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Describe a piece of International News - IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers

Updated on 01 December, 2023

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert


Discussing international news can provide a wealth of content for IELTS speaking tests, as it involves current events, global awareness, and critical thinking—qualities that the examiners look for. An adept IELTS candidate will not only recount the news but also offer insights, implications, and personal viewpoints on the matter.

Sample Answer:

The Global Health Initiative:

Recently, the international community was abuzz with the groundbreaking launch of the Global Health Initiative (GHI). Aimed at combatting the rise of chronic diseases in low-income countries, the GHI represents a new chapter in international health cooperation.

A Groundbreaking Partnership:

This Initiative is the fruit of a historic partnership between nations, NGOs, and private sectors, showcasing a collective will to foster a healthier global population. It's not just a health campaign; it's a testament to human solidarity in the face of adversity.

A Personal Take:

As someone deeply interested in public health, this news struck a chord with me. The GHI's focus on preventative care, rather than just treatment, marks a pivotal shift in how we approach global health crises—a move I wholeheartedly support.


Follow-up Questions & Answers:

Q1: What does the Global Health Initiative aim to combat?

A1: The GHI is designed to combat the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases in developing countries, emphasizing the importance of preventative healthcare to improve overall global health standards.

Q2: Why is the Global Health Initiative significant?

A2: It signifies a landmark in international health policy by fostering unprecedented collaboration across borders, sectors, and organizations, highlighting the unified approach needed to address complex health issues.

Q3: How might the GHI affect future international health policies?

A3: The GHI could set a precedent for future policies by reinforcing the idea that comprehensive health strategies and preventive care are more effective and sustainable in the long run.

Tips for Cracking the IELTS Speaking Test:

Tip 1: Stay informed about current events, as discussing recent news is a common IELTS speaking task.

Tip 2: Practice expressing your thoughts on various news topics, focusing on clarity and coherence.

Tip 3: Expand your vocabulary related to news and international affairs to articulate your answers more effectively.

Tip 4: Work on your pronunciation and intonation to ensure you're understood clearly during the test.

Tip 5: Learn to structure your responses with an introduction, a body where you delve into details, and a concise conclusion.

Tip 6: Understand the cue card completely and make sure to cover all points in your response.

Tip 7: Use examples to back up your points, as this shows a deeper understanding of the topic.


Discussing international news in the IELTS speaking test is a brilliant way to demonstrate your language skills, global awareness, and analytical abilities. By staying informed and practicing regularly, you can approach this task with confidence. Remember, your insights and the way you articulate them can set you apart in the IELTS speaking section. Use these tips to refine your approach, and you'll be well on your way to achieving the score you desire.

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Akansha Semwal

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

Akansha Semwal is a content marketer at upGrad and has also worked as a social media marketer & sub-editor. Experienced in creating impressive Statement of Purpose, Essays, and LOR, she knows how to captivate the attention of Admissions Committee. Her research-driven;study-abroad articles helps aspirants to make the prudent decision. She holds a bachelor's & master's degree in Literature from the University of Delhi.

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