MS in Mechanical Engineering

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Batch Start Date - 16th August 2022

Key Benefits of the Program

  • INR20 Lakhs

    Significant savings of upto INR 20 Lakhs compared to studying full degree in USA

  • Upto36 Months

    Eligible for PGWP/Post Study Work/OPT visa application after graduation

  • INR65 Lakhs

    Average salary in USA after completion of the course

Program Structure and Fees

MS in Mechanical Engineering with a dual specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is an 18-month course offered by INSOFE in partnership with Case Western Reserve University. Students will complete the first of the three semesters at INSOFE getting acquainted with topics such as foundations of data science skills, machine learning algorithms, data mining, and visualization techniques. 

Students will be completing the final 12 months, on campus at Case Western Reserve University, USA to complete the rest of the requirements.

The total tuition fee of Case Western Reserve University is ~USD 46,283. The first instalment of ~USD 13,900 (For 9 Credits) is to be paid once admission is confirmed by the university. The students will also have to incur an annual living cost of ~USD 14,000 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  1. Country


    Course Name

    • Semester 1 (Mechanical Engineering)


    • This program is for Mechanical Engineering professionals.
    • B.E/B.Tech graduate with minimum of 60% marks.

    Tuition Fees

    ~ USD 23,141

    Cost of Living


    Mode of Teaching



    6 months

  2. Country


    Course Name

    • MS in Mechanical Engineering with a dual specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


    • After completion of INSOFE curriculum, Students will travel to the CWRU campus in the USA to complete their MS

    Tuition Fees

    ~ USD 23,141

    Cost of Living

    ~ USD 14,000

    Mode of Teaching



    1 year

Other Benefits

  • 25% of Scholarship on the total tuition fee
  • World-renowned professors with extensive industry experience
  • Exciting Research Opportunities
  • Exposure to a Culture of Innovation
  • Gain expertise in two niche domains
  • Examine engineering problems with a data science mindset
  • Hands-On Practical Education in 2 Countries
  • 3 years OPT** Employment Authorization (**Subject to approval by USCIS)
  • Among the top 40 ranked Universities in the World

GGU INSOFE Institute of Technology is an Applied Engineering School that was started in 2011 under the mentorship of Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru and Dr. Sridhar Pappu. After gaining success in the field of Applied Engineer

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About Case Western Reserve University

Although its origins date to 1826, the University in its present form is the result of the 1967 federation of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University. The two institutions had shared adjacent campuses since the late nineteenth century, and were involved in c

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About USA

The USA hosts more than one-third of the world’s top universities, making the country the best choice for aspirants willing to study abroad. The US universities offer an excellent education system, flexible coursework, a wide range of courses to choose from, research prospects, and infras


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Career Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering

  • CAD Technician

    USD 48,814 Annually

  • Aerospace Engineer

    USD 90,046 Annually

  • Mechanical Engineer

    USD 79,799 Annually

  • Nuclear Engineer

    USD 89,847 Annually


INSOFESemester 1 (Mechanical Engineering)


Case Western Reserve UniversityMS in Mechanical Engineering with a dual specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • 600+

    Students on Campus

  • 8

    Core Research Groups

  • 70+

    Full-Time Faculty

  • 5

    International Academics Tie-Ups

Loan Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply to a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University?

Students with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, or related fields will be eligible to apply to the dual specialization master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
A person who is not from the aforementioned backgrounds may need to complete additional prerequisite courses offered by the university to be eligible for the master’s track option.

Do I need GRE, GMAT, and/or TOEFL?

You need to take the INSOFE Entrance Examination (INEX), your score on that test will determine your eligibility to the Case Western Reserve University’s dual specialization master’s program.
You do not need GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and/or IELTS scores to apply to this program.

Are there any prerequisites to get into the master’s programs?

While the student’s background in engineering (or equivalent field) satisfies the admission criteria, in some instances students may be asked to complete an online preparatory engineering course prior to attending classes at Case Western Reserve University.

Program Application and Time Commitment

What is the process to apply to Case Western Reserve University master’s program?

1. Apply on and pay application fees of Rs 3000/-
2. Upload documents on the link received in the provisional offer letter from
3. Application review by INSOFE team
4. Appear for the INSOFE Entrance Examination (INEX) by INSOFE
5. On successful selection by INSOFE, apply on CWRU portal and pay application fee of USD 50
6. On receiving offer letter from CWRU pay 1st term fee of USD 13,900 (fee for 9 credits)
7. Start Studying at INSOFE

Will a good INEX score guarantee admission to Case Western Reserve University?

