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Recognized as one of the top universities in the South, Auburn University At Montgomery takes pride in its academic excellence, top-notch educational facilities and faculties, top-ranked undergraduate and postgraduate programs, a beautiful and vast campus, and its various athletic opportunities. The university boasts its athletic men's and women's teams that engage in sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, tennis, and cross country.

Founded in 1967, Auburn University at Montgomery is situated in an urban setting and welcomes students from around the world warm-heartedly. Talking about its academic excellence, the university offers around 90 graduate and undergraduate courses. Students taking admission here get to become part of a global learning community where they enjoy meeting people from different cultures and experiencing the best education and research. 

University Rankings

A university's ranking plays a significant role when a student is seeking admission. University rankings tell a lot about a university's reputation, academic excellence, and worldwide recognition. University rankings help students worldwide decide better whether studying at the universities of their choice will be worthwhile.

Regarding the rankings of Auburn University At Montgomery, it has been ranked 67th out of 136 regional universities in the South by the U.S. News rankings. It has further received the rank of 12th by the U.S. News under the category of 'best undergraduate teaching'. QS and Times Higher Education rankings have placed Auburn in the 800s among world universities.  

Acceptance Rate (General)

Acceptance rate plays a significant role while seeking admission to a university; it tells you a lot about how many applicants the university is willing to accept and how challenging getting into these universities might be. Mostly, private universities have a relaxed acceptance rate; however, most top-ranked public universities have the lowest acceptance rates, as low as 8%. Luckily for Auburn, this is not the case; despite being a public university, it has an impressive acceptance rate.

The Auburn University at Montgomery acceptance rate is as high as 92%, so you can assume that getting admission here is easy. 

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Auburn University at Montgomery does not specifically mention the acceptance rate for undergraduates or postgraduates. It can be assumed that the overall acceptance rate declared by the university applies to all. 

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

A few universities have different acceptance ranges for their postgraduates and undergraduates; however, most still need to. In such cases, the overall acceptance rate is assumed to apply to all. The general Auburn University at Montgomery acceptance rate is 92%.  

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Every university shares a long list of eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled by the students seeking admission. Fulfilling these criteria is the key to getting admission. The list of eligibility criteria is shorter in private universities and longer in public universities, but luckily, Auburn University at Montgomery's admission requirements are few. The Auburn University at Montgomery admission criteria are as follows:

  • Students must have completed a high school or equivalent degree for an undergraduate degree.
  • Acquired a minimum GPA of 2.3 or above.
  • The minimum ACT composite score attained must be 18. 
  • Or an SAT score that should be at least 940. 
  • If you are an international student, you must submit English language proficiency test scores, including IELTS, TOEFL, iTEP, PTE, or Duolingo. 

Documents Required

Documents play a vital role in the selection process of universities. Failing to provide authentic documents or a minor mistake in any of these can hamper your entire application process. Besides eligibility criteria, universities are very strict about documents; based on these, the university decides which candidate is the most suitable for admission. If you are wondering how to get admission to Auburn University at Montgomery, then apart from fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you must submit these required documents:

  • Recent official transcripts. 
  • Report of SAT and ACT scores.
  • Language proficiency test scores.
  • Valid passport or ID if you are an international student. 

Tests Required/Average Scores

Every university has a different set of test requirements. To take admission at Auburn University at Montgomery, you must submit these test scores:

  • SAT- Minimum score obtained must be 940. 
  • ACT- Minimum requirement is 18. 
  • IELTS- Minimum acquired score must be 5.5. 
  • TOEFL- Paper-based test minimum requirement is 500, and the internet-based requirement is 61. 
  • iTBT- Minimum obtained score must 61. 
  • PRE- The minimum requirement is 44. 
  • Duolingo- Minimum obtained score must be 90. 
  • For some of its courses, the university also accepts GMAT and GRE scores. 

Popular Courses

Every university has its set of popular courses, and the most popular courses at Auburn University include Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Cybersystems, Anthropology, Business Administration, Communication, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Psychology, and many more. 

How University Evaluates Applicants

The university evaluates its applicants based on submitted documents and eligibility criteria. Students who successfully submit authentic documents and fulfill the eligibility requirement of entrance test scores have the highest chances of getting selected. 

Tips For Applying To University

After completing High School, you wish to apply to your dream university to pursue your higher education; however, the process is a bit confusing for first-time applicants, especially international students. Before you begin the application process, there are many vital things to remember, and these valuable tips can save you from making mistakes.

  • Before beginning to fill up the admission form, thoroughly go through the official website and the admission page of the university to gather all the vital information.
  • Gather all the required authentic documents before beginning the application process.
  • Make sure you fill-up the application form without any spelling errors. Minor mistakes can cost you heavily.
  • If you have too many questions, contact the university before filling out the application form. 
  • Try to obtain language proficiency and standardized test scores much more than the minimum eligibility criteria.

Application Deadlines

Auburn University at Montgomery has different application deadlines for every semester. Students should keep an eye on the university's official website to get the latest updates about deadlines and deadline extensions. The university takes admission between its three semesters: Spring, Summer, and Fall. The application process is about to begin for the upcoming Spring semester-2023. 

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