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Exploring the Psychological Value of Space: IELTS Reading Passage with Questions & Answers

Updated on 05 December, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Psychological Value of Space Reading Passage

Space, often perceived merely as a physical entity, holds significant psychological value that impacts human behavior and well-being. In this comprehensive IELTS reading passage, we delve into the intricate relationship between space and psychology, exploring how our surroundings shape our emotions, thoughts, and interactions.

The concept of space transcends the bounds of architecture and enters the realm of psychology with profound implications. From the vast openness of a public square to the intimate confines of a personal study, space can evoke a spectrum of emotional responses. Psychologists and architects alike have long studied the effect of spatial design on the human psyche, finding that certain elements of space can induce feelings of calm, inspiration, or even unease.

In crowded cities, public spaces are vital for mental respite and social interaction, while in homes, the layout can profoundly affect family dynamics and individual solitude. The concept of ‘personal space’ varies culturally but is universally crucial in maintaining psychological comfort. Work environments, too, are the subject of spatial psychology, with research showing that both productivity and morale are affected by one's immediate physical environment.

The psychological value of space also extends to educational settings. Classrooms designed with consideration for natural light, color, and acoustics have been found to facilitate better learning and higher levels of student engagement.

This passage provides an opportunity to examine how space is not just a backdrop to our lives but a dynamic canvas that subtly influences our daily experiences.


Q1. What is the primary focus of spatial psychology?

A. Architectural design

B. Urban development

C. Human behavior and well-being

D. Interior decorating

Q2. Fill in the blank: The layout of a home can significantly affect family ______ and individual ______.

Q3. True or False: The concept of ‘personal space’ is interpreted in the same way across different cultures.

Q4. Which setting is mentioned as being influenced by the psychological value of space?

A. Shopping malls

B. Work environments

C. Amusement parks

D. Nightclubs

Q5. Fill in the blank: Research has shown that productivity and morale are impacted by one’s ______ physical environment.

Q6. True or False: Natural light in classrooms is linked to decreased student engagement.

Q7. What emotional responses can space evoke according to the passage?

A. Indifference

B. Calm and inspiration

C. Confusion

D. All of the above

Q8. Fill in the blank: Public spaces in crowded cities are essential for mental ______ and social ______.

Q9. True or False: Space is considered by psychologists as merely a physical entity.

Q10. What aspect of space can contribute to a student's learning experience?

A. Furniture design

B. Technology

C. Color and acoustics

D. The number of windows


A1. C. Human behavior and well-being

Explanation: Spatial psychology examines the impact of physical spaces on how individuals feel and behave.

A2. dynamics, solitude

Explanation: The passage mentions how spatial design at home influences family interactions and personal space.

A3. False

Explanation: The concept of ‘personal space’ varies by culture, although it is universally important.

A4. B. Work environments

Explanation: The passage specifies work environments as a key area where spatial psychology is applicable.

A5. immediate

Explanation: The article emphasizes the effect of the immediate work setting on employee performance and satisfaction.

A6. False

Explanation: Natural light is typically associated with improved learning and engagement among students.

A7. B. Calm and inspiration

Explanation: Spaces are said to induce a range of emotions, including calm and inspiration, according to the passage.

A8. respite, interaction

Explanation: The article identifies mental rest and socializing as primary functions of public spaces.

A9. False

Explanation: Psychologists recognize space as having both physical and psychological dimensions.

A10. C. Color and acoustics

Explanation: The passage highlights the influence of color and acoustics in educational spaces on learning.

Concluding Paragraph:

The intersection of psychology and spatial design is an enriching topic that provides a deep well of content for IELTS reading practice. Understanding the psychological implications of space not only broadens one's general knowledge but also equips IELTS learners with the ability to analyze and discuss complex subjects. By engaging with the passage and its accompanying questions and answers, students can hone their reading comprehension skills and gain confidence in tackling similar IELTS reading tasks. This article, with its intricate topic and diverse question types, serves as an excellent resource for those looking to elevate their IELTS preparation and ultimately achieve their desired scores.

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