Students have to send an application to Case Western Reserve University, submit a statement of purpose along with recommendation letters and official transcripts.
While INSOFE will guide you on the process, admission to the Case Western Reserve University dual specialization masters is subject to the University’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed by INSOFE.

What is the duration of the program?

You will take 15 credits worth of data science classes in one of INSOFE’s branches in India, following which you will travel to Case Western Reserve University to complete the rest of the course load.

What are the part-time working rules in USA?

When courses are in session, students can work up to 20 hours per week.

Financial Queries

How are the fees calculated?

The program fees are calculated on a credit basis and are around $1,543 per credit. However, students who apply through INSOFE will receive ~$15000 in scholarship that is automatically applied to their tuition at Case Western Reserve University.

The entire cost of the master’s program is $46,283 for students who apply to Case Western Reserve University through INSOFE and $61,710 for students who apply to Case Western Reserve University directly.

Is there any financial assistance available?

All INSOFE students registered for a master's at Case Western Reserve University receive a 25% assured scholarship.

They are also eligible to receive a 100% loan from any of the 13 leading banks in India. We can help connect you with a bank so you may pursue the master's without hassle.

VISA and Career Support

What visa will I get to do this program?

The Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics offered in partnership with Case Western Reserve University is a recognized post-graduation program that is eligible for a F1-visa which will be valid for the duration of your study.

Will I receive career service assistance?

Data Science jobs are the most in demand jobs with a predicted 11.5 million jobs to be created by 2026. Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is a very unique domain combination that will put your resume in great demand.
While Case Western Reserve University has excellent career services options provided to their students, the onus is also on the student to find an appropriate job upon completing the degree.

Will I get a chance to work in the USA after graduating from the program?

The Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics falls under the STEM program category and is eligible for 3 years OPT*.
(*Subject to USCIS guidelines)

About Classes

What documents do I need to submit when applying for a master’s at Case Western Reserve University?

1. Consolidated official marks memo/transcripts from all your past academic institutions (bachelor’s degree onwards only)  
    - The university may ask for your transcripts to be evaluated by an accreditation agency. Make sure you have enough time to get that done when applying to the program.
2. Experience letters (if any)
3. Statement of purpose – needs to adhere to the Case School of Engineering guideline
4. Updated copy of your resume
5. Two letters of recommendation (professional/academic mentors as references)
6. Passport

Can I apply to the dual specialization masters without going through INSOFE?

No, you cannot. The master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is only provided in partnership with INSOFE and requires the student to complete part of their education in India before travelling to Case Western Reserve University.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The following refund policy is binding on all applicants. If a student wishes to cancel his/her/their admission after paying the program fees, the following refund amounts and conditions apply: 
1. Fees paid are non-transferable.
2. Refunds, if any, will be processed within 30 working days from the date of admission cancellation.
3. The student is requested to pay INR 59,000 if the result is not declared before the commencement of the course.
4. If the student does not get admission within 2 weeks, INSOFE shall refund INR 45,000.
5. If they prefer to do PGP (either to be reconsidered by Case Western Reserve University or independently), the student will follow up PGP guidelines of payment.
6. INSOFE would refund the PGP fee only once the student joins the 2nd semester in the USA and successfully pays the entire fee to CWRU.
7. In all the above cases involving course fees, the student can choose to postpone the admission to the next batch. In such a case, INSOFE reserves the right to postpone admission at the current fee structure at which the fee is paid or at the prevailing fee structure of the next batch. INSOFE's decision in such matters is final, binding and non-negotiable. Please see the Postponement Policy for more details.
8. Term 1 fee refund is applicable only under the following rare occurrences:
    - Two-time refusal of study visa for USA, term 1 fee paid to INSOFE will be refunded upon submission of visa refusal letter issued by the USA Visa Office. Or
9. It is binding on students to bear charges levied by banks involved in the fees refund process.
10. It must be noted by students that the corresponding Indian Rupees amount they receive towards the refund of tuition fees will depend on the prevailing Dollar Exchange Rate of the day the amount is credited into the account of the student and that INSOFE neither has any role to play or control in it.
11. The student can continue the PGP program in the unlikely event of study visa refusal and be eligible for all the benefits of the PGP program, including Career Services in India. Please see the PGP program details for further details. The PGP fee in such instances cannot be refunded.
12. Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, all INSOFE refunds will be entertained solely at the discretion of INSOFE

upGrad does not grant credit; credits are granted, accepted or transferred at the sole discretion of an educational institution. upGrad does not make any representations regarding the recognition or equivalence of the credits or credentials awarded, unless otherwise expressly stated.

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