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Part of the elite US group of Ivy League schools, Yale University was established in 1701. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, the institute is home to almost 12,000 students and 2789 international scholars coming from 120 countries. 

The sprawling Central campus spread over 260 acres is home to outstanding buildings dating back to the 18th century. The campus is divided into 14 schools Рincluding the original undergraduate institute, twelve professional schools, and the Yale Graduate school of Arts and Sciences. 

Over the centuries, Yale has been dedicated to providing world-class education and promoting inclusivity and diversity. 

Some of the university’s most notable alumni include –

1. Politician Hillary Clinton

2. Former US President George W. Bush

3. Actress Meryl Streep

4. Actress Lupita Nyong’o

5. Actress Jodie Foster

6. Actor Edward Norton

7. Former Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo. Indra Nooyi

8. Actor James Franco

9. Reserve Bank of India’s 24th Governor Urjit Patel

10. Director Oliver Stone

Address of Yale University

Yale University is the third oldest academic institution in America and is located at the official address of New Haven, CT 06520, United States. It is conveniently located at a distance of 90 minutes from New York. A Yale Shuttle Service provides convenient transportation to locations nearby. Some of the most iconic buildings inside the campus include Vanderbilt Hall, Anthony Hall, and Phelps Hall.

Yale University Status 

Yale is one of the largest research universities globally, having a variety of programs, centers, schools, museums, and clubs. In terms of official status, it is a private university. 

Still, the rich cultural diversity of the Institute, the plethora of academic opportunities, and exposure make it one of the most sought-after colleges. That’s why the campus fetches students from across the globe and has¬†21% international students.

QS World University Rankings and Other Rankings

Before selecting a university, it’s important to check its world rankings to get the most out of your academic experience.¬†¬†

The QS University Rankings is one of the best ranking systems of the world, where Yale ranks 14 among the best institutes. Its ranking criteria are based on academic reputation, student-faculty ratio, the ratio of international students, and employer reputation. 

According to QS, you will be glad to know that the Yale University ranking has been extremely impressive and consistent over the years. Its global ranking was 17 in 2020 and 2021, which improved significantly in 2022 with the university securing 14th rank. 

It has been possible due to the institute’s dedication to providing quality education and international exposure to its student community.

Top Courses Offered at Yale University

Before diving into the details of Yale University admissions, you first need to consider the various available programs and career paths. 

As Yale considers college education a time to explore your passions and interests, you will find plenty of opportunities here. There are over a hundred programs and departments in various disciplines.

1. For the Bachelor’s level, there are over 80 courses, including Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Arts, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

2. At the Master’s level, you’ll get to choose from more than 40 courses consisting of Business Management, Arts, Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering.

3. You also get access to outstanding courses taught by eminent professors via Yale online, including courses on Medicine, Music, History, and other subjects.

Besides, the Yale Summer Session provides courses in Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, and other fields. These are provided on-campus, online, and others as abroad programs. 

There is also a Non-Degree Students Program that provides a small group of students with specific educational goals.

They might be admitted in one or two semesters and will have a tuition of USD6,620(INR 4,89,440)/per course credit for the academic year 2021-22.

Yale University Fees

The average yearly tuition and fees at Yale are USD77,750 (INR 58,17,293.88). The fee for full-time studying graduate school of Arts and Sciences is USD45,700 (INR 34,19,555.06)

On average, doctoral students will receive more than USD500,000 (INR 3,73,70,393) in stipends, healthcare, and fellowships. Moreover, living expenses for a Master’s student are USD25,789 (INR 19,29,392.43).

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Required Exams for Yale University 

If you are an international student or a non-native English speaker, you need to have proof of your English proficiency. Yale has set the following requirements for international students. 


Minimum Marks

100 on IBT and 25 on the three sections of TOEFL paper-delivered Test


7 or higher 

70 or higher

Duolingo English Test 

At least 120


SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 

ACT Composite


Along with these minimum cut off, you also have to demonstrate exemplary performance in previous academic endeavors. 

Requirements for Yale University Admissions 

The acceptance rate of Yale University is 6.5%, so you need to follow the admission process thoroughly. Along with fulfilling the examination criteria mentioned in the previous section, you must gather the following documents. 

Letters of recommendation from one Counselor and two teachers of your previous academic institutions

1. A school official or your Counselor must submit a school report along with an official transcript

2. Results of the standardized tests you took

3. English proficiency test reports

4. Mid-year reports which include mostly international students, and final report for admitted students

5. Along with your Mid-year report, you must also submit external exam results, if any

With these documents, you also have to pay an application fee of USD80(INR 5,920) using the Coalition Application or Common Application website. You might request a fee waiver while applying on this platform. 

The waiver will depend upon your income and family size calculated in US dollars. However, this rule applies to all international students looking to get into Yale. Yale University also provides a special Quest Bridge program that welcomes first-year students from low-income backgrounds to study at the institute. However, the application criteria and financial aid regulations are the same. 

The institute also provides admission to transfer students coming from diverse backgrounds. Transfer students will have to enroll at the institute for at least 2 years for their bachelor’s degree. Their academic career here will start at the fall term beginning.¬†¬†

Available Scholarships at Yale University

After understanding the Yale university requirements, you can focus on the scholarships for better financial assistance. The most prominent one is the Yale Scholarship. 

The average scholarship amount is over USD50,000 (INR 3,741,030 ) and can go beyond USD70,000 (INR 52,25,410). 

While the institute does not provide merit-based scholarships, some students might qualify for these. It will be based upon their academic performances and other interests in sports or music. You might qualify for these scholarships from the following sources –

1. Nonprofit organizations

2. Private organizations

3. Employers

Yale also offers entitlement grants awarded by State agencies, the Federal government, or other organizations. To be eligible for these grants, your place of residence, employee affiliation, and federal need will be important.  

Placements Offered by Yale University

One major factor attracting students from various countries to Yale is their outstanding placements. Over the years, the institute has provided outstanding job opportunities in various sectors, including Consulting, Finance, Technology, Engineering, E-Commerce, Media, Healthcare Energy, and Real Estate. It has provided a placement rate of over 96% and a median base salary ranging from USD120,000(INR 88,80,000) to USD140,400(INR 1,03,60,000). The median base salary for US recruitments is USD150,000(INR 1,11,00,000) and for international hires is USD103,000 (INR 76,22,000). 

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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