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Exploring Henry Moore's Artistic Legacy: IELTS Reading Passage with Questions & Answers

Updated on 09 February, 2024

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert


Henry Moore, a renowned British artist, was pivotal in introducing a new form of modernism in sculpture. His work, characterized by abstract forms and the exploration of the human figure, has been influential across the globe. For IELTS aspirants, understanding texts about such artists is essential, not only for the reading test but also for broadening their cultural awareness.


Henry Moore's sculptures are unmistakable. Born in 1898, he became one of the most celebrated sculptors of the 20th century. His distinctive style, often involving elongated figures and mother-and-child motifs, has made his work iconic in the world of modern art. Moore's formative years were influenced by the works of the great Italian Renaissance artists he studied during his travels, which is evident in his organic approach to form and space.

Moore was a pioneer in the use of negative space to dramatic effect in his sculptures. His pieces, primarily constructed of bronze and marble, feature voids or hollow spaces that invite viewers to look through the sculpture, engaging with it from multiple perspectives. This artistic exploration began during his tenure at the Leeds School of Art and continued throughout his career.

During World War II, Moore's focus shifted to drawing, producing a series of poignant sketches depicting Londoners taking refuge in the subway tunnels during air raids. These sketches, known as "Shelter Drawings," are considered some of his most significant contributions to war art, capturing the resilience and vulnerability of the human spirit.

Moore's work extended beyond traditional exhibitions, with many pieces displayed in open-air settings, interacting with the environment and the changing light. His philosophy was that art should be accessible to all, and he often took commissions for public sculptures, which can be seen in numerous cities around the world.


Questions & Answers:

Q1. In which century did Henry Moore become one of the most celebrated sculptors?

A. 19th Century

B. 20th Century

C. 18th Century

D. 21st Century

A1. B. 20th Century

Explanation: The passage specifies that Henry Moore became one of the most celebrated sculptors of the 20th century, which directly answers the question.

Q2. What is a recurrent theme in Moore's sculptures?

A. Elongated figures and mother-and-child motifs

B. War and conflict

C. Urban landscapes

D. Political figures

A2. A. Elongated figures and mother-and-child motifs

Explanation: The passage highlights Moore's distinctive style, mentioning "elongated figures and mother-and-child motifs" as key themes of his work.

Q3. Fill in the blank: Henry Moore was influenced by the works of the great ______ Renaissance artists.

A. Italian

B. French

C. Spanish

D. German

A3. A. Italian

Explanation: The passage indicates Moore's formative years were influenced by Italian Renaissance artists.

Q4. True or False: Henry Moore only created sculptures during World War II.

A. True

B. False

A4. B. False

Explanation: The passage mentions that during World War II, Moore focused on drawing, particularly his "Shelter Drawings."

Q5. What materials did Moore primarily use for his sculptures?

A. Clay and wood

B. Bronze and marble

C. Steel and glass

D. Ice and stone

A5. B. Bronze and marble

Explanation: The passage states that his sculptures were "primarily constructed of bronze and marble."

Q6. Fill in the blank: Moore's pieces often feature voids or ______ spaces.

A. full

B. hollow

C. dense

D. opaque

A6. B. hollow

Explanation: The passage discusses Moore's use of negative space, describing it as "voids or hollow spaces."

Q7. True or False: Henry Moore's "Shelter Drawings" depict Londoners enjoying the city's nightlife during air raids.

A. True

B. False

A7. B. False

Explanation: Moore's "Shelter Drawings" actually depict Londoners taking refuge during air raids, not enjoying nightlife.

Q8. Where are many of Moore's sculptures displayed?

A. Only in indoor galleries

B. In open-air settings

C. Underground

D. In private collections

A8. B. In open-air settings

Explanation: The passage mentions Moore's philosophy on the accessibility of art, with many of his sculptures being displayed in open-air settings.

Q9. Fill in the blank: Moore believed that art should be ______ to all.

A. intimidating

B. inaccessible

C. challenging

D. accessible

A9. D. accessible

Explanation: The text clearly states Moore's philosophy that "art should be accessible to all."

Q10. True or False: Moore's work is mainly known for its interaction with the environment and changing light.

A. True

B. False

A10. A. True

Explanation: The passage describes Moore's sculptures as interacting with the environment and changing light, particularly those displayed in open-air settings.

Tips for Cracking the IELTS Reading Exam:

Tip 1: Focus on keywords in the passage, as they often hold the answer or lead you to where the answer can be found.

Tip 2: Don't let unfamiliar vocabulary deter you. Often, the context of the passage can help you infer the meaning of a word.

Tip 3: Practice skimming and scanning techniques to quickly identify relevant information in the passage.

Tip 4: Pay close attention to the instruction words in the questions, such as "true or false" or "fill in the blank," so you understand what is being asked.

Tip 5: Use the process of elimination in multiple-choice questions by discarding options that are clearly incorrect to improve your chances of selecting the right answer.

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