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1 Masters in Fashion Designing Courses in Canada- Apply Now!

There are many universities available in Canada that provide Master’s courses in fashion design. Some popular universities providing this course are Ryerson University, Concordia University, York University, and many others. The Master’s course usually takes up to 2 years to complete. The basic requirement for students to get accepted for the Master’s degree is to have an undergraduate honors degree in visual communication design or other related subjects.

Getting a Master’s in design can take up to approximately 15000 CAD. However, the course curriculum for these courses in Canada is highly detailed and more industry-oriented, which helps the students to shun their skills and makes them industry ready. 

Master’s in fashion design in canada scope in future (Why you should study this in the USA?)

The fashion industry has become highly competitive nowadays. However, getting a Master’s degree from a Canadian university will help the students step ahead of the other students. The average salary of a fashion designer in Canada is approximately 67000 CAD per year. Some top companies that hire fashion designers include Lululemon, CCAF, and Aritzia. Thus, getting a Master’s degree in fashion design from Canada can be the best way to jump-start your career in fashion design. You can also shift cities for your job. The cost of studying here is also less, and many universities do not require to give GRE to get admission. Moreover, there are many different courses on different subjects related to fashion design that a student can pursue here. Therefore, getting a Master’s degree in Fashion Design from Canada will improve the students’ career perspectives. 

Course Highlight

Degree/ University


Master’s in Engineering fees  ($)

Course Type

General Eligibility

Exam required

Fashion Management 

1 year


12,395 CAD/year


Full time

The student needs to have an undergraduate degree  and a graduate degree from a recognized university

IELTS score is also needed




IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo English test, MELAB, CAEL



Master’s in Printmaking 

2 years

6091 CAD/per year



BFA or BA in fine arts 

Proficiency in English

Undergraduate experience  related to the specified skill 



IELTS, graduate exam

Costume production

8 months

CAD 11425

Full time

TOEFL score is required

A graduate degree in a specified field is also required


GRE exam

TOEFL exam

Entrance exam 

Types of Master’s in fashion designing in Canada

Fashion Management

With an emphasis on managing, marketing, and sales of fashion garments and accessories, Humber College’s graduate certificate program in fashion management helps you prepare for a career in the fast-paced fashion sector.


The fundamental components of the University of Alberta’s printmaking curriculum include relief, intaglio/etching, silkscreen, lithography, and digital media. Artists may use these printing techniques to experiment with various graphic languages, work indirectly on pictures using materials like wood and metal, overlay images, and mix sketching with photographic and computer imagery.

Best Universities for the Master’s in fashion Design in Canada

One of the many universities in Canada offers Master’s degrees in fashion design. Each of these universities enhances its course offerings with a few unique features. Because each of these universities has a slightly different fee structure, tenure policy, and eligibility conditions, it is important to compare them.

NSCAD University 

This university provides practice-led designs and process explorations and helps them to apply theoretical knowledge practically. This course consists of a combination of theory and practical workshops. Due to the creative part of the course, this university accepts students from both academic and cultural backgrounds. 

Ryerson University

Ryerson University has enhanced its reputation by developing great fine arts and design course designs. The faculty of this university is excellent. By offering cutting-edge research and a skill-building mindset, this public university has become renowned for offering in-depth instruction in Master’s in Fashion Designing in Canada. The course takes almost 2 years, and the cost is 28169 CAD. 

Concordia University

This university provides a thesis-based curriculum. The students can learn about fashion ornamentation, design skills, and design studies. This university also provides scholarship programs for students. 


York University

York University also provides project-based design courses. This university has gotten 21st rank out of all the universities in the world, and it has also received the rank of 3 out of all the top universities in Canada. This course takes 2 years to complete, and the curriculum is also good.



George Brown College

Since it enables students interested in fashion and art to develop their talents and creative thinking, the Postgraduate Certificate Program offered to students is comparable to a Master’s degree. 


Course Curriculum of Master’s in fashion designing in Canada

The course curriculum for the Master’s in fashion design in Canada is very creative and practical. There is a perfect blend between theory and practical work, allowing the student to learn all the tips and tricks to become a good fashion designer. Students study a range of computational design, digital manufacturing, advanced interface, market, and dissemination courses over the length of the program, all of which are focused on developing a single, focused research project.

Students create a single research project that responds to various inquiries and problems from academic institutions, industry partners, and wearable technology specialists. Modern experts who use their technical and creative abilities to create new applications and business prospects mentor students throughout this process.

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s in fashion designing in Canada

  • a Bachelor of Design degree or any other Bachelor’s degree in a related field earned after four full years at NSCAD or another respectable university
  • A minimum grade point of B is also necessary
  • A TOEFL score is 94 is required, and an IELTS score of 7.0 is required 

Master’s in fashion design in Canada requirements for admission   

The main requirement for getting admission to Canadian universities for a Master’s in fashion design is to have an undergraduate degree. The student needed an undergraduate degree in any field related to fashion. Thus, the first document required is the mark sheets of the undergraduate degree. 

