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Berkeley College is a private college in New York. It is under the accreditation of the Middle States Commission. It was founded in 1931. They have campuses in New Jersey and New York. They have various undergraduate and undergraduate programs to cater the professional needs. They provide online graduation programs also.

Berkeley College provides comprehensive programs for placement services and internships. It helps the students to build their resumes and how to navigate through the career options. They also give part-time and volunteer opportunities to gain experience and practical knowledge.

They have various services like student services, Housing services, Library services, ICT services, and Medical services. The alumni network of ex-students of this college is strong. The scholarships are limited for international applicants, but they provide financial aid for the students.

University Rankings

University rankings are essential, and it indicates the quality and efficiency of the institutions. It is created to ascertain the university's performance at the global level. It will be a source of information for people to understand the institution.

University rankings are ascertained by looking into various parameters. It will measure the expertise, options for the students, career opportunities, awards, specializations, and other criteria. So there are many factors that determine the ranking of a university.

According to a US News report, the ranking of Berkeley College is  #35-45 out of 54 North Regional colleges.

Acceptance Rate (General)

The acceptance rate is the percentage at which applications are accepted by the college. For example, If 200 students give an application to the college and the college takes 20 applications, the acceptance rate of the particular college will be 10%.

According to US News report, the Berkeley college acceptance rate is 93%. It is pretty impressive and gives some hope to the applicants.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

There is no acceptance rate exclusively given for undergraduate programs. So it can be assumed that the acceptance rate is 93% for undergraduate programs at Berkeley College.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

The acceptance rate for postgraduate programs in Berekely college can be considered as 93% since there is no specific acceptance range for the same.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

To get admission to Berekely college, one has to meet certain criteria. There are some specific requirements that an international student should complete.

  • A high school degree or equivalent qualification degree
  • A minimum score in English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • ACT and SAT scores for some specific courses
  • Copy of Passport
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial status documents
  • Interview/Auditions for specific programs

Documents Required

The Berkeley College admission requirements are simple.  They should have the documents of previous academic grades. Below mentioned are the documents required to apply to Berkeley College.

For Undergraduate programs

  • Proof validating the English proficiency
  • Documentation on financial status - $39,0000 should be in the student's bank account.
  • Copy of Passport
  • SOP - Statement of Purpose
  • LOR - Letter of Recommendation

For Graduate programs

  • Proof validating the English proficiency
  • Documentation of the financial status
  • Copy of Passport
  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation - Two
  • Personal Statement

Tests Required/Average Scores

Berekely College admission criteria are based on specific test scores that have to be achieved by the applicants. The below-mentioned details of tests will give a brief idea of the minimum scores to be achieved to get admission into the college.

For undergraduate admission, applicants should complete their high school studies. They also have passed any one of the English proficiency tests.

  • A score of 61 or above on the TOEFL iBT test
  • A score of 500 or more on the TOEFL PBT test
  • A score of 5.5 or more on the IELTS test
  • A score of 43 or above on the PTE test
  • C1 Advanced or B2 1st in Cambridge English
  • For Graduate admissions, applicants should have completed a degree in bachelors and one of the below-mentioned English test scores.
  • A score of 80 or above- TOEFL iBT
  • A score of 6.5 or more - IELTS

Popular Courses

The Berekely college provides various graduate and undergraduate programs. The college also has associate, bachelor's, and Honor Courses for undergraduate levels. Students can learn either online or in hybrid mode.

The primary study areas are Management, Justice Studies, Health Management, Financial Services, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Accounting, Business, Medicine, Nursing, Fine Arts, and Science. The college also offers an integrated BBA plus MBA program with a duration of 4 years.

How University Evaluates Applicants

Evaluations of the applications are based on the criteria laid by the college. The applicants should comply with the various documentation as mentioned by the college. They should have good scores in the minimum qualification required for admission to programs offered.

International applicants should clear some English language tests like IELTS, TEOFL, PTE, etc., to prove their language proficiency. The college sets a minimum score to be achieved by the applicants to get into the college.

The applicants secure their place in the college to pursue their dream by meeting the prescribed criteria and documentation. So it is essential to provide accurate information to make the admission process smooth.

Tips For Applying To A University

There are some tips on  how to get admission in Berekely College and the process they follow. Berekely college follows the rolling admission system. So the students can apply anytime in a year to get admission. But undergraduate applications are usually accepted in early September. Students from outside the country need to apply via the admission portal of the college.

Applicants should procure the necessary documentation required by the college. The tests and minimum score should be obtained in the required tests. Letters of recommendation are a mandatory document that makes the process easier.

Application forms need to be filled out carefully by providing the necessary details. It has to be double-checked before submission. The accuracy of the information provided is very significant. Once the admission notice is received, one can apply for the visa process.

Applications are evaluated based on the previous record in academics. The personal statement given by the applicants on their profile, experiences, and achievements will increase their chances of getting into the college.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline will be updated on the college website. Students have to apply through the admission portal. Since this college follows the system of rolling admission, students can apply for the course anytime. The date of commencement of classes will be in early September.

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