National Universities, is 331-440. Let's have a look at the university’s acceptance rate and criteria. 

University Rankings

University rankings are significant as they decided the future of the university. The institution is constantly focused on the students and their performance not only in academics but also in extra curriculums so that the university can gain recognition. 

Various factors decide the ranking of a university. The factors are listed as follows:

  • Teaching staff’s code of conduct and skills
  • Excellent research work 
  • Citation 
  • Revenue generated
  • Global outlook

The aforementioned factors are like the five injuries of the hand. They join together to form a fist, in this case, a high-ranking university. 

California State University- East Bay ranked 363 in 2022 by US News & World Report- UG Business. 

Acceptance Rate (General)

Every university has a percentage rate. This is the percentage of students who can get a chance to get admitted to a particular college. It is called the acceptance rate of the university. Some universities have high acceptance rates, while others are very strict with admissions. The acceptance rate helps a university to maintain the standard of its esteemed institute. 

Generally, California University- East Bay acceptance rate is 73.3% which is on the higher side. It means that the students who want to get admitted to the university have a good chance.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The undergraduate acceptance rate refers to the percentage of students who can get admission to the undergraduate program of the university. 

The undergraduate acceptance rate at this university is 73% and the application fee is $70.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

According to the information available, the postgraduation acceptance rate of CSU- East Bay is also 73%.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

There are certain criteria that you need to fulfill if you want to know about how to get admission to California University- East Bay. If you have the following criteria, you can apply for a seat at this university:

  • High school graduation GPA of 3.0 to 4, i.e., 85%
  • Undergraduate GPA of minimum 2.5 to 4, i.e., 80%
  • A TOEFL iBT score of 80 is required. There are compulsory for international students.

Documents Required

Authentic documents matter most when you are planning to take admitted to any university. Each university has a separate set of documents that you require to get verified in the admission process. California University- East Bay admission requirements need some mandatory documents that an aspiring student is supposed to submit. The documents are listed as follows:

  • Official GMAT (or GRE) score
  • Official transcripts from all the schools, colleges, and universities that attend.
  • Separate personal statement (if not attached with the admission form).
  • Resume.
  • Recommendation letters, are not compulsory but recommended.

Tests Required/Average Scores

To maintain the academic level, every college and university conducts an external or internal examination. Despite all valid documents and eligibility, the student has to score certain marks to get admission to the university. 

However, the California State University- East Bay no longer required any test, like the ACT or SAT to determine the eligibility of the students. 

Popular Courses

There is no proper information available on the popular courses you can study the CSU- East Bay. Any conjured-up information will be misleading. It is suggested that you mail the institution to get verified information.

How University Evaluates Applicants

When you are applying to a university, it will judge you based on your eligibility criteria. If you meet their criteria list, you will be on the priority list. 

Ensure that you follow the eligibility guidelines and submit verifies documents to get into CSU- East Bay. 

Based on your documents, California State University- East Bay admission criteria will be fulfilled. Hence, you will be able to pursue your dreams of studying at this university. 

 Applying for a degree in a college is a trivial matter. Ensure that you look into the details and fulfill the requirements without any mistakes. However, the following tips will help you while applying to the university:

  • You must have scored the required makes to pursue a degree.
  • Ensure that you make a thorough research about the source you want to study that is available at the university. Furthermore, you have to attain the criteria to study that source.
  • Register for English Proficiency Tests- IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.
  • Scoring the required makers in the entrance exam.
  • Appear for aptitude tests, if required.
  • Booking appointment dates if the university wants to take your interview.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines are dynamic. Keep a close look at the university website if they have changed the dates. The dates are affected by the internal affairs of the state and country.

The application deadline for California State University- East Bay, for 2022 is 30th November, the date of 2023 is not yet released.


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