The minimum GPA requirement for getting admission into a Master’s degree is 3.0 out of 4.30 points. Thus, the student will also require to provide documents for GPA score. In addition, the student will also need to provide the TOEFL score, which must be at least 90. 

Some of the other documents required by the student are a statement of intent, mentioning why the student wants to pursue this course and why they have chosen this university. Along with this, the student will also require to provide a five-page proposal for research. 

A resume will also be needed mentioning all the past work experiences. In addition, if the individual has applied for a scholarship from a university, the student will also have to provide documents of such scholarships at the time of admission. 

In the case of international students, the universities also require the documents of visas and passports along with some other important yet basic documents. In addition, some universities also require students to provide letters of recommendation. For example, some universities want three letters of recommendation from students (York University). This whole process has to be done by going to the official website of the universities. 

Admission Process for Master’s in fashion designing in Canada

Basic eligibility is required for Master’s programs in fashion design in Canada. The applicant for this course must be IELTS/TOEFL proficient and must present documentation of this at the time of application. 

Searching for a university

Finding numerous colleges that provide the best Master’s in fashion design program is the first step. Searching about the prerequisites of the course 

The student will be required to submit proof of passing several exams during the admissions process, including the TOEFL test, the GRE test, and others. Such tests must be taken in advance by the student for the university to get timely results and confirmation of the student’s passing.

Checking eligibility

Next, it will be looked at what each university requires. You must adhere to the standards to choose the university that best suits your ability. To proceed with your application for a master’s in fashion design, you must hold a graduate degree in a related field. 

Master’s in fashion designing in Canada fees and overall cost 

Tuition fees



Tuition fee CAD
The University of Victoria,16375
Concordia University,35,045
Carleton University,17,195
Toronto Metropolitan University44,380
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, 16,379

The fee for getting a visa to travel to Canada is  $100. Appearing for a TOEFL exam in Canada can take up to $245. All universities do not always require GRE. For living expenses,  the student will need to spend almost $37247. Health insurance can take up to $840 per annum, and a mobile phone and a basic internet connection can take up to $360. Groceries and food will cost up to $3600 p. a . Public transport pass will require approximately $480 per annum and fuel, and car insurance will take up to $2400 and $1500, respectively. The per month cost of living in Canada is $1320. This will vary depending on the place the student will live. Indian students can get grants, fellowships, and scholarships to study Master’s in fashion design in Canada. 

Scholarship for Master’s in fashion design in Canada

Some of the good scholarships available for students who want to do a Master’s in fashion design in Canada are as follows:

Alfred Sung Award

Ryerson University gives this scholarship. The scholarship amount is $ 500, and two awards are given under this scholarship. However, this scholarship is only available in Ontario. The candidate getting this award needs to have excellence in apparel design. 

Allan J. Chindemi Memorial Award

Ryerson University also gives this scholarship. The faculty of Communication and Design gives this scholarship in partnership with Arthur Lee. The amount of this scholarship is $ 2750. This scholarship also provides 2 awards to the students and is only eligible in Ontario. The general scholarship requirement is that the student has a minimum 80% average in 6 best grade 12 U/M courses. The student also needs to give an entrance exam. 

There are also many other scholarships, such as Dupont Award, Enda B Men & Women Award, Fabricana Imports Award, and many others. 

Master’s in fashion design in Job scope 

People pursuing a Master’s in fashion design in Canada can get different jobs. The expected salary for candidates who have pursued a master’s in Fashion Design is mentioned in the following table: 

Clothing designer


$ 120,000 to $ 160,000 a year



Associate apparel designers 


$ 26.50 per hour 


Fashion designer entry level


$ 50346 per year


Senior fashion designer 


$ 50346 per year


Apparel designer 




The basic salary for a fashion designer in Canada is between $50,000 to $ 160,000 per year. However, the salary varies per a person’s work experience, degree, knowledge, and creativity. There are many job openings in Canada for fashion designers, from fresher to experienced personnel. There is also some part-time job position available in Canada, but the salary level is low than a full-time job.

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Fashion (MA)

Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada

Toronto Metropolitan University in CAN offers the highly sought-after Fashion (MA), an advanced Masters program specialising in Fashion. This comprehensive course provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamental principles of Fashion and empowers them with advanced practical skills. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring students develop a deep understanding of the subject matter. Through hands-on projects and real-world applications, students gain invaluable experience and the necessary expertise to excel in Fashion. Graduates of Fashion (MA) are in high demand in CAN, as the program equips them with the proficiency to pursue diverse Fashion Designer, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Merchandiser roles. By enrolling in Fashion (MA) at Toronto Metropolitan University, students open doors to exciting career opportunities in the thriving Fashion industry. ...Read more
    1 Year
  • FEES
    INR 17.39L/yr
    MAY 2024